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Walz Music is an award-winning composition,
production and sound design team for
video games & other media

Morning Star Quartet
"Holiday Cheer" - released in 2006

21 holiday favorites.
Acappella sacred and secular singing.
Aaron sings tenor.  For free samples visit:
For iTunes use this direct link
and for physical copies from a third party:

or better still...

and get "Holiday Cheer" direct

nR Element
"Miscommunication" - released in 2004

16 dance & classical fusion tracks
Including Final Fantasy
& Anime Cover Versions.
For samples see
visit the direct link for iTunes
or get CD the old-fashioned way from a third party: www.cdbaby.com/nrelement

or finally, better yet...

and get "Miscommunication" direct

Aaron Walz
"Recessive Inspiration" - released in 2001

32 synthesized tracks
derived from Aaron's original MIDI files
For samples see

this one is available exclusively through us:

and get "Recessive Inspiration" direct


Here are the awesome Walz Music CD's from various projects.  They are available to take home with you several ways for your convenience.

Our Newest CD!

Aaron Walz
"From Another Shore (Aveyond & Beyond)"
released May 25th, 2008... get it now!

Acoustic arrangements of Aaron's soundtrack to Aveyond and also songs from other projects and unlicensed tracks.  20 tracks in all.

Track List:
(all tracks are written and composed by Aaron Walz, (p) & © Walz Music, 2008, and can be found in Aveyond by Amaranth Games unless noted otherwise)

01. From Another Shore
Hardwood Hearts & Hardwood Spades (Silver Creek Entertainment)

02. Welcome to the Shire

03. Field of Wind
Aveyond & Aveyond 2

04. Pegasus
Aveyond & Aveyond 2

05. Tavern
Hardwood Hearts & Hardwood Spades (Silver Creek Entertainment)

06. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Aveyond & Aveyond 2

07. 12 Tone Mischief

08. Minuwaltz

09. Uncomfortable Spirits

10. Poco Fugato

11. Sand Sonata

12. Cold Exchange

13. The Thoughtful Flute

14. Swaying Willows

15. Soul's Respite
Hardwood Hearts & Hardwood Spades (Silver Creek Entertainment)

16. Jubilation
Aveyond & Aveyond 2

17. Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth

18. World Trek

Bonus Tracks:

19. I Lost My Lover (featuring Eva)
CD bonus track

20. Suikoden II Mercenary Fort (Vocal Arrangement)
CD bonus track
(original by Miki Higashino)
licensed by Walz Music from Konami Music Entertainment
© Konami Music Entertainment 1998

and order "From Another Shore" direct



If you'd like to play games with our music...

Download & Try
Aveyond & Aveyond 2
& Yummy Drink Factory!

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Get from Big Fish Games

More Info
Get from Big Fish Games

More Info
Get from Big Fish Games

Journey to
Silver Creek Entertainment and check out Hardwood Hearts and Hardwood Spades


Middlemind Games
and check out Tyre, Conquest, Roulette & Stacks!

Walz Music
is also featured on:

The Game Creators
Dark Basic

Butterflies, Bugs & Other Beasties
by Spiny Software

Several Websites & CD's

And many more projects...

And your project...?

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