Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

The comedic duo takes on their biggest foe yet, and it makes it their best outing so far.

WHAT IS IT? The anthropomorphic dog and rabbit detective team are assigned to take on one of our country's most beloved Presidents and save the world from a growing conspiracy that reaches its way all the way to the top levels of government. Rife with the social satire and dark comedy we've all come to love and expect from Sam & Max, Abe Lincoln Must Die puts the series back on its stride to greatness.

  • It's Funny. Have you not realized that yet!?
  • Far less driving this time around.
  • The story is wickedly goofy and off the wall, while retaining some coherent recurring threads.
  • It feels longer than the last few episodes. Let's just say you get to play with a Big Red Button.
  • Not much of a hint system to help those who might get stuck on a puzzle.
  • There's still some driving.
  • A lot of location hopping, many of which are almost exactly the same as they were in episode one.
  • The next episode can't come soon enough.

FINAL VERDICT: Abe Lincoln Must Die pulls Sam & Max right back up from the slight stumble that was episode three and prepares them for what will hopefully be two more great installments before the end of Season One. If you still haven't started yet, Abe Lincoln Must Die only adds further reason to hurry the hell up and start playing this rapidly improving series.

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