Discography - Ashanti

Released: April, 02, 2002
Record Label: Murder Inc
Peak Position: The Billboard 200 #1 on April 20, 2002
Track: Title: Composer: Time:
Intro 7Aurelius/Atkins, J./Cartagena, J./Crocker, T./Gill, R./Rios, C./Green, T./Lorenzo, Irving/Parker, A./Douglas, A.  1:25
Foolish 7Aurelius/DeBarge, M./Lorenzo, I./Jordan, E./Douglas, A.  3:47
Happy Calhoun, R./Lorenzo, I./Parker, A./Douglas, A.  4:22
Leaving (Always on Time, Pt. 2) 7Aurelius/Atkins, J./Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A.  3:55
Narrative Call (Skit)   0:36
Call 7Aurelius/Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A.  5:05
Scared Lorenzo, I./Parker, A./Douglas, A.  4:43
Rescue 7Aurelius/Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A.  7:25
Baby 7Aurelius/Dean, M./Jordan, B./Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A./Parker, A.  4:25
Voodoo 7Aurelius/Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A.  4:42
Movies 7Aurelius/Lorenzo, I./Thomas, J./Wright, R./Douglas, A.  4:09
Fight (Over Skit)   1:18
Over Lorenzo, I./Parker, A./Douglas, A.  5:34
Unfoolish 7Aurelius/Combs, S./Kelly, R./DeBarge, M./Lorenzo, I./Jordan, E./Wallace, C./Jones, D./Douglas, A.  3:14
Shi Shi (Skit)   0:14
Dreams 7Aurelius/DeBarge, E./Lorenzo, I./Douglas, A.  4:18
Thank You Douglas, A.  1:47
Album Review
Young, pretty, sexy, stylish, and hip, Ashanti is everything a modern, post-hip-hop soul crooner should be. She looks the part, trucks with hitmakers -- at the time her eponymous debut was released, she was featured on a hit single by Fat Joe -- and even approximates Alicia Keys' visuals on the back cover. She can sing, but she's not showy; she never hyperventilates, she croons. Her first album sounds modern, with fairly fresh beats and lightly insistent hooks, and is just naughty enough to warrant a parental advisory sticker (though if you're just listening to this record, it's nigh on impossible to figure out where the objectionable lines are). So why doesn't Ashanti play as greater than the sum of its parts? Largely because it lacks distinctive material, in either terms of the actual songs or the production -- and when that's combined with a singer who is good, yet not distinctive herself, the entire production sounds as if its treading water or providing nifty aural wallpaper. It's not bad by any means, and it has its moments, but at 17 tracks, including skits, it all becomes a blur. A pleasing blur, one that shows promise, but a blur all the same. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
Year Type Label Catalog #:
2002 LP Murder Inc 586830
2002 CS Murder Inc 586830
2002 CD Murder Inc 586830
2004 CD UM3 9813014
2007 CD Def Jam 9034
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