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Christian Bale's tantrum, the club mix

08:23 AM PT, Feb 3 2009

Christian_bale_angry_2Wow, that was fast. You've heard the Christian Bale tantrum and now you can dance to it, thanks to "Bale Out," a genius piece of mixing by L.A.'s very own RevoLucian. Needless to say, DON'T LISTEN if you are easily offended...or if you don't want to rock out at your desk.

VIDEO: Christian Bale's career, singing in "Newsies" to slaying in "Salvation"

Is "Terminator Salvation" the "Iron Man" of 2009?

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The. Best. Mix. EVER!!!!

I'm so passing this around.

hahaha thx for passing that link on. that remix is hilarious!!! bale is out of his mind.

Very unprofessional he needs needs needs...to know how to get his message across without flying off the handle! If I were to do that in a professional environment! I would get fired or written up!

Mt one minute essential Bale remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nypUKR6L3yQ

Wow ! Some punk whose shallow talent is mediocre at best throws a hissy fit and it makes national news. No wonder the rest of the country thinks LA is a joke. It really is.

So some punk with no acting talent throws a little girl hissy fit and it makes national news...Makes you proud to be an American, huh ? You people are a joke.

Hey Mark Nolan,
So a Welsh actor on a New Mexico set of a film being directed by a Michigan native gets recorded going off on somebody...why again does that show L.A. is nuts?

What's with these ego monster actors? Hey, does anyone remember when Tom Cruise was a superstar? I hope Christian Bale gets the same cold shoulder from movie goers for behaving so incredibly badly.

Mr. Boucher, Because people there (and elswhere, I admit) attach importance to events such as this which are totally devoid of any consequence or meaning. PS: Do you have any family living in Saratoga County, NY ? As you know, I'm related to the Bouchers in Stillwater...

Mr Nolan, on the family question I don't think I have any relatives in Saratoga...on the other point, certainly there is too much time and energy spent on silly stuff but I'd also point that there's a pretty lively debate in the comments forum about workplace anger and the expectations of professionalism...the conversation goes far beyond one actor so maybe now it's not so much about celebrity as it is about human nature?
Or maybe i'm just hoping for the best.

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