Google AdSense Secrets: 4th Edition

Posted on April 16, 2008 09:43 PM by Joel Comm

On January 30, 2005, website owners all over the world rushed to pick up a copy of Google AdSense Secrets.

It was the first edition of the ebook that has now become the definitive guide to making money with AdSense.

That summer, I released a second updated version of AdSense Secrets.

In March 2006, the much-demanded third edition hit the virtual newstand. Checking in at 199 pages, it is the bible of the industry and read by more people than any other AdSense book on the face of the earth.

It's been over two years since this last update, and the demand for a fourth edition has been overwhelming.

The wait is over!

The long-awaited fourth edition of Google AdSense Secrets is now available for download.

Covering everything from AdSense optimization and case studies to ad tracking and other ways to monetize your site, this ebook has it ALL.

More than ever, AdSense Secrets is the definitive guide to generating passive income with Google's AdSense program, and every website publisher is going to want to read it.

So what will it cost?

Let's take a look back...

The first edition of AdSense Secrets cost $77.

The second edition of AdSense Secrets was priced at $97.

The third edition continued to sell thousands of copies at $97.

Think you can guess what I'll be charging for this massive 222-page edition that has been completely revised and extended for 2008?

Think again.

Click the link below to find out...

AdSense Secrets: 4th Edition

15 Comments For This Post

  1. Lovely Obanor E Says:


  2. Says:

    This is a steal at $9.95...a no brainer :) thanks Joel

  3. Bryan Says:

    I would appreciate if I can have PayPal as the payment option. If yes, kindly please send me the PayPal payment link. Thanks.

  4. Liza Amarga Says:

    Ok! I confess ... this is way way way better than Star Craft and my law books and writing for Sir D.! Hehehee...

    Made me laugh (and I was alone...) when you mentioned how you found it interesting when people tell you that the information contained in your book can be found in other places... and then added this: "I know where many of those sites got their information in the first place." and then a SMILEY! Hahahahaha

    Can't stop grinning! Yep! I got some of my friends MOCKING ME (as in ALL CAPS) when I was trying to buy Adsense 4.0... they said the information is available in other places and I was wasting my money...Duh?

    I told them Adsense 4.0 is SUPER HOT I can't even buy and download it as the site probably crashed or something! Honest! And it probably did! Eric H.'s site did or so I thought (he sent us his apologies or something)...I have to email you and Sir Dan for a copy! Hehehee sorry for the big bother...but super thanks!

    Well, anyway, I told my friends to "watch and learn..." hope I can pull it off with not just bragging fingers got carried away!

    God bless you and all your staff!


  5. Liza Amarga Says:

    To: Not a Fan

    Are you sure? SPAMS are like TAXES! They are just everywhere! Heheehe

    And yes, I share your feelings over these spams and even if we have anti-spams and whitelistings...still...I know you would agree with me that those people/robots behind these spams are super inter-gallactically monstrously mean than the IRS!

    But hey, I don't know how you define "mean" but definitely it is not a person who just wrote a 200 plus page life-changing book and sold it at only $9.95...

    All the same, I know when you just dig-in the Adsense 4.0 book you will forget about Spams and even Taxes! Heehehe...

    God bless you Not a Fan!

  6. shane Says:

    Hey Joel, quick question why dont you mention on the sales page that you're selling a 29.95 subscription to your newsletter and if someone wants just the book they have to click cancel on the order form

  7. Jayson Says:

    Joel, this is a scam tactic...... you have lost my respect for having the fine print of $29.95....... I am sure you lost alot more respect besides just me... I assume you will be removing this since you are a scammer.........

  8. Joel Says:

    Hey Shane and Jayson,

    Take a look here and your questions will be answered.

  9. Jimmy Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I recently got my Adsense Secrets 4.0 copy and I'm documenting my progress with using it on my blog website. I'm hoping to really improve my earnings on Google Adsense with the help of your e-book. If you may, please drop me a note on It is very new like a week old but I'll be posting updates on a daily basis. Already I am seeing that suggested link color works.


  10. 3d jewelry animations Says:

    I've been a fan of Adsense Secrets since it's 2nd edition. I just got my copy of 4th edition and I must say that it's as good as ever, if not better :)

  11. Wade Says:

    I posted on your most current post in hopes that it would be seen faster. I am also posting here because it is the appropriate place for this post.
    Joel, I just wrote a review on your book, Adsense Secrets Volume 4. I want to say that it was worth the read. I am glad that you have set a very reasonable price for your E-book. Please keep in mind that it is my own opinions, hence a free review.

    Joel, or anyone else, please feel free to read my review on Adsense Secrets Volume 4 over at Shudogg Dot Com

  12. Eric Says:

    It would be good if you translate into another languages, for example russian

  13. Tom73 Says:

    This is a fantastic book, it is so full of great information! Buy your own copy today!

  14. JATT Says:

    Hey joel, i am quite new on adsense, and i feel that i need hell of a time to improve my blog. What do you think? my car blog
    Cool SuperCars

  15. hari Says:

    hi joel, i am a very big fan of your contents and articles and have order for the risk free trail version of your adsense secrets 4 and got access to download all your file.

    my doubt is did you have got anything for me to ship to my residential address??

    please reply me or mail me

    awaiting your reply,
    thanks & warm regards

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