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We have all seen, or perhaps even done it ourselves, a parent grabbing their child in the process of doing something wrong and spanking them in anger. Stopping the behavior is of course the important thing to do. Punishing them immediately is not as important as making them understand what they did wrong. Fair punishment at a later time helps them understand how important it is to you that they change that behavior and allows them time to think about it.

To help your child understand that you love them and that the spanking is because of their behavior, have the child fill out an appointment form such as the one on the left. It is important that the child writes down the behavior that needs to be changed.

Click here to print a page of appointment slips.

Suggested Punishment Guidelines

1 Swat
2 Swats
3 Swats
4 Swats
5 Swats
• Disrespect • Cursing

• Cheating
• Lying
• Direct Defiance

• Stealing • Endangering someone's safety.
• Taking Drugs
• Smoking
• Drinking
  * Add other behaviors that you want to discourage.

Calibrating your paddle:
    Before applying paddle to a child you should determine the force of your swing.
    There is only one way to measure effectively - swat yourself on the rump and adjust your swing appropriately.

For maximum effect:
    • Have the child tell you the reason they are being punished.
    • Parent should wait one minute between each swat.
    • Apply no more than 5 swats per day.
    • Spank only on the rump.
    • Child must be wearing clothes.
    • Use force sufficient only to get the child's attention.
    • Support child's torso so no stress can be placed on their spine.

After punishment is served:
    • Give your child a hug and tell them that you love them! The punishment was for their behavior only.

Love, Joey

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