What a Crappy Present
Parents and/or Loved Ones What a Crappy Present
Do you really want to deal with this?

I got that on the computer like two months ago.
Kids today are so good at downloading music from the internet that most of them already have all the music they like on their computer, or if they don't have it yet they can get it in 10 minutes. And remember: if your family turns off "sharing" downloading songs is 100% safe..

You could have got me a DVD for like 3 bucks more...why are you always so cheap?
Well you were the one who always taught them to look for a good deal! An album on CD costs $300,000 to make, but a movie on DVD cost $100 million. That's 33,233% more value per disk! You're the bargain hunter, which would you choose?

It's not like any of the money goes to the bands.
It's true and your kids probably know more about it than you. For all the bluster coming from record industry execs this Christmas, almost none of the $16 you spend on a major label CD goes to your kid's favorite band. Concert tickets would be a better way to support the musicians, and way more fun for your kids. Just don't stand next to them the whole time, that would be sooo embarrassing.

My friend already made me a CD of that.
Nowadays blank CDs are so cheap, that kids just give them to each other in school. And they're more personal that way -- the store-bought Britney Spears doesn't have all the song names written in with glitter pen. Why don't you make her a mix CD?

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, they're like it's better than yours.
You don't know what this means, and you don't know if they know what it means, but you're pretty sure it's dirty (and it is). You're never going to stop your kids from hearing this stuff, but that doesn't mean you have to pay record companies to make more of it.

This is totally fifth grader music. God, you're such a loser.
Said the sixth grader. We know it's hard to keep up with the music kids like, Lord knows it changes faster than ever these days. What are the chances of you getting something they still like? And if you beat the odds, what are the chances they'll still like it in a month?

The company that makes this sued my friend.
If you knew someone who'd just been sued by one of the big record companies, you wouldn't want to buy any of their products either. Families like yours are literally getting pushed into bankruptcy. Why not buy music from record labels that don't sue their fans? Check out riaaradar.com.

Learn more about the music industry!   Visit downhillbattle.org
Also see: RIAA Information Awareness Activism (RIAA)

iTunes iSbogus is another funny site of ours.

What a Crappy Present Hey, stuck with a CD for a present?
Don't worry, here's what to do!

What a Crappy Present
What a Crappy Present
Complain about it with your friends.

What a Crappy Present
What a Crappy Present
Try to find the receipt. A parent's wallet or purse is a good place to start looking.

What a Crappy Present
What a Crappy Present
Get yourself to the mall and return the CD. Even if you don't have the receipt, some places will give you store credit (especially if you act real sad).

What a Crappy Present
What a Crappy Present Find the biggest pack of CD-Rs you can get for the price of the CD (usually 25 or 50). Now you're back in charge of your music. Rock on!

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