Black Temple Attunement
In an epic adventure surpassing the War of the Shifting Sands and the opening of the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, players will be able to participate in an all-encompassing race to unlock the secrets of the Black Temple.

Illidan’s mysteries are not for the unprepared, and players will need to ensure that they can overcome every challenge on the path to conquering the citadel of the Betrayer. In a series of quests and tests ranging from the depths of Molten Core, to the heights of Karazhan, the most dedicated and committed of players will win through to obtain the fabled Key which will then enable the player to Master Them All.

Who knows what resistance will be thrown against Azeroth’s greatest heroes in this time of trial and triumph? The Burning Legion is unlikely to resist the opportunity to wreak revenge on the one who betrayed Kil’Jaeden...

Below you can find a helpful chart of what is to do to gain access to the epic treasures of the Black Temple.

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