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Mutual Fund Research, Recommendations and Model Portfolios
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Tom Madell, Ph.D.
Last revision: Feb 3, 2009


Research on Fund Performance

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       Fund Research, Recommendations,
       and Advice. Our free "nothing to sell"
       site is ranked 7th in popularity on the
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Our Stock Fund Model Portfolios have Out-
performed the S&P 500 Index by an Average of
3.33 to 4.69% Per Year for 8 Straight Years!

A free mutual fund research newsletter with expert, proven
recommendations and advice to help you get better returns

Free mutual fund research and advice! What makes us unique? Aside from being a totally free, nothing-for sale site, we give you precise, up-to-date recommendations for your funds. And we continually show you how our past advice has done! While other advice is "made today/forgotten tomorrow," we show the results of our advice back to Jan 2000. You will see how, by following our prior recommendations, you would have regularly outperformed the stock and bond market indexes to a significant degree, year after year. Our advice is research based, and, we use also use research to confirm its validity. We invite you to use our research to improve your portfolio's performance!

But why free? We are troubled by the lack of portfolio specific help available to ordinary investors. Our site gives proven, sound advice that we provide free to fill that gap. We do not seek to make anything from our service but only to show that investors need not proceed without a unbiased source of reliable help. Regardless of your prior investment experience, you can realize significant benefits and will want to consult it regularly.

Our FEB 2009 Newsletter is available now! To view it and recent newsletters, click here.

Note: Check out our recent advice regarding the best bond funds for the duration of the crisis.

Recent Newsletters in July and Aug '08 featured a two-part series of unique new research findings on how to make BUY, SELL, and HOLD decisions during tough times like these. (Also see our Jan. 2008 Newsletter where we were one of the first to correctly warn, before the fact, about the possible onset of what turned out to be a bear market, and to advise taking action accordingly.)

What you can find on this site:
- how to decide which fund categories are your best choices for the years ahead
- free, expert, detailed answers to your specific fund questions by email; join in our new blog!
- receive timely emails alerting when new investing actions should be seriously considered
- highly informative and "one of a kind" articles on how to be most successful
- and much more ...

And remember - if you want general, non-specific advice, go to other sites; if you want precise recommendations that have continued to deliver results for over 9 years, you'll find it here.

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Outstanding response from our subscribers!:...

"You will always be first priority as my investment source of direction. I haven't found anyone with your consistency of investment performance." - Ron Dufresne

"I have worked with 4 different "financial planners" over the past 30 years. I have learned more in the past year, from your articles than I have from any of my planners. ... Had I found you sooner I would have been more diversified and would not have taken such a big hit in 00/01. ... I've been on your bandwagon for a long time. I'm still smiling! Thanks!"  - Gary Hubbard

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