At the age of three, Benjajuain "Benjie" Chandler was diagnosed with
moderate brain damages.  Theaola Robinson, Executive Director and
founder of Benji's Special Educational Academy Charter School and proud
mother of Benjie, became frustrated when there were no local schools with
exceptional credential that would offer the  individual attention necessary
for her challenged son to excel.   So, on May 8, 1981, Benji's Special
Education Academy Charter School was founded.The school was established
to aid in the development of children who desire special attention in the
following areas; emotional, physical, mental and environmental. BSEACS has
provided services in the Fifth-Ward area for over twenty years.  
We are proud to be the mothering charter school to a low-income
and disadvantage area that is predominately Black and Hispanic.  In
November of 1998, BSEACS expanded their educational service and
was chartered by Texas Education Agency to serve students from
pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  The District is meeting the needs of
low-income, challenged students through a wide variety of specifically
designed educational and hands-on training programs.  The curriculum
ensures that students are learning necessary basic life skills for personal
growth and development.  The program will also be designed to guide
students toward meaningful career choices.

Since the  inception of BSEACS, Benjie has succeeded to become a very
productive young man and one of Houston's most successful percussionists.
Benjie is a graduate of MacArthur High School, the percussionist at his
church and the percussionist director at the school.  Mrs. Robinson so very
often says,"If Benjie
can be successful, other children can be successful as well."