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Rain will spread across the Desert Southwest
Tom Moore, M. Ressler, Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel
Feb. 6,2 009 6:23 pm ET

Higher elevations across parts of Southern California have picked up over three inches of rain since it began on Thursday. More rain will fall through Friday night as snow levels dip to 5000 feet.

Heavy downpours may also bring flash flooding and a few mudslides to urban and burn areas. Flash flood watches are in effect from Santa Maria to Long Beach.

Snow is increasing across the Sierra, where locally 1 to 2 feet could fall across the southern half as snow levels drop. Heavy snow will also fall across the mountains just north of Los Angeles where Big Bear Lake could pick up 2 feet of snow. Accumulating snow could reach into the I-15 corridor. Winter storm warnings are in effect.

Rain showers and mountain snow is also increasing from Washington and Oregon through interior parts of the West, reaching as far east as western Montana, western Wyoming, and western Colorado.

Rain and mountain snow will race into Nevada and the Four Corners' states this weekend. Snow levels will fall to 5000 feet in central and southern Arizona, northern Arizona and southern Utah. The mountains of southern Utah could see over a foot of snow. Snow levels will start high around 9000 feet in Colorado and then lower Sunday with a foot of wind-blown snow for the San Juan Mountains. Winter storm watches are in effect for the mountains of the Southwest. Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson see rain showers and cooler temperatures into Sunday.

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