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Weather Forecasts via Text Messaging

The Weather Channel has two text messaging options to meet your needs, subscription and on-demand.

Receive a local 36-hour forecast every day.
Standard Text Messaging Rates apply.

    Sign up Now!

    Or follow these easy steps from your handset:

  • Step 1: Text "SUB + FCST + your 5 digit US zipcode" to 42278 (4CAST)
    ex. "SUB FCST 90210"
  • Step 2: You're all set! You'll get a 36-hour forecast from The Weather Channel every day
Subscriptions auto renew every 30 days.

Want more? See all of the great text messaging subscription services available for your mobile phone, like Pollen and Current Conditions.

To end your subscriptions, reply "STOP" to any message.

Need the weather, but don't want to subscribe? You can get on-demand weather info for any U.S. city or ZIP code via text message anytime. This is not a subscription. You will only receive a forecast when you request it.

  • Step 1: Text your zip code or city and 2 letter State abbreviation to 42278 (4CAST)
  • Step 2: Your forecast will be delivered to your handset

Standard text rates apply - check with your carrier or terms of your wireless plan for details.

Custom 4CASTs for your lifestyle:
Daily Surf and Sea Conditions
Pollen Alerts
Current Conditions
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