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Breaking News -   Dateline : 06 February 2009
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Showdown expected in Royal town
By Yushaimi Yahaya, Frankie D'Cruz, Zainal Epi, Kharleez Zubin and Francis C. Nantha     February 06, 2009      Categories: News

The sleepy hollow of Kuala Kangsar is expected to be transformed into a high security area today as the authorities brace for a large turnout at the swearingin ceremony of the new Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Sources told Malay Mail early this morning that the authorities were expecting a flood of supporters from both Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) at the royal town, raising fears that this may disrupt the ceremony at the Perak palace.

Ousted Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin last night gave an inkling of what to expect by vowing to gather his supporters at the Ubudiah Mosque, barely a kilometre away from the palace, to hold special prayers as a mark of protest against the swearing-in scheduled for 3.30pm.

The normally mild-mannered Nizar sounded the battle cry in front of some 10,000 supporters gathered late last night at the official residence of the Perak Menteri Besar in Ipoh when he said he would “fight till my last drop of blood”.

Strong words, like “this is where Najib will be buried”, punctuated his emotional address to supporters who had earlier been denied entry to the Perak Stadium where a rally to protest the decision to install the new BN State government was supposed to have been held.

Thousands of PR and BN supporters alike had made the trip to Ipoh yesterday, clogging up the North-South Highway and its rest and recreation areas.

The area around the MB's residence was choked with traffic, as roadblocks and a heavy police presence were the order of the day.

Nizar’s strong words set alarm bells ringing, with the authorities preparing crowd control measures should supporters from both sides of the divide congregate at Bukit Chandan, where both the Perak palace and the Ubudiah Mosque are located.

While there were no untoward incidents at the official residence last night, PR supporters defied Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s call for them to not take part in a rally.

“At this stage, emotions are running high and the authorities have no choice but to ensure that order is maintained at all times,” a source told Malay Mail this morning.

A BN member from Kuala Lumpur said the ruling coalition’s supporters were also planning to meet in Kuala Kangsar today.

“It is a legitimate takeover. If PR supporters are going to be there, we will match them body for body as a show of support for the new State government,” he said.

Meanwhile, the State Secretariat building in Ipoh is expected to continue to be heavily guarded by police and FRU personnel in the wake of Nizar’s refusal to resign as MB.

Police and FRU personnel took over the building yesterday — a norm whenever a new State government takes over, as seen when PR took over the Selangor State Secretariat in Shah Alam last March.

About Zambry, the new MB

Nominated new Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir is 47.

• born in Pulau Pangkor on March 22, 1962

• father of five — three girls and two boys

• a second term Pangkor assemblyman

• won his first State seat in Pangkor in the March 2004 general election

• started in politics as Pangkor Umno Youth chief in 1992 and later as head of the Perak Umno Youth

• former Umno Youth executive council member

• currently the Lumut Umno division chief

• graduated with a Bachelor's degree in economics from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 1987 and four years later earned his Master's in Islamic Thinking from the same university

• obtained a Master's degree in political philosophy and religious comparison in 1992 and three years later a doctorate with distinction in comtemporary politics from Temple University, Uinted States

• has written several books, including "Umno dan Jiwa Merdeka" (1998), "Pemuda Umno Menebus Maruah, Menuju Arah" (2000) and "Islam Malaysia & Amerika" (2002)

• became the first Malaysian politician in 2005 to be conferred the Royal Malaysian Navy's Honorary Lt Commander award.

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Regarding the current political crisis, can we please have an end to it?

A new Menteri Besar has be appointed and so we should all just move on. instead of keep on harping on the issue .

i am not siding the BN Nor the PR but i feel Pakatan Rakyat should not feel too strongly about the defection of its assemblymen to BN least they forget about what their defactor leader, Anwar Ibrahim did, openly trying to get the BN MPs to defect to Pakatan during the Sep 16 episode so ,why now feel so strongly about the defection now?

To Pakatan Rakyat leaders, please be gentlemen, accept the fact that you lost in the game that you started, do not practice double standards in what you are doing . The rakyat will be watching you even more closely after this Perak incident

Posted by: Vincent | 06 February 2009 04:57:39 PM

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