This online gallery expands beyond our February, 2007 offline
exhibition that took place at
outworks Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada. It includes more artists working in a variety of mediums.

The purpose of this project is to spark public dialogue and debate
about genetic and genomic science. All of the artists associated with
this effort have a thorough understanding of the science they explore.
However, many of the concepts they present are frequently
overlooked by conventional scientific journals.

The initial call was put out to emerging or established artists working
in any medium and as a result, the shows feature original music
derived from the molecular frequencies of DNA, sculptures of hybrid
animals, prints that contain the combined genetic material of hundreds
of international participants, and much more.

We invite you to explore this gallery and read the descriptions that
each artist has provided about their ongoing body of work..
Curators Holly Longstaff and Jordan Miller would like to thank the gracious
artists who agreed to share their work on this gallery. They would also like to
Genome British Columbia for all their generous support.

For information on how to order catalogues, please visit our comments page.
Allegories of the Genome
exploring genetic and genomic science