Bianca Beauchamp

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Why She's No.31?

Bianca Beauchamp isn't the only one with a fetish... our readers seem to have a fetish for gorgeous models. Bianca became extremely popular in '07, writing for Bizarre magazine (she's the only model to appear on its cover six times in a row), teaming up with Hype Energy at the Canadian F1, and releasing Bianca Beauchamp: All Access, a reality-documentary. Bianca wanted us to share her thoughts with you: "I'm happy and touched that fans like me! It's a nice Happy New Year's gift for me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart." Read more about Bianca Beauchamp

READER COMMENTS: ( 215 posts )
Fri, Feb.6th 2009
at 02:26:01 EST
Rating: n/a
striderdog says:

She looks O.K., can we see pictures of her before her implants
Fri, Jan.30th 2009
at 23:22:02 EST
Rating: n/a
Disgusting says:
Why does she continue to make the list? She is so fake and so ugly
I give her 0/5
Thu, Jan.22nd 2009
at 15:42:08 EST
Rating: n/a
AA says:
Apparently plastic surgeons will do anything for money.
Sun, Jan.18th 2009
at 17:08:52 EST
Rating: n/a
dirty little boy says:
I just want to stick it right between those fake boobs of hers and then have her take a bump on my chest!
Fri, Jan.16th 2009
at 18:13:02 EST
meat says:
OH Canada. She's done us proud.
Wed, Jan.14th 2009
at 14:51:11 EST
Rating: n/a
nameless. says:
Oh my God. How the HELL did she get on the list??! nevermind why she's so high up. Above Angelina Jolie, Kelly Brook and Alyssa Milano??!
Tue, Jan.6th 2009
at 18:14:36 EST
Rating: n/a
duke says:
#31??? She looks like a character straight out of a porno comic strip. And, these pics are ok, but I've seen plenty where she looks all post-op tranny. Waaaaaaaaaaaay OVERRRATED.
Tue, Jan.6th 2009
at 01:06:48 EST
shipu says:
ufff saria lo q sea por tener sexo con ella... asi sea matar a toda mi familia
Fri, Jan.2nd 2009
at 11:51:50 EST
Crash says:
This woman is a godess. TOP10 Guys Vote pls!
Tue, Dec.30th 2008
at 08:38:51 EST
IceMan says:
She should be in Top10... Amazing woman :D
Sat, Dec.27th 2008
at 21:21:40 EST
Rating: n/a
Shamiel says:
I want to have sex with Bianca
Tue, Dec.23rd 2008
at 14:31:21 EST
eric says:
vive les québecoise
Sun, Dec.7th 2008
at 22:07:25 EST
park says:
she got great ' BOO' and nice look.
Sun, Dec.7th 2008
at 03:53:10 EST
emily says:
Aside from some huge melons and showing a lot of skin in these pics... there's not much going on for her in the face, etc.
Tue, Nov.25th 2008
at 14:18:06 EST
Rating: n/a
richard says:
she is very hot
Tue, Nov.25th 2008
at 07:59:41 EST
Rating: n/a
thabs says:
to reply to annoyed's comment: yet another classy example of why men aren't qualified to judge anything. beats me why we'd 'ask men' anything =)

Are you Stupid!!!!!!!
Do you think that women should rate other women's looks?
And that Guys should rate other guys looks?
That's STUPID!!!!!!!
A person's looks must always be rated by the opposite sex when it comes to contests,etc
Mon, Nov.24th 2008
at 21:34:43 EST
Rating: n/a
Mike says:
She is hottttt! Love her work.
Wed, Nov.19th 2008
at 23:10:19 EST
Rating: n/a
do want says:
I'm surprised to see her on here, but I'd like to hit that.
Mon, Nov.17th 2008
at 20:07:22 EST
Rating: n/a
s says:
gross she looks like trailer park trash...
Sun, Nov.16th 2008
at 18:08:35 EST
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