This Day in Wrestling History (Dec. 15 - Perfect regains gold, In Your House: It's Time, Bret's WCW debut)
    Submitted by Graham Cawthon on Monday, December 15, 2008 at 12:03 AM EST

    These are the known WWE, WCW, and ECW releated events which aired or took place on this day. For more information, visit
    Graham Cawthon

    Pittsburgh, PA – December 15, 1967
    Luke Graham, Smasher Sloan, & Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Johnny DeFazio, Frank Holtz, & Hurricane Hunt
    Dominic DeNucci defeated Guillotine Gordon
    Eduardo Carpentier defeated Gorilla Monsoon via disqualification
    The Battman pinned Bull Ortega
    Hans Mortier defeated Spiros Arion
    Tony Altimore defeated Bill Miller via count-out
    WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka

    WWWF @ Baltimore, MD - Civic Center - December 15, 1971
    Al Nelson defeated Mike Monroe
    Jimmy Valiant defeated Mike Conrad
    The Russians defeated Frank Gotch & Gorilla Monsoon
    Victor Rivera & Manuel Soto defeated Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham
    Fred Blassie defeated Chief Jay Strongbow
    WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Stan Stasiak

    WWWF @ Boston, MA - Boston Garden - December 15, 1972
    WWWF Tag Team Champions Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji defeated Gorilla Monsoon & El Olympico
    Tony Garea defeated Chuck O'Conner
    Little Beaver & the Haiti Kid defeated Sky Low Low & Little Brutus
    Joe Turco defeated Bull Pometti
    Ray Stevens defeated Sonny King
    WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Buddy Wolfe

    WWWF @ Philadelphia, PA - Arena - December 15, 1973
    Mike Pappas defeated Joe Turco via disqualification
    Jose Gonzalez fought El Olympico to a draw
    Manuel Soto defeated Pancho Valdez
    Dean Ho defeated Lorenzo Parente
    Gorilla Monsoon defeated Blackjack Lanza
    Tony Garea defeated Mike Conrad
    Pedro Morales & Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Stan Stasiak & Mike McCord

    WWWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - December 15, 1975
    Televised on the MSG Network - featured Vince McMahon on commentary:
    Pete Sanchez defeated Johnny Rodz
    Pat Barrett defeated Manuel Soto at 10:25
    Antonio Inoki defeated Frank Monte at 8:41
    Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan defeated Spiros Arion & Baron Mikel Scicluna
    Ivan Putski defeated Blackjack Lanza at 11:50
    Superstar Billy Graham defeated Domenic DeNucci at the 9 second mark
    Ernie Ladd & Bugsy McGraw defeated Kevin Sullivan & Haystacks Calhoun
    WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Koloff in a steel cage match by escaping through the door at 9:39 after sending the challenger into the corner of the cage (the first cage match held at MSG) (Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches)

    WWWF @ Midland, NJ - December 15, 1977
    Dominic DeNucci defeated Nikolai Volkoff
    Ivan Putski fought Ken Patera to a draw
    WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham defeated Gorilla Monsoon
    Tony Garea & Larry Zbyzsko defeated Stan Stasiak & Baron Mikel Scicluna

    WWWF @ Trumbull - December 15, 1977
    Jose Estrada defeated Frankie Williams
    Dennis Johnson defeated Joe Turco
    Chief Jay Strongbow defeated the Golden Terror
    Bob Backlund defeated Mr. Fuji

    WWWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - December 15, 1978
    Tony Altimore defeated Joe Abby
    Peter Maivia defated Dominic DeNucci
    Ivan Koloff defeated WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund via count-out
    Ivan Putski defeated Spiros Arion via disqualification
    Baron Mikel Scicluna fought Johnny DeFazio to a no contest
    Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko defeated Pierre & Stan Stasiak

    WWWF @ North Attleboro, MA - Witschi's Sports Arena - December 15, 1978
    Johnny Rodz vs. Steve King
    Bull Molina vs. Tito Torres
    Victor Rivera vs. SD Jones
    Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Crusher Blackwell

    WWF @ Scranton, PA - CYC - December 15, 1980
    Hulk Hogan defeated Dominic DeNucci

    WWF @ Fall River, MA - December 15, 1982
    Eddie Gilbert fought Charlie Fulton to a 20-minute draw
    Ivan Putski fought Ray Stevens to a no contest
    Salvatore Bellomo pinned Swede Hanson
    Jimmy Snuka pinned Mr. Fuji
    Curt Hennig pinned Pete Doherty
    Rocky Johnson pinned Mr. Saito

    - 12/15/87: Coliseum Video released Most Embarrassing Moments, George "The Animal" Steele, and Best of the WWF Vol. 14 on home video.

    NWA @ Raleigh, NC - December 15, 1988
    Television taping
    Rick Steiner pinned Steve Williams with a belly to belly suplex
    NWA US Champion Barry Windham & NWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors defeated Sting, Lex Luger, & Dusty Rhodes when Animal pinned Sting after Paul Ellering interfered and hit Sting with a chair
    Televised matches:
    NWA US Tag Team Champions Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton defeated Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match

    - 12/15/89: Coliseum Video released the 1989 Survivor Series on home video.

    NWA @ St. Louis, MO - December 15, 1989 (1,300)
    The next scheduled St. Louis card was cancelled due to the low turnout
    Eddie Gilbert fought Kevin Sullivan to a double count-out at 2:15
    The New Zealand Militia defeated Tommy Rich & Ranger Ross
    Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace
    Road Warrior Hawk defeated Dan Spivey via disqualification when Teddy Long interfered
    NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned NWA US Champion Lex Luger at the 21-minute mark
    Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin
    NWA Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Doom

    WWF Superstars
    Taped 11/19/90; Rochester, NY; War Memorial
    12/15/90 - included the naming of the final 10 participants for the Royal Rumble match; featured the announcement that the Ultimate Warrior would defend the WWF Championship against Sgt. Slaughter at the Rumble; included a vignette promoting the debut of the Mountie; featured a Gobbledy Gooker promo with the Bushwhackers:
    The Legion of Doom defeated Paul Perez & Kent Carlson at 1:38 when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Carlson with the Doomsday Device
    Kane the Undertaker (w/ Brother Love) pinned Mario Mancini with the tombstone at 1:21
    Jim Duggan pinned Barry Hardy at 1:48 with the running powerslam
    Paul Roma & Hercules (w/ Slick) defeated Ron Cumberledge & Rick Sampson
    Mr. Perfect (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich with the Perfex Plex to win the title at 6:37 after Ted Dibiase, who had paid off Howard Finkel to be the guest ring announcer for the bout, hit the champion with the title belt moments after Perfect sustained the Tornado Punch; earlier in the bout, Dibiase threw Von Erich face-first into the ringpost; Von Erich continued to wrestle as champion until the match was televised (Greatest Hits, Best of the WWF: Superheroes)
    Shane Douglas pinned the Black Demon at 1:35 with a flying crossbody (SuperTape 3)

    World Championship Wrestling

    Taped 11/27/90; Dothan, AL

    12/15/90 - featured Sid Vicious attacking the Nightstalker; included Alexandra York slapping Terry Taylor; featured highlights of the Brad Armstrong vs. NWA US Champion Barry Windham match from Clash of the Champions II:
    Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated the Italian Stallion & Todd Brewer
    The Nightstalker defeated Rick Kenan
    Tom Zenk defeated Jeff Sword
    Michael Wallstreet defeated Brett Wayne
    Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright
    Brian Pillman defeated Dave Johnson
    Bobby Eaton defeated the Juicer
    Terry Taylor defeated Rip Morgan
    The Motor City Madman & the Big Cat defeated Tommy Angel & John Falkner
    NWA Tag Team Champions Doom dfeated Rick Hardrock & RC Richards in a streetfight

    Wrestling Challenge

    Taped 11/12/91; Springfield, MA; Civic Center
    12/15/91 - included a 'Special Report' segment with comments from Hulk Hogan about his participation in the Royal Rumble; featured footage of the Rockers playing the new WWF Nintendo Game Boy game against each other; included the announcement Davey Boy Smith, the Berzerker, IRS, Virgil, the Warlord, Kerry Von Erich, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage would be part of the 30-man Royal Rumble match; featured highlights of the Savage / Roberts match from Tuesday in Texas:
    WWF IC Champion Bret Hart defeated Kato via submission with the Sharpshooter at 4:14
    The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Mark Thomas with the tombstone at 2:34; during the bout, Jamison was shown in the crowd; after the match, Taker stuffed his opponent into a bodybag
    WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom defeated Bob Wisseman & Nick Tarantino at 3:09 when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Wisseman following the Doomsday Device
    IRS pinned Glen Ruth at 3:04 with the Write Off Samoan Drop
    Ted Dibiase (w/ Sensational Sherri) defeated Dale Wolfe via submission with the Million $ Dream at 2:51

    WWF @ Johnstown, PA - Cambria County War Memorial - December 15, 1991 (matinee)
    The Big Bossman vs. IRS
    Virgil vs. Skinner
    WWF IC Champion Bret Hart vs. the Mountie
    Randy Savage & Jim Duggan vs. the Undertaker & Jake Roberts

    WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - December 15, 1991 (2,500)
    Tito Santana pinned Kato
    The Beverly Brothers & the Genius defeated the Bushwhackers & Jim Neidhart
    WWF IC Champion Bret Hart pinned the Mountie
    The Big Bossman fought IRS to a double disqualification
    Virgil pinned Skinner
    Sgt. Slaughter defeated Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan in a handicap match
    Randy Savage & Jim Duggan defeated Jake Roberts & the Undertaker

    WWF @ Madison, WI - Dane County Coliseum - December 15, 1992
    Wrestling Challenge taping:
    WWF Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & IRS (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated the Nasty Boys at 13:23 when IRS pinned Jerry Saggs after Dibiase hit Saggs with one of the title belts (Wrestlefest 93)
    John Smith defeated Jerry Fox
    The Big Bossman defeated Ric Flair via disqualification
    WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Marty Jannetty after a slingshot into an exposed turnbuckle
    WWF World Champion Bret Hart fought Razor Ramon to a no contest
    Prime Time Wrestling - 12/28/92: Virgil defeated the Berzerker via disqualification when the Berzerker grabbed his sword (UK Fan Favorites 93)
    Prime Time Wrestling - 12/28/92: Skinner defeated Buck Zumhoff
    Prime Time Wrestling - 12/28/92: Bob Backlund defeated Damien Demento
    Prime Time Wrestling - 12/28/92: Marty Jannetty pinned Repo Man with a crucifix
    Prime Time Wrestling - 12/28/92: Papa Shango pinned Todd Becker with the shoulder breaker
    1/3/93 - featured Raymond Rougeau conducting an interview with Kamala, Harvey Wippleman, & Kimchee, in which Wippleman said Kamala would do as he is told, including receiving physical punishment if necessary; moments later, Slick interrupted and kept saying Kamala is not an animal but a man, while Wippleman & Kimchee left the interview area and Kamala seemed to reluctantly follow them after Kimchee slapped him; included a 'Special Report' segment where comments were shown of Bobby Heenan saying he would unveil "Narcissis" at the Royal Rumble, specifically mentioning Mr. Perfect as the main reason for it; featured a brief preview of the following Saturday's debut of WWF Mania, with footage of Razor Ramon attacking Owen Hart backstage; included a 'Royal Rumble Report' where 6 more participants were announced for the Royal Rumble match: Earthquake, Jerry Lawler, Carlos Colon, Crush, Papa Shango, and Rick Martel:
    WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Jim Brunzell at 5:26 with the superkick
    Tatanka pinned George Petrovsky at 2:29 with the fallaway slam; during the bout, Tatanka cut an insert promo about appearing in the Royal Rumble; Doink the Clown watched the match from the aisle during the match
    Bob Backlund pinned Dale Wolfe at 2:48 with a rolling cradle; during the bout, Backlund cut an insert promo about appearing in the Royal Rumble
    Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Buck Zumhoff at 2:24 with the diving headbutt; during the bout, Bigelow cut an insert promo about facing the Big Bossman at the Royal Rumble
    Rick & Scott Steiner defeated WT Jones & Red Tyler at 2:32 when Scott pinned Tyler following the bulldog double team off the top; during the bout, the Steiners cut an insert promo about facing the Beverly Brothers at the Royal Rumble; Doink was shown in the audience during the match (the Steiners' TV debut)
    1/10/93 - included a 'Special Report' segment where Raymond Rougeau's interview with Owen Hart from WWF Mania was shown in its entirety, where Owen was attacked by Razor Ramon; featured footage from last week's show of Crush threatening Doink the Clown; included the interview with Doink from the 1/9/93 WWF Superstars; featured comments from Bobby Heenan speaking more about "Narcissis;" included a 'Royal Rumble Report' where it was announced WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels will face Marty Jannetty at the Royal Rumble and Sensational Sherri would be in a neutral corner and 6 more participants were announced for the Royal Rumble match: Genichiro Tenryu, Tito Santana, Typhoon, the Headshrinkers, & Jim Duggan:
    The Nasty Boys defeated Dave Sigfrids & Spike Jones at 3:39 when Saggs pinned Sigfrids following the running powerslam / flying elbowsmash combo
    Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji) pinned Chad Miller at 2:33 with the Bonzai Drop
    Crush defeated Tom Stone via submission with the head vice at 2:32
    Marty Jannetty pinned Tom Bennett at 2:37 with a fistdrop off the top
    The Headshrinkers (w/ Afa) defeated Scott Colton & Carl Almont at 2:42 when Fatu scored the pin with a splash off the top
    1/17/93 - included a 'Special Report' showing the aftermath of Kamala's match on last week's WWF Superstars, where he split with Harvey Wippleman and Kimchee and joined Slick; featured comments from Bobby Heenan about "Narcissis;" included a 'Royal Rumble Report' where 7 more participants were announced for the Royal Rumble match: the Nasty Boys, Skinner, Repo Man, Damien Demento, Owen Hart, & Koko B. Ware:
    Ric Flair defeated Jim Powers via submission with the figure-4 at 3:04; after the bout, Flair had a confrontation with Mr. Perfect, who was being interviewed by Raymond Rougeau, after Perfect accused Flair of walking in his shadow and referred to him as a chicken
    The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Dale Wolfe at 2:06 with the tombstone; after the bout, Taker & Paul Bearer stuffed Wolfe in a bodybag
    Bam Bam Bigelow pinned George Anderson at 1:51 with the diving headbutt off the top
    Lance Cassidy pinned Dave Sigfrids at 2:21 with a bulldog
    Razor Ramon pinned Jerry Fox at 2:07 with the Razor's Edge

    - 12/15/93: Coliseum Video released the 1993 Survivor Series and The Undertaker: His Gravest Matches on home video.

    WWF @ Augusta, ME - Civic Center - December 15, 1993
    Wrestling Challenge taping:
    Adam Bomb defeated Virgil
    WWF Mania - 1/22/94: Owen Hart pinned Rick Martel with a roll up as Martel played to the fans
    Lex Luger defeated Johnny Polo & WWF Tag Team Champions the Quebecars in a handicap match
    WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon pinned Crush (w/ Mr. Fuji) with a roll up at 7:09 after Crush thought he had won the match (Bloopers, Bleeps, & Bodyslams, Razor Ramon)
    Doink the Clown (w/ Dink) defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Luna Vachon) via count-out when Dink and Luna entered the ring, with Dink eventually running into Bigelow and headbutting his crotch, causing Bigelow to fall to the floor; after the bout, Bigelow attempted to splash Dink off the top but Doink pulled him to safety (Bloopers, Bleeps, & Bodyslams)
    Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga
    WWF World Champion Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Bret Hart in a steel cage match at 18:20 by escaping through the door, just before Hart touched the floor by escaping over the top, moments after Fuji twice threw salt into the challenger's face (Inside the WWF)
    1/9/94 - featured a "Special Report" segment hosted by Lord Alfred Hayes recapping Lex Luger's recent victory over Jacques Rougeau, followed by comments from Luger on being part of the upcoming Royal Rumble match; included highlights from WWF World Champion Yokozuna's handicap match that same weekend from WWF Superstars, as well as the lights going out after the match; featured a vignette promoting the debut of Thurman "Sparky" Plugg:
    Ludvig Borga defeated JS Storm via submission with the backbreaker
    The 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated Duane Gill & Tommy Morrison
    Crush defeated Tim McNeany
    The Headshrinkers defeated Dan Dubiel & Phil Apollo
    Tatanka pinned Jim Messanger with the Samoan Drop
    The Undertaker pinned Derek Domino
    WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon pinned Mike Bell with the Razor's Edge
    Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian Walsh
    Doink the Clown pinned Rich Myers with the Whoopie Cushion
    Bastion Booger pinned Mike Khoury with the sit-down splash
    WWF World Champion Yokozuna pinned Corey Student with the Bonzai Drop
    Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Jim Messanger & Steve Smith
    1/23/94 - featured an interview with WWF World Champion Yokozuna, Jim Cornette, & Mr. Fuji from the WWF Superstars taping held 12/14; there were two versions of the broadcast, depending on what day the episode aired in the market; for the markets where Challenge was shown on 1/22, Jim Ross & Gorilla Monsoon hosted and hyped the Royal Rumble to take place later that night; for the markets where it was shown 1/23, the show was hosted by Todd Pettingill from his "house;" Pettingill eluded to the controversial ending of the Rumble match and Owen Hart's betrayal of Bret Hart but made no specific results of what happened at the pay-per-view:
    Shawn Michaels (w/ Diesel) pinned Tony Roy
    Owen Hart (w/ Bret Hart) defeated Scott Taylor
    The Smoking Gunns defeated Burt Centeno & Barry Horowitz following the Sidewinder
    IRS pinned PJ Walker with the Write Off
    Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Luna Vachon) pinned Phil Apollo with the diving headbutt
    Lex Luger defeated Chris Duffy

    Showdown at the Corral - Calgary, Alberta - Calgary Corral - December 15, 1995 (4,700; 3,900 paid)
    This card commemorated the 50th anniversary of Stu Hart's first match in Calgary; according to the Wrestling Observer, the original line up consisted of Davey Boy Smith vs. Razor Ramon, Owen Hart vs. the 1-2-3 Kid, and Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
    The Cuban Assassin & Jerry Morrow defeated King Lau & Mike Anthony at 11:27 when Morrow pinned Anthony with a splash off the top; Assassin & Morrow came to the ring to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild"
    Mukhan Singh (w/ manager) pinned the Gothic Knight at 11:00; Singh came to the ring to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera" theme
    Rhonda Singh (Bertha Faye) pinned KC Houston at 5:51 by blocking a sunset flip attempt with a sit-down splash; Houston came to the ring to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" while Singh used her WWF theme music
    Dan Kroffat fought Jesse Helton to a no contest at around 2:30 when Drago Zhivago came ringside and began harassing Kroffat until Kroffat invited him in the ring, eventually putting him in a sleeper and stripping him of his pants; Helton came to the ring to ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me" while Kroffat used Bob Seger's "Still the Same"
    Chris Benoit pinned Rad Radford at 11:28 with a suplerplex in a WWF vs. WCW match, though Radford's shoulder was clearly up at the 2-count; Radford came to the ring to U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" while Benoit used Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"; prior to the match, the two men shook hands out of respect
    The 1-2-3 Kid pinned Keith Hart at 6:37 with an inside cradle as Hart attempted a figure-4; Hart came to the ring to Dan Fogelberg's "The Leader of the Band" while the Kid used something other than his WWF theme music; after the match, Hart thanked everyone for showing up and wished his father a happy 80th birthday
    WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon pinned Owen Hart at 16:10 by blocking a suplex with an inside cradle; prior to the match, Owen said he was embarrased to come from such a "cesspool" like Calgary; during the match, the challenger used one of the ring ropes to choke Razor after one of the turnbuckles came unhinged; Hart originally won the title at 12:33 after hitting the champion in the head with the microphone as the referee was busy with the 1-2-3 Kid on the floor - however the match was soon restarted when another referee came ringside and informed the initial referee what had happened; both men used their WWF music
    Brian Pillman & Bruce Hart defeated Terry & Dory Funk Jr. (w/ Mike Shaw) via disqualification at 18:19 when Terry hit Bruce with a steel chair as he made a cover on Dory; Pillman & Hart came to the ring to John Anderson's "Heartache Tonight"
    WWF World Champion Bret Hart pinned Davey Boy Smith with a roll over at 12:43; both men came to the ring to their WWF music, while Hart rode ringside on the back seat of a motorcycle; prior to the bout beginning, the champion gave his glasses away to his father who was at ringside; after the match, the champion gave an interview at ringside in front of several TV cameras

    WWF Superstars
    Taped 11/19/96; Springfield, MA; Civic Center
    Farooq (w/ Clarence Mason) pinned Freddie Joe Floyd with the Dominator
    Steve Austin pinned Barry Windham with the Stunner
    Vader (w/ Jim Cornette) pinned Tim McNeany with the powerbomb
    Savio Vega fought Crush to a double count-out

    In Your House "It's Time" - West Palm Beach, FL - Memorial Auditorium - December 15, 1996 (5,708; sell out; 4,581 paid)
    Brakkus pinned Dr. X (Tom Prichard) with a powerslam
    Free For All: Rocky Maivia defeated Salvatore Sincere (w/ Jim Cornette) via disqualification at 6:01 when Cornette entered the ring after Maivia hit the shoulderbreaker; after the bout, Maivia cleared both from the ring (Free For All)
    Pay-per-view bouts:
    Flash Funk pinned Lief Cassidy at 10:33 with the 450 splash
    WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith defeated Razor Ramon II & Diesel II at 10:44 when Smith pinned Razor after Owen hit a leg lariat; after the match, Steve Austin attacked Smith
    Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley via count-out at 14:04 after Goldust attacked the champion on the floor
    The Undertaker defeated the Executioner in an Armageddon match following the tombstone, despite interference from Mankind
    WWF World Champion Psycho Sid pinned Bret Hart with the powerbomb at 17:06 after the challenger collided with Shawn Michaels, who was doing guest commentary, on the apron; after the bout, Hart attacked Michaels on the floor
    Dark matches after the show:
    Steve Austin pinned Goldust (w/ Marlena) after WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley interfered and hit Goldust with the belt
    Shawn Michaels pinned Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) after superkicking the urn into Mankind's face

    WCW @ Charlotte, NC - Independence Arena - December 15, 1997 (9,320)
    The American Patriots defeated the Samoan Swat Team
    Monday Nitro - featured an nWo paid vignette which recapped the yearlong feud between WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper; included the debut appearance of Bret Hart:
    Rey Traylor defeated Vincent
    WCW TV Champion Disco Inferno defeated Yuji Nagata
    Fit Finlay pinned Dean Malenko at 6:01 with the tombstone after Malenko became distracted by WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero, who provided guest commentary for the match
    Rey Mysterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera defeated Psychosis & La Parka
    Scott Hall pinned Chris Jericho at 2:34 with a chokeslam and the Outsider Edge
    Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Konnan & Scott Norton via disqualification
    Randy Savage defeated Booker T
    Chris Benoit defeated Scotty Riggs
    Buff Bagwell defeated Lex Luger via disqualification
    Ric Flair defeated WCW US Champion Curt Hennig via disqualification

    WCW @ Palmetto, FL - December 15, 1998
    WCW Saturday Night taping

    - 12/15/98: Former WWF wrestler Brady Boone passed away at the age of 40.

    WWF @ Spokane, WA - Arena - December 15, 1998 (9,487; sell out)
    Super Astros - 1/3/99:
    Negro Casas defeated Papi Chulo
    Miguel Perez defeated Mike Roselli
    Armando Fernandez defeated Apollo Dantes
    Shotgun - 12/26/98:
    Edge defeated Buddy Wayne
    Skull & 8-Ball fought Brian Christopher & Kevin Quinn to a double disqualification
    Sunday Night Heat - 12/27/98:
    Headbanger Mosh defeated Golga via disqualification
    Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart defeated the Godfather & Val Venis
    WWF Tag Team Champions Ken Shamrock & the Big Bossman defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy
    Kane pinned WWF European Champion X-Pac in a non-title match
    Raw is War - 12/21/98:
    Al Snow pinned Gangrel with the Snow Plow
    Billy Gunn pinned WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock in a non-title match; WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels made the match non-title after the bout was over
    Steve Blackman defeated the Blue Blazer via disqualification when Owen Hart interfered; Goldust helped Blackman after the match and unmasked the Blazer to reveal him as Jeff Jarrett
    The Road Dogg pinned WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman to win the title
    Bob Holly & Scorpio defeated the Acolytes via disqualification when the Acolytes were unnecesarily violent
    Mankind defeated Shane McMahon via disqualification when the Corporation interfered; DX made the save
    The Headbangers defeated D-Lo Brown in a handicap match after D-Lo's partner, Mark Henry, was being whipped backstage by Marlena & Jackie
    WWF World Champion the Rock & Test defeated Triple H & X-Pac via disqualification when Kane interfered and chokeslammed every member of DX

    ECW @ Queens, NY - Lost Battalion Hall - December 15, 2000 (800)
    The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan was in attendance for the show; featured an in-ring introduction by Joey Styles & Joel Gertner before Joey Matthews, his arm in a sling, and Christian York appeared; moments later, as Styles attempted to interview Matthews, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Dawn Marie interrupted; the two teams eventually brawled until CW Anderson helped Diamond & Swinger get the upper hand, with Tommy Dreamer attempting to make the save; eventually, Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley appeared, with Dreamer helping them hit the Wazzup Drop on Dawn Marie as the crowd chanted "Welcome back;" Buh Buh then issued a challenge to Anderson, Diamond, & Swinger to a match later in the show, with Buh Buh then adding D-Von had "nine inches of black dick" for Dawn Marie when she was feeling better; Buh Buh then alluded to the Rock's catchphrase by noting "finally" the Dudleys had come home
    Chilly Willy pinned Mike Bell at 1:24 with a modified Death Valley Driver
    Michael Shane pinned Bilvis Wesley (w/ Tom Marquez & ?) at 7:19 after coming off the top and hitting a facebuster; during the bout, the crowd briefly chanted "Fuck Shawn Michaels" in reference to Shane training at Michaels' wrestling academy
    Julio Dinero & EZ Money (w/ Elektra) defeated Balls Mahoney & Nova at 10:26 when Money pinned Nova following a hurricanrana
    Jerry Lynn (w/ Cyrus) pinned Christian York (w/ an injured Joey Matthews) with the cradle piledriver at 9:03
    Justin Credible (w/ Francine) pinned Kid Kash with That's Incredible at 7:08; Credible received mixed chants from the crowd during the bout; after the contest, Credible verbally berated Francine in the ring for her constant complaining and forced her to her knees, only to apologize before the two left ringside
    ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Tony Devito & Angel at 7:41 when Doring pinned Devito with the wheelbarrow / legdrop off the top; late in the bout, Taz' WWF theme song played, with Taz then appearing, applying the Tazmission on the referee, and distracting the challengers; after the contest, Taz cut an in-ring promo, noting he and Perry Saturn trained the champions four years before, praised them for the training they survived, and said he was proud of them; moments later, Taz said "Beat them if you can, survive if they let you" and hugged both men (Taz' one-time return after more than a year absence)
    ECW TV Chamion Rhino pinned Spike Dudley at 10:07 with a piledriver; during the final moments of the match, the champion hit a piledriver from the apron through a table set up on the floor, then rolled Spike back into the ring and made a cover but Spike kicked out at 2
    Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke (w/ Big Sal E. Graziano) defeated Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ the Sinister Minister) at 12:10 when Mamaluke pinned Tajiri after Guido dropped Tajiri with the Unprettier; Whipwreck wore an FBI shirt for the match
    ECW World Champion Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory) defeated the Sandman in a last man standing match at 16:22; both men were down for the 10-count at 15:40, with referee Jim Mollineaux then announcing that the next man to his feet would leave with the belt; Corino then grabbed the referee, distracting him as Sandman rose to his feet and was knocked back down by Victory; after the bout, Justin Credible laid out Corino until Victory fought him all the way backstage; moments later, Sandman grabbed the mic and said though Corino won, Sandman was leaving with the title belt
    Tommy Dremer, Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner) defeated Simon Diamond (w/ Dawn Marie), Johnny Swinger, & CW Anderson at 21:17 when Dreamer pinned Swinger following the 3D after Buh Buh put Dawn through a table with a Buh Buh Bomb off the top; Dreamer wore a Dudley Boyz sweater for the match; the Dudleys had no ring music for the contest and were introduced by Joel Gertner; during the bout, Dreamer, Gertner, the ring attendant, and Buh Buh danced as Too Cool, with the Too Cool theme music, during which Dreamer pulled down his pants to reveal a thong; after the bout, the crowd chanted "Please don't go" and "Thank you, Dudleys," with Paul Heyman then appearing as Buh Buh thanked him for what he did for the team and then said the door was open for them to help ECW in the future (the one time return of the Dudleys after a 16-month absence) (ECW: The Best of the Dudley Boyz)

    WWE @ Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum - December 15, 2003
    Mideon pinned Billy Peters with a reverse suplex
    Jim Steel & Mike Barton defeated Carly Colon & Brent Dail with a crucifix powerbomb / flying elbow drop combo
    Sunday Night Heat:
    Victoria pinned Ivory with the Widow's Peak after Ivory failed a flying crossbody; due to prematch stipulations, Victoria became the #1 contender to the women's title; it was announced that Steven Richards was not in Victoria's corner due to a backstage altercation with Test; after the bout, WWE Women's Champion Molly Holly confronted Victoria in the ring before attacking her from behind with the title belt
    The Hurricane & Rosey defeated the Shane Twins when Hurricane scored the pin with a splash off Rosey's shoulders
    Steven Richards pinned Test with a roll up
    Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade defeated Lance Storm & Val Venis when Jindrak pinned Storm by holding onto Cade, who was outside the ring, for added leverage
    Raw - included Eric Bischoff suspending Bill Goldberg for 30 days after Goldberg attacked Rob Conway & Rene Dupree in the ring:
    Chris Jericho & Christian fought Trish Stratus & Lita to a no contest at 4:12 when Jericho had the match stopped after Trish sustained the Unprettier; after the bout, Jericho shoved his tag team partner to the mat before Eric Bischoff came to the ring to confront Jericho; after blowing up at Bischoff for singing the bout to begin with, Bischoff forced Jericho to wrestle Kane later in the night
    Booker T & Maven defeated Matt Hardy & Mark Henry (w/ Teddy Long) when Booker pinned Hardy with the scissors kick at 4:38
    Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Ric Flair & Batista in a handicap match when Michaels pinned Triple H with the superkick at 19:08
    Rico (w/ Jackie Gayda) pinned John Heidenreich at 4:23 with a neckbreaker after Jackie dropped Heidenreich throat-first across the top rope
    Kane defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification at 3:40 when Jericho hit Kane in the head with a steel chair as Kane attempted to bring his opponent back into the ring; after the bout, Kane tied Jericho upside down on the corner and choked him with a television cable before reentering the ring and hitting the chokeslam; after Kane left ringside, Christian came to the ring, helped Jericho to his feet, and shoved him to the mat
    Mick Foley fought WWE IC Champion Randy Orton to a no contest when Foley rolled out of the ring to psych himself up but eventually left ringside, grabbed his bags, and left the arena;due to prematch stipulations, Foley lost his Co-GM role on Raw and was fired from the company; had Foley won, Eric Bischoff would have been fired
    Graham Cawthon

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