Posted on March 19, 2004 01:45 PM by Joel Comm

As a follow up to my entry on, I am still holding a position in the company, now renamed GameZNFlix. The company is trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol GZFX.

The new is going to go up against NetFlix, the leading online place to rent DVDs. GameZNFlix has a different plan. They will be renting DVDs AND video games for one low monthly fee. This is a great plan, in my opinion. They recently put out a press release stating that the new site will launch by March 27th, along with a national television advertising blitz.

I am not a stockbroker or connected to this company in any way. I happened to come across them a couple months back and am hoping they will perform well. I'll be watching for the launch of the site before the 27th.

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    If this stock skyrockets...I will be one rich dude....WOOOOOOOT! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!

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  5. Big Dad Says:

    I was looking for a Netflix AND Gamefly replacement. The great price of Gameznflix seemed VERY enticing, plus their nearby East Coast distribution center should have meant quicker turnaround times than Gamefly's West Coast-only distribution center.

    These people at Gameznflix have no clue what they are doing. Their website says their trial period is one week, but apparently it's actually 2 weeks. Hey! That's sounds great!... until you realize WHY it's 2 weeks! I received a grand total of 2 discs during this 2 week trial period. These discs were mailed back to Gameznflix the same day I received them. Hmmmmm.

    I, stupidly, signed up for the 6-discs-at-a-time plan ($34.95). It's been one week and I've received a grand total of... let me count them.... one.... uh... uh... uh... well, I guess I've only received one disc! Hmmmm.

    I'm paying $29.95 for 3 discs-at-a-time through Gamefly. I use them to preview games to see if they are worthy of buying, so I rarely keep a disc more than a day or so. In a typical month, I'll get at least 10 discs. This makes the cost-per-disc less than $3 each. The local video store charges $3.45 per disc for their (lousy) collection. At Gameznflix's current rate of shipping (1 in 7 days), I'll pay an outrageous $8.15 per disc! At that rate, I might as well just buy the game and liquidate it on ebay if I don't like it!

    Gameznflix's website is poorly designed and executed. Place 50 discs in your queue and then try moving the 50th disc into the top spot. 49 web page reloads later (I kid you not!), and it is FINALLY in the top spot.

    Also, the queue page doesn't accurately portray when items were shipped. All 3 items listed in my "Games You Have Out" category have the same ship date... this includes the disc I received about two weeks ago, the disc I received a few days ago, and the disc I've yet to receive!

    Furthermore, there is no way of knowing for sure whether they even OWN the games listed in their online catalog. There are games in the list that I know haven't been released, even though it isn't indicated clearly that it is not in stock (at least not until you place it in your queue and it gets listed under "Games Awaiting Release"). One game that Gameznflix placed in this category was released 1-23-03, accoring to Gamefly's site. What gives here?

    At Gamefly's site, it's one button click to the top of the queue! Sweet! Or you can merely type in the number of the spot you want it in in it's priority box, hit "ENTER", and, magically, it's there! Gamefly also has a Gamespot review for most games, which helps you to avoids the games that are dogs. They also clearly list the anticipated release date.

    Game instructions? Gamefly lists at least the bare minimum instructions are their website. Gameznfly? Nothing!

    So, for now, I'm stuck with Gamefly and Netflix. Gameznflix's website mentions that "we will make an attempt to be the largest online movie and game rental company on the web". They'll never make it! If they don't provide proper service, they'll never maintain their customer base. After my first month is up, I'm history!

    Even though they SEEM expensive, Netflix's and Gamefly's top-notch website and, more importantly, excellent customer service will be hard to beat!

    Previous posts sound like some people are interested in investing in this company. Don't be a fool. Unless they can do a rapid overhaul of their website and their customer service, this company is going NOWHERE fast!

  6. Joel Comm Says:

    I am sure they are experiencing growing pains associated with any new company. They will have a better web site by June 14th and are working to provide more distribution.

    I remember Netflix in their early days. It was also less then perfect. These things take time.

    How would you like to have bought some Netflix shares at .09/share? It's at $32.92 today.

    Investing is risky, no doubt. I am confident that is going to be a player.

  7. Big Dad Says:

    When you are the innovator (like Netflix), I think people are more tolerant. I don't see Gameznflix as an innovator. Also, in their niche, Netflix had no real competition when they started up. Now there's DVDAvenue and Deepshark just to name a few. Even Wal-Mart has started renting DVDs. Are game discs next?

    For its investors, I hope Gameznflix is a success. But from a consumer's perspective, I see no future in it. Keep in mind that I AM biased... I'm a disgruntled, soon-to-be ex-customer. Actually, my membership doesn't expire until after June 14th, so I'll see what shows up!

    Anyone who has every browsed the web or been in a Best Buy store or a Wal-Mart has heard of Netflix. I don't think the Dell Dude can save Gameznflix from obscurity.

  8. Joe Doet Says:

    Well I just joined Gameznflix on 5/27/04, I filled my queved with the dvds I wanted to watch. Today 6/1/04 I received my first three dvds and all I can say is that I am dumping Nutflix for raising their prices.

    Gameznflix might be having growing pains, complaining about it will not help you. All start up companies have a huge amounth of growing pains but gameznflix seems to be doing just great in my opinion.

    In case you are not familiar with the way dvd rentals work, I suggest you add as many dvds and games as you like to see and play, that way you stand a better chance at getting your fill faster.

    commercials are due to start on 5/17/04 and this pupp with rock.

  9. Big Dad Says:

    In response to the above.....

    I think for non-discriminating consumers (such as those who've spent a major portion of their lives in a Russian gulag), Gameznflix will be quite popular. For the rest of us, this "pup" has grown into a dog.

    Growing pains? If they can't provide decent service when they're small, they have no business growing large. Does anyone seriously think that adding thousands of new customers will IMPROVE their operations???? I don't see that happening.

    I plan to dump Netflix as well. Their plan is rather expen$ive. Gamefly is even more so! Also, for those on the Right Coast, the Left Coast-only distribution center makes Gamefly less-than-speedy. But if they are slow, they ARE sure. The discs WILL arrive. I also have no complaints about their superb website, nor their excellent service. If they built an East Coast center and lowered their prices maybe 20-25%, no one could touch them for games.

    Gameznflix's pricing is much much better, but who wants to pay ANYTHING for lousy service? $34.95 for two game discs after ten days? Your local Blockbuster has deals that'll put THAT to shame!

    I have approximately 150 game discs in my queue, so explain to me how I can improve my odds and I will! Online DVD rental stores are a dime a dozen. It is the addition of games that makes Gameznflix somewhat unique, and, when it comes to games, Gameznflix does not deliver.

    Since you feel that complaining about service does not work, could you provide me with some useful advice to get better service? Emails have not worked. They don't respond to emails promptly if at ALL (regardless of their promise to respond in 48 hours)! They've only responded to one of three emails (even then the message was less than helpful and didn't truly address my concerns). I'm REALLY tired of excuses ("growing pains"). This ain't rocket science, folks! Gameznflix is mailing out DVDs and games. In the 1960s, NASA had "growing pains". Gameznflix is not sending a man to the moon, but only a game disc from Tennessee to Virginia. It's a border state, for goodness sake!

    You seem to have gotten exceptional service. Do you know anyone who works there? If you do, please tell them they can ignore MY emails if they are too busy filling MY orders.

    Also, they REALLY need to examine their competitors to see what can be done better. Try moving the 50th DVD in your Gameznflix queue to the top position. Frustrating, huh? It doesn't take a website guru to create a simple way to reorder a list.

    I'm also trying out Their games library really stinks, but about 3 days after shipping discs back, I've got replacements. If they would get a games library comparable to the size Gameznflix alleges theirs to be, DVDAvenue would be DA MAN!

    Some of you seem to be either investors or potential investors. Can you do something about the service? Your customers aren't having much luck! I don't know a lot about investing, but I did read a "For Dummies" book once. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I believe the proper phrase for Gameznflix would be "all sizzle, no substance".

    I truly hope Gameznflix will "rock", but they better do it soon. I was very excited when I read about them on TechTV's website. I'm less-than-thrilled now.

  10. whodie 123 Says:

    I signed up with GameZNFlix and my 15 day free trial ends today. I only live about 3 hours away from where they ship and I have received only 1 dvd. 1 DVD IN 15 DAYS! I figured that since their shipping location is close to me I would receive my dvds the next day. Nope. It took 11 days before I got the 1 single dvd. I would be much better off if I just drove to pickup my dvds since I live only 3 HOURS AWAY!

  11. Rob Says:

    Ugh, the pain, the pain. I completely agree with all the comments on this company. I joined mid-May and have experienced all the same problems with GameznFlix Service.

    The thing that frustrates me the most is the holding of games in your 'ordered' queue which are not ready to ship. I added a game on May 19th, not realising that it doesn't release till mid-June. And it's still stuck there! I can't cancel my membership cause I can't empty my queue of this game!

    I sent mails on the subject but of course received no reply. Even my attempt to send the mail multiple times with title 'Worst. Service. Ever.' did not get their attention.

  12. Big Dad Says:

    Are you kidding me about not being able to cancel because you can't empty your queue??? Let me know how it works out because I'll be in the same boat in less than 2 weeks!

    I've been a paying member 3 weeks (this doesn't include the worthless trial period) and I've received a grand total of 4 games on the 8-discs-at-a-time plan! Gamefly is S-O-O-O much better it isn't funny. I used to think Gamefly was outrageously expensive, but it's a veritable bargain compared to Gameznflix. If I just keep a game disc my usual time (a few days), Gamefly will get me over 10 games/month.

    Actually, I just tried cancelling my subscription and Rob is EXACTLY correct. If you have a disc that they've "order just for you" (how sweet!), then you're screwed and cannot cancel your membership. I sent a less-than-nice email to, but I've only RARELY received a resonse. I'm calling my credit card issuer Monday to ensure I don't get ripped off anymore.

    Folks, these problems cannot be dismissed as "growing pains". Gameznflix is a terminal basketcase. The illwill created thus far will not be smoothed over by tons of ads by Ben Curtis, the Dell Dude. Gameznflix ain't Dell. Dell has a high percentage of satisfied customers, Gameznflix does not.

    If you're reading this to consider whether or not you join GnF, do yourself a favor... don't! DVDAvenue is much cheaper than Gamefly and provides first-class service. The huge drawback is their limited games selection. Gameznflix claims to have a very large collection, but I've yet to see it!

  13. Big Dad Says:

    Correction: I'm on Gameznflix' 6-disc-at-a-time plan. The 8-disc-at-a-time plan is from DVDAvenue.

  14. Big Dad Says:

    Customer Service must be improving... less than 24 hours after sending them an email demanding that my account be cancelled, I received a reply indicating that it had been cancelled. Their website also will not let me logon, so I guess they did something.

    It's a shame they saved their best customer service for cancellations, but I'm pleased to escape that nightmare having lost only $34.95. Actually, I didn't LOSE the $34.95... I just paid $8.75 per game rental.

    My final opinion: If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to Gamefly, you can't afford such a cheap service as Gameznflix. Gamefly costs me less than $3 per game rental. DVDAvenue costs me less than $2 per game rental, but their limited library may frustrate "power users".

  15. Rob Says:

    After sending a mail with all my gripes, and titled 'Worst. Service. Ever' I (fffiiinnnaaally) received a reply which can only be called 'Worst. Reply. Ever.'

    And I quote 'You�need more than just 3 items in your queue.� Please fill your queue so you are not waiting for a title.'

    Obviously the chimpanzee they had working the queue that day pressed the wrong auto-reply button.

    Apparently the new site will be launched on the 15th so it's wait & see time...

  16. Stephen Says:

    can anyone tell if it is a new site or not? Looks exactly the same as the old site to me. Has anyone else had them send you the same dvd twice? I started the free trial, about 3-4 days later I got 1 dvd and 1 game. I watched the dvd and sent it back the next day. Not bad I thought at the time, but they never sent the other dvd that was on my list and about 3 days later it dissappeared off my queue and they put the next game in its place. So I figure that must come within a week, and 3 days later I get a new one from them, I think it has to be the game that was in my queue right? Wrong, it was the same dvd I had sent back a week before. Then I got another dvd a few days ago but guess what? The game that has been in my queue(the dvd/games being ordered just for you section) almost 3 weeks now has still not come. I know it has been out since late April(onimusha 3) so don't try and say well maybe it hasn't come out yet. When I first signed up for this I thought it had to be great because I had been waiting for someone to come out with dvd and games for one price. Too bad the service is so terrible.

  17. Big Dad Says:

    Well, Stephen, the answer to your questions depends...

    The investors will say "It's just growing pains"

    The (former) customers will say "It's just plain bad customer service"

    My advice is "cancel immediately"! Check out They have an 8-out-at-a-time plan for $44.95/month. Their games library is small, but they've always given me super service. also has great customer service and a fantastic website. They are rather expensive though. They also only allow you at most 3 discs-at-a-time, which makes it hard when you have 3 children and 3 game systems.

    I had a 6-at-a-time plan for $34.95/month with Gameznflix and I received FOUR lousy game discs in the 3 weeks prior to cancelling! I didn't even wait for the 4th week to roll around before cancelling because I didn't want to take a chance on not getting my account cancelled soon enough and paying them more money. My queue had well over 100 games in it. They must have just one copy of everything. I could never get them to send me anything, so I'm guessing their always out of everything.

  18. Stephen Says:

    I read somewhere the other day an article where the CEO of gameznflix said they didn't actually have all the titles listed on their site. Whenever someone wanted something then they would order it. So the way I am thinking if they can last about a year than it may be a great service when they would have most of what I want. But right now it is pretty poor.

  19. Big Dad Says:

    I wouldn't have a problem with Gameznflix not having every game listed, but they SHOULD indicate that they don't actually have it in stock and that it will be ordered. Gamefly doesn't have all the games listed on their website either, but they do clearly mark when it will be released (they don't list in games that have been released, but they don't have).

    I agree that IF they last a year, service will HAVE to be better than it is, bit that is a BIG "IF". I doubt they'll last more than a few years. Today, everybody wants everything yesterday.

    As far as games go, they must not have much of an actual library, because I only got 4 freakin' games in 3 weeks.

    Big Dad
    former Gameznflix member
    3 weeks tenure

  20. Phil Matthews Says:

    I see that other people have the same experience I am having. Gameznflix is going to tank if they cannot figure our how to provide the service they advertise. I cannot e-mail them, I think the address has been terminated, I do not get any movies, no phone number.....

    I am ready to sue for the annual membership I purchased so stupidly.

  21. Big Dad Says:

    Phil, I'm sorry to hear you purchased an annual membership. I wonder if you have any recourse through your credit card company. I know how you feel... I felt pretty stupid just paying for a month of their garbage.

    Has anyone actually seen any of their TV ads? I haven't. I'm beginning to suspect this is a company set up simply to separate investors from their money. They provide just enough (horrible) service to make people think they are legit, announce all these bold plans to "make an attempt to be the largest online movie and game rental company on the web", hire some famous two-bit actor, and rake in investor cash.

    Their website mentions that they may not have all the movies/games in their inventory, but they are available through their "distribution channels". What kind of double-speak is this? We have it, but we don't have it? We have it, but we don't have it, but we can get it?

    I see Gameznflix has an updated website. I bet that's the only thing that has changed. Flashy new face, same crappy service.

    Keep us updated Phil!

  22. deana cornman Says:

    please SOMEBODY tell me how to CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL i dont use it or want it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Big Dad Says:

    Deana, if you CAN delete all the items from your queue, in theory you can cancel your account online. Unfortunately, I can't verify this as I couldn't delete those wonderful "Items We've Ordered Just For You!" entries. I sent an email to customer service, demanding that my account be cancelled and, shockingly, I DID get a very rapid response.

    As I stated earlier, it's a shame they saved their best service for my cancellation!

    The BEST way to cancel is to never join in the first place! WARN everyone you know! I don't think Gameznflix is a real company so much as it is a scam to separate people from their money.

  24. Tego Says:

    Big Dad, you you are a stupid basher, that�s all.

  25. Rocket Punch Says:

    First of all, I type in "gameznflix" & "bad" in Google and I came across this page. I think when I sign up for Gameznflix, I got a "Trick" instead of a "Treat". I am those people with Netflix before...blah...blah..blah. Well, first of all there ordering system is just plain "bad". Well, baggers can't be choosers and I think the price sorta justify the storefront, or the lack of it. I've got like 2 disc so far since I signed up a month ago, never got the third disc. I have no idea if it is not out yet or what, but I do know there is no way you will be able to find out. I send them a few emails but got no response & I found this number on a site it is 1-800-613-1543.


    I am gonna spam them with calls until I got some answers. I suggest anyone with a problem should call them directly. Email is definitely something "NEW" to them, and they need some time to get use to the whole emailing back and forth idea.

    I am gonna start a web site to record there service as I go, so people will know what they are getting into before they sign up. It will be a fun project.

    BTW, sell their stocks if you got any. I just hope I can complete my site before they go Titanic on me.

  26. Starla Says:

    Gameznflix is awful. Their website is ridiculous, the worst online interface I've ever seen. They sent me a movie when I hadn't even added it to my queue. That was the beginning of the horror. I sent back two movies a couple of weeks ago and emptied out my queue, but the two movies are still showing in my currently checked out section. In addition, they still sent me one of the items that had been in my queue before I emptied it. Yet, the two I returned are still in my currently checked out section and the new item has not been placed there. I looked at their FAQ & About Us section more closely today and found that they claim to have a west coast distribution center in Los Angeles, CA. I live on the west coast, in California in fact, and every item I have received so far has been shipped from Tennessee and has a return postage address of Tennessee as well. This company is horrible. Growing pains? There shouldn't be this many!

  27. Don Says:

    My Gameznflix experieince:

    1. Hey look! Games AND movies for less than the price of Netflix and Gamefly combined!

    2. Proud member.

    3. Movies and games flowing at slower than expected but reasonable rate.

    4. Ugh, crappy website design, but love the price still.

    5. Movie and game flow slows, e-mail company, receive 'Bear with us as we grow reply', will be first and last communication from Gameznflix.

    6. Movie and game flow slows to a halt as new website launch approaches and passes.

    7. Some titles in queue say they've been on order for over a month, others disappear, yet others just have a big blank.

    8. First of several e-mails to Gameznflix asking what's up, no reply.

    9. No games or movies.

    10. E-mail to Gameznflix, demand movies, no reply, no movies.

    11. E-mail to Gameznflix, demand movies or I'll quit, no reply, no movies.

    12. Got movies today! Wait, they're the same ones I rented two months ago, check queue, complete reload of old data. What the @$#!

    13. E-mail to Gameznflix, demand movies or I'll quit I really really mean it, no reply, no movies.

    14. Talk to 3rd party company handling phone calls from pissed off members, knows only that'new website is having problems', demand refund, threaten to really really really quit this time.

    15. No movies or games, no refund, no communication with Gameznflix, no hope left.

    16. Visit website to quit, find database not only screws up movie queues, but also has wrong credit card number in my file.

    I've come to the conclusion that if this company was truly legit and intended on becoming a player in their chosen market, they might have actually replied to my concerns at some point. I mean, even a mass mailing to members saying 'We're sorry, we f***ed up and we're going to make it better for you' would have been nice. But no, it appears they've gone underground and are letting someone else handle the phone calls while they prepare their exit strategy. I smell a lawsuit.

    In the end, I will actually NEtflix and Gamefly will both have titles in my mailbox by the end of the week, and all will be right. Except of course for Gameznflix, the Enron of DVD movie and game rentals and the poor saps out there still being lured inby their empty promises.

  28. Joel Says:

    I hate to say this, but this company is not delivering the goods as I had hoped. All the complaints on this site and the apparant lack of development on their site tells me that perhaps management really doesn't know what they are doing. I have been asking for an affiliate program for months now. It is SO easy to get one set up at or, but they haven't done it. I think maybe they have bit off more than they can chew. I guess that is the trouble with these penny stock companies... you never know what you are going to get!

  29. Big Dad Says:

    To quote the ever-witty Tego: "Big Dad, you you are a stupid basher, that�s all."

    Joel! Have you you [sic] become a "stupid basher" like me?

    The people running Gameznflix are total amateurs in the online rental business. They had a decent plan... cheap rentals, but in the end, they had no idea how to implement their plan.

    On this forum, the ratio of pissed-off customers & ex-customers to satisfied customers appears to be about 10:1 (I suspect the one satisfied "customer" may be a company stooge). There certainly could be a selection bias. I found this site by Googling for sites that mentioned "Gameznflix" other than I wanted to see what people were saying about it. I think people pissed off may be more motivated to look for a forum to complain than are satisfied customers. Maybe they have thousands of satisfied customers and only 10 dissatisfied crybabies. Yeah! Right!

    Now, here's my slam back at Tego for calling me a "stupid basher":

    "Tego, I hope you have your life savings tied up in Gameznflix!"

  30. Michael Says:

    Seems like Gamefly is all the rave on this site. Well here's a little ditty about Gamefly I guess no one has yet to experience but me. I thought Gamefly was the best service in the world while entering my 3rd month of membership in April, until 2 games were lost through the mail as I attempted to return them to gamefly during this past Easter weekend. Around this time a game had apparently been lost, that had never arrived at my address. As a result, it was understandable that Gamefly had to take action by closing the account.
    But instead, after talking to a representative named Kevin, I pleaded my case and he was willing to re-open the account. I had followed Gamefly's procedures to the best of my ability concerning lost games by going to my local post office and filing a report. Because no tracking numbers were involved, they could do little to help. Somehow I got the sense from them it was ludicrous for me to even try tracking first class mail without some form of a tracking number. I made numerous suggestions to Kevin while on the phone as to how Gamefly might improve their shipping practices, although he explained that thei business model could not allow for additional costs, nor at this time were they considering shipping the media in more discreet packaging. I ensured him, that whatever it took, I would send all games back priority mail with tracking numbers with the hopes of never encountering this problem again. He really thought it wasn't necessary, but I insisted. From that time onward, I did exactly as I had promised, buying shipping supplies at Office Max and sending the games back via priority mail and NEVER experienced a problem again. To this day I believe the games were either stolen by postal employees, or remained unaccounted for upon receipt at Gamefly.. thus the games conveniently disappeared.

    Anyway, a recurrent problem began whenever I would request customer service by telephone. Months after the April incident had taken place, I was still being interrogated about it. I concluded there was no way they could be logging customer calls/Emails as closely as they ought to, otherwise Kevin's notes would have shown clearly that he had authorized the account to be re-opened. Funny thing about Gamefly though, is that I know I talked to Kevin at least two times by phone, and once by Email in relation to this issue. After suspending my account in July due to relocation, things finally came to a head July 26, 2004 when I called Gamefly again to re-open the account since I was being denied access online. Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise, but I wound up with Kevin again. To make a long story short, Kevin basically quoted policy back to me as to why the account had been closed, despite the fact that he had initiated account activity nearly 3 months earlier. I argued with him upon the principle of poor customer service to mislead me that this matter was closed, when it was never really resolved. To say the least, Kevin became like Jello, worse yet an AOL Rep. He repeatedly placed me on hold to ask his supervisor for assistance. This time, Kevin was in a jam, no flexibility was being allowed, nor would his supervisor save him as I more or less tore him a new one. Kevin admitted the account should have never been re-opened, but did not take responsibility as for him being the origin of the error.

    Gamefly's policy is clearly riddled with innuendo by suggesting thhat the customer is never to blame should their account be terminated due to "systemic" shipping issues that will not result in the charge of games being rendered to the customer. However, if the customer chooses to reinstate their account, they are more than willing to pay for at least one of the games as Gamefly will further base their decision upon further review of the account. Sounds likea lot of legal mumbo jumbo requiring you to clearly read throught the lines to see that Gamefly does suspect the customer is responsible for the losses and has made provision for those losses to be recovered from the customer.

    This concersation with Kevin lasted for at least an hour, both of us if not visibly, audibly upset. I left it as it was, and asked how I could resolve the matter if I chose to do so. I then informed him of my disgust of the treatment I'd received considering the length of time I'd been a customer, the amount of games rented, and the fact that as one who is married with a family, I don't mke it my practice to steal games... especially from a company I thought I could believe in. I found it hard to believe no one else had experienced the poblems I had, but that's how it ended. So, if I return to Gamefly, it'll be a long while after I've finished previewing other services. Honestly, I hope Gamefly will be ground into the dust for lack of customer service.. it's exactly how you make winners out of your competitors.

  31. Fabio Says:

    Hey Michael,

    Your little opus doesn't mention anything constructive. Best I can gather is that you were denied an account or denied service, something legitimate businesses are allowed to do.

    Before I sold my company and retired, I used to work cusomter service in order to pay for college. I also did some waiting on tables

    It taught me a lot of things, the value of hard work and the value of how to work with people, some that were shakers and movers who didn't take up a lot of time, some who had a legitimate problem and were looking to you for help, then there were the precious few who didn't have enough going in their life. These were the loners, that made their complaint the center of their little world. They always called when we shut their service off and yelled at the reps because he or she had nothing else going on in their life and knew that they could yell, swear and carry on with us, because we were customer service and we HAD to. We couldn't swear at them, tell them they were liars and we knew it, we just had to smile and nod, and they knew it

    While I'm certain that turning someone, "into jello" and the rest makes you the talk of the town in Peduka Kentucky as you tell them of your triumph. Their mouths must fall open with shock and awe when you tell this tale at the local Gas n' Sip. It must earn you a certain swagger in your step as you head back to your shinny Ford pick-up - the one with the lady mudflaps and the gunrack.

    Confess your problems in a littlepink, fluffy diary. Save this website for the serious investors who are keeping track of rule breaking companies like NetFlix and GameFly.

  32. dell_dude_guy Says:


    Gameznflix NEW website is now running smoothly, with just few bugs to work out!

    NEW Customer Service has been implemented and is now in place and working excellent, helping custormer and building a subscriber base.

    Commercials have begun airing on TV and some Radio like the Howard Stern show.

    A second distribution center has opened (west coast) giving all customers 1-3 day delivery times.

    Movies and GAMES are now being sent and received By the thousands all 6 days of the USPS working week.

    Yes GZFX is a start-up company on a shoe-string budget, that is coming on like gang-busters.

    With GamezNflix you get the most for less and GAMES TOO, look for this small but growing company to challenge market leaders netflix & blockbuster in 2-3 years!


  33. just_trader Says:

    GZFX will have a part of the online video & games rental market. I have a basic plan with them and I can say that I am very satisfied with their service. After all, getting movies and games for $18.50 per month is really very cheap.

    The new website looks awesome and they recently added a new feature "rent it like it buy it" which allows the subscribers to buy movies and games online with discount prices!

    Another good feature in GZFX is the military deal. They proposed a sweet deal for our brave men where the basic plan is $15 something! instead of $18.50 ... check it out on

    Good luck!

  34. dell_dude_guy Says:

    A honest reporting of GamezNflix GZFX, the website and customer service issues addressed, in no particular order or importance! With status comment attached to the end of each one clearly showing that all known issues are fixed or are being fixed, anyone with a modicum of knowledge will simply see that ALL MAJOR FUNCTIONS are fixed and the known little snafus are mostly fixed with the rest being worked on as I type this. It's long, but it puts to bed all the concerns in the above comments, GZFX WILL SOON BE KNOWN AS A FORCE TO RECKON WITH!

    1)clickable alphabet FIXED

    2)remove mature titles or find new location FIXED

    3)browse movies or browse games, under movie categories, it says advanced movie search. it says the same thing under game categories. needs to say advanced game search. then, if you choose one of the game categories, once the new page comes up, in the column on the right side of the page, it says top movie rentals and should say game rentals. FIXED

    4)email response from customer service BETTER

    5)missing movie/games images in place, the rest..COMING VERY SOON

    6)They have a seperate browse games/browse movies link and both take you to the same place FIXED

    7)Not accepting credit card info FIXED

    8)Games stuck in que. CORRECTED

    9)When you go to existing members it has all the important advertising that should be on/over at new members page FIXED

    10)* New DVD releases needs to be just that. Right now it's a bunch of documentaries and mature titles. These should be the newest DVD releases that you would see around the perimeter of a blockbuster. COMING SOON

    10)The queue is much better, but still a bit tough. If I have a movie buried at number 25 and want to move it up to #1, as far as I can tell, I have to renumber every movie in front of it. I tried to just change it to 1 and then hit update queue, thinking it would slide it to 1 and move the rest down a spot, but it didn't. I think you should have a button next to each movie that says, "move this to spot #xx". You put where you want to move the movie to and it moves it and just slides the rest down a spot. Also, a "move this movie to the top" button would be good SENDING THIS TO WISH LIST

    11)When you do an advanced game search and select platforms, it's actually a drop down of game manufacturers (e.g., EA) rather than platforms. This is also the same once you move into the games section. On the right bar, it shows the manufacturers, not the platforms. COMING SOON

    12)The most important one. If you do an advanced movie or game search, you get logged out of the site and can't add movies to the queue. FIXED

    13)We need more and easier "live customer help", directing the phone options! Advise John to consider a "Live Person" service to the site; many web-sites now have this option, which is really handy, where you can communicate with customer service, in "real time". That would be a big, big, plus! The specific service, trademark Live Person, is now running a "special", and they are known for top-quality operations, and they handle some "mighty big clients", without being too cost-prohibitive... DEFINATE IMPROVEMENT

    14)re-do the customer service "help options"! There is nothing more discouraging and a bigger turn-off, when you really need some customer assistance, than to call the number and have a "recording" go through some long spiel, directing you to push "another number". We need a customer support number that is separate and distinct from any other numbers associated with GZFX, and where a real person picks up the phone upon answering! SENDING THIS TO WISH LIST

    15)Get that "Like It/Buy It" fixed ASAP, b/c I would have already have bought a movie or two if it was functional! FIXED

    16)I'm not able to edit account information. I get the following error message
    "File error 22 on /gzfx/MEMBER COBOL error" FIXED

    17)Also I got an error of "Index out of bounds, upper bound = 100, index = 0
    COBOL error at 000B17 in QUEMGR4
    Called from 00227E in /gzfx/obj/WBQUEUEUT" when click on update queue after put a check box on the "remove" of a DVD. FIXED

    18)When I select category of "music dvds" to browse, I get screen with "0 results COMING SOON

    19)trying to add to my queue, but can, as I am getting the pop-up window telling me that "rent" is for members only, EVEN THOUGH I am staring at a page bearing hello "my name" in the top right-hand corner... FIXED

    20)on the browse categories page (where movies and games are there), the New Releases and Top Rented Games (only, not movies) are dead links. APPAERS TO WORK THE OPPOSITE NOW...NOT FIXED

    21)the ESRB ratings links don't do anything, unlike the movie ratings links, which do work. NOT FIXED

    22)I like to see my billing history as well. Was on old site,not here HAS MANAGABLE ACCOUNT WITH PLAN CHOICE BUT NO HISTORY

    23)I just tried to add the top five movies rented, one at a time, & each time it selected "BLIND DATE-ULTIMATE UNCENSORED" FIXED

    24)I like to browse for movies with my kids. When I click on New Releases, I get Mature titles along with Family/Children. This should not be the case, I don't want my 8 yr old daughter to see titles like "girl on girl" or "girls gone wild".
    There should be a separate access for mature titles, just like in a video store there is a separate room.
    Could you post the response from John, as I have e-mailed the company several times with no reply. FIXED

    25)* The top right hand corner of web page should be consistent when you logged in. Sometimes it shows...
    Your Account|Log Out|FAQ
    Welcome, John Doe
    ....other times it shows...
    Log Out|FAQ
    Welcome, John Doe
    ...(to always show the first one would be better). FIXED

    26)* Under Game Categories the following links show no search results:
    - Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube
    - Racing, Puzzle, Music/Dance, Fighting, Educational, Combat, Trivia, Variety NOT FIXED

    27)* Video performance listed twice under movie categories on the movie only page, not on the browse movie/games page NOT FIXED

    28)* On the front page after selecting Existing Members go here, the DVD New Releases link is to New releases (although not a great selection). Under Games it Says �Top Rentals�, but it is actually a listing of the new releases. It even has dates at the tops of each page once you move past the initial one. So, either the link is incorrect or the description. To be consistent with the Movies side, it would be the desription that is wrong. FIXED

    29)* Top Rented Movies/Games is currently only 5. Perhaps they can list more. FIXED

    30)* If you go into the top rented games or movies and click on the hyper link of any game (e.g., for all-star baseball, click sports or for Kill Bill click action/adventure) the links don�t go anywhere. FIXED

    31)* On screen, the DVD or Game search on the right hand column also does nothing. This does work on other screens. FIXED

    32)* DVD new releases needs to be much tighter. It is currently 3301 results. Should be no more than 50 top movies. Games is much better, only 103 results. NOT FIXED

    33) - You must be a registered user and logged in
    to make this selection Getting this message when logged on. FIXED

    34)Action and Adventure category looks the same. Just have one Action/Adventure. The other way looks like an error. FIXED

    35)Under Browse game it says Advance Movie Search should say Advanced Game Search FIXED

    36)Mature titles still available. THOUGH MOVED TO OWN AREA

    37)Search function in the middle of home page does not work. The upper one does FIXED

    38)Game section when you click on platform Playstation 2 and Gamecube you get no rentals. If you click on action and then under platforms chose Nintendo and Sony you get the games. (Understand that one) REQUESTING IMMEDIATE FIX

    39)Nothing major but the FAQ has to be looked at. There are some headers missing and some of the definitions don�t correspond with the question APPEARS FINE

    40)Another "must fix" is: putting double quotes " in the search field results in a script error that fills the most of the page with garbage SENDING TO WISH LIST

    41)When is the "WELCOME" page going to be removed? Is notifying of the auto-response function not being implemented yet really necessary? Perhaps, there is other reasons that the page is there and anyone not familiar with their IT program would not understand? FIXED

    42)Top Rented movies sends error signal NOT FIXED

    43)New releases seems to be a alphabetical list of movies FIXED

    44)The letter "S" is non functioning in all catagories in alpha search FIXED

    45)still getting this when I try to change my email address:
    "File error 22 on /gzfx/MEMBER
    COBOL error at 0012B9 in /gzfx/obj/WBMYACCTUTll"
    Some have complained of browsing problems by entering site typing versus ?

    46)I just selected adavnced movie search and in the right hand corner, it says member log in and instead of Manage Your Queue in the 3 column bar it shows Learn How it Works. So it looks like there still is a log out issue. NOT AT ALL YOUR STILL LOGGED IN

    47)I agree that the advanced movie search in the right hand panel has been replaced with advanced game search when on the games screen. But not every time. For example, log in, select browse games and then select any category of games and you will see that it still says advanced movie search on the right when it loads up the next page. It only seems to be fixed when you first log-in and the right pane has both all of the movie links and all of the games links. NOT FIXED

    48)If you click Top Game Rentals under D. Jeter on the home page, it still brings you to a list of New Releases not Top Rentals. WHAT?

    49)I wanted to get back to the home page, so I clicked the Gameznflix logo, which did bring me to the home page, but it logged me out. WORKS FINE YOUR NOT ACTUALLY LOGGED OUT

    50)When I first log-in the DVD/Games search field in the right pane does nothing, while the one along the top works fine. FOLLOW UP: I see now that I must put (title:"kill bill") for it to work. I figured this by doing an advanced search and seeing what text went in the field. I don't think a blank search field should require such detail. It should function as the one at the top of the page or show an example. Without doing an advanced search first, no one would guess that they have to type (title:etc). It just seems like a non-functioning field.

    51)The platforms from the bottom of the Browse screen (for games) does work now, but the right side of the screen is still incorrect. But what I have found is this. For instance, after you log in, it takes you to the home member page and if you click on the advanced search on the right side of the screen, it does not work correctly. BUT, if you go to the Browse movies screen and click on advanced search below the categories, the search screen it takes you to is correct. Here seems to be the deal:

    If you look at the pages each of these searches go to, the pages are different.. one is browseMoviesAdvancedSearch and the other is dvdAdvancedSearch. The first one does not work and the second one does. It seem to be the same with other links on the site. The games platforms and manufacturers have places that work correctly, but the prompt (platforms) with manufacturers listed is mislabeled. So... it seems that they need to have a session where they site down and get all the links straightened out. It all seems to work in one place or another.. just needs to be cleaned up. Also, there seems to be a few things with prompts on the top of the screen for logging in and out... seems to be a cookie thing that needs to be cleaned up a bit. But I think that what may be happening is the database is being updated and a few other heavy lifting issues that are behind the scenes are being cleaned up. When they do clean up the links, I think it will be more stable and better accepted. Then they can start on some new stuff... like some new features.

    52)After using "BUY IT NOW" feature it does not confirm anywhere in account about the purchase?

  35. dell_dude_guy Says:

    If you are reading this and have some money, you are very lucky indeed!
    Stolen from the GZFX RB board

    By: gameguy-ou812
    04 Aug 2004, 12:01 PM EDT
    Msg. 82856 of 82899
    Jump to msg. #
    The Sleeping Giant in in idle mode. Do not Disturb.

    I love this company and what they offer and still cannot beleive it is a 6 cent stock for everything that JF has put togther and done in just 4 moths it friggin amazing.

    I joined on Friday to become a GamezNflix member to see how there service quality and just for mw own peace of mind and low and behold on Monday evening when I got home and checked my mailbox (Valah) my movies were here.
    So I give them a double thumbs up for great service

    I also called cusomer support and talked to a very friendly that helped me with everything and answered all my questions very profesionally. Also she said that they have been very very busy non stop. Nice to hear this

    Another double thumbs up for great customer support

    I was watching CNN last nite after 9pm and low and behold what do I see it's Ben Curtis doing our GamezNFlix commercial on CNN and that was a total shock a roo to see that John Flemming is keeping all of this secret and not letting us know that they are advertising on the Majoe big boy networks.

    So another BIG double thumbs up for ther TV medai advertising commercials on major network that I saw for my own eyes

    I just cannot believe everything that I have seen, heard and received from GamezNFlix that this stock is only at 6 cents when it should be really trading on the NASDQ board as they even offer more NFLX does with a better price

    Also my viewpoint on the new website is that it is steadily improving everyday and will keep getting better and better with new updates and changes. This is not a simple website that all of these so called posters say it is when there are many many interanal program functions that are all interconnected with massive HTML program codes that have to be all linked togther for everything to function.This is a timely process that has to be checked and re-checked and tested over and over as this is very complicated coding when you are dealing with hundrds of peopele at at time using the website adding movies to ques, selcting movies and games. So this is all coming together and I must say am very happy to see what the IT guys have done so far. Great Job.

    I also give the website and JF two thumbs up for allowing me to select a movie, put it in my que and then visually see it when it has been shipped and then 2 days later it is here in my mailbox all in one return envelope package that has been designed for shipping both ways and best of all you can call a LIVE customer support person with any problems or questions that are super friendly.

    So I repeat myself to all to take the time to look at the big picture here that this is a sleeping giant the JF knows is going to be a huge winner. Especially after we all see the subs that NFLX is loosing daily and the many investors that are selling NFLX as it is dropping more and more everyday like today.

    JF and management are keeping a very tight lipped and are in a silent running mode doing all there demographics and market analysis studies with new subs and what markets are doing the best through there commericals. Beleive me we are not seeing 99% of the stuff that is going on behind the scences as thats how they want to keep it.

    All I know this is the Mother Goose with the golden egg oppurtunity that is ready to hatch big time when no one knows it. There are many institutions and major other competitiors keepiuing there eye on GamezNFlix as well so do nopt be fooled. We are in the drivers seat of a company that not only offers DVD movies but most important games that is a overwhelming huge untapped market to have both combined togter under one company website.

    You have to really think outside the box and look at the big picture. I predict GamezNFlix will be a well know houehold name within the next 6 months.

    If you are not in now at these unheard of prices for this company you really need to think about it? You will not find a better penny stock on the market that offers what this companmy offer and more that I can testify is 1000% real deal and I mean 1000 % Anyone can

    (Voluntary Disclosure: LT Rating- Strong Buy)

  36. Big Dad Says:

    Unfortunately, not EVERYTHING above is obsolete. There are still a good number of EX-CUSTOMERS who got shafted. I would be willing to give Gameznflix another shot, but only on THEIR dime, not mine. It's nice to see they give a military discount, but I'd like to see an honest-to-goodness program to court ex-customers... "We screwed you once! Come back for 2 months for free!". THAT would convince me! If they could string together two months of even fair service, I'd then be willing to pay for it
    (or at least retract many of my criticisms). As far as I'm concerned they are strictly fly-by-night and have crappy service. It will be up to Gameznflix to convince me. I paid for a month of service and got next-to-nothing to show for it! I will NOT pay another dime to find out IF things are any better!

  37. stocktrader2 Says:

    GZFZ is a Penny stock SCAM! A public company with 3 employees in a HOME BASED BUSINESS?
    No cash, No resources, No chance!

  38. Brytex Says:

    Have six movies/games out at a time for $15.86/month. Value-wise, it beats anything else out there.

    Service is going to be the deciding factor. The website is getting better and better. And the delivery times are leveling off to the 2-4 day range.

    The future looks good.

  39. dell_dude_guy Says:

    big dad, no one got the shaft, you are just a basher, bashing, not one poster who complained above was not charged one dime, so your bs about the shaft is just that, bs.

    Credit cards are just now being charged, and there are a lot of satisfied customers, check it out and then post!

    Traders2 GZFX is a viable company delivering product and service, more and more each day, yes the main office is out of a home, that true, this is the computer age, however GZFX has 2 distribution centers and a customer service center. In time all that is needed is more distribution centers to meet the growing customer demand.

  40. Starla Says:

    Yeah, dell dude guy... I repeat my above ("obsolete," as you put it) comment...

    "Gameznflix is awful. Their website is ridiculous, the worst online interface I've ever seen. They sent me a movie when I hadn't even added it to my queue. That was the beginning of the horror. I sent back two movies a couple of weeks ago and emptied out my queue, but the two movies are still showing in my currently checked out section. In addition, they still sent me one of the items that had been in my queue before I emptied it. Yet, the two I returned are still in my currently checked out section and the new item has not been placed there. I looked at their FAQ & About Us section more closely today and found that they claim to have a west coast distribution center in Los Angeles, CA. I live on the west coast, in California in fact, and every item I have received so far has been shipped from Tennessee and has a return postage address of Tennessee as well. This company is horrible. Growing pains? There shouldn't be this many!"

    And now, once again, we hear that they are "fixing" all their problems... "give them a chance" etc. It seems that everywhere I look to research this company, I see the same comments every couple of months... March, "new website coming, many improvements"; May, "tweaking the new website, fixing all the problems"; July, "finished tweaking, NOW it really WILL be better" -- how long will this go on????!! By the way, Big Dad is not the only one who feels shafted. I did pay for one or two months of the crap service I received, and in addition it took two emails to the company before I finally received a response. And the response didn't even come until after I finally closed the account -- in which they didn't even answer any of my questions, they simply replied with the following email:

    "We would like to thank you for your interest in Gamez-n-Flix. This message is to confirm that your e-mail has been received. We are working to resolve your issue and will reply with a resolution as soon as possible."

    No mention of the problems, which I clearly went over in my emails to them. No mention of my complaints or the closure of my account with them, nor have I received a final follow-up email from them.

    I think Bid Dad has a point. I too think that they should have some system in place to appease ex-members who left very upset with their ways (which, I'm sorry, but it does seem like there are many out there). I do hope that their service is better and fixed for all the current and new members, but I won't be taking the chance on that without an incentive to do so.

  41. Jim Says:

    There seem to be a lot of whiners posting here. I too was a trial member under the old website and wasn't very satisfied. I did get some movies but I thought the service was a bit slow. I was able to cancel before they charged my credit card. No harm done.

    Now the situation is completely different. I'm amazed at the transformation that has taken place. The web site is not perfect but at least GREATLY improved. Movies are shipping much more quickly. Customer service seems fine (though I only used it once).

    I'm as happy as can be. Great prices, great selection, great service! What more could anyone want?

  42. screamdc Says:

    As far as I am concerned, GZFX is setup to pump and dump. With almost 1 billion shares, they have compensated the 3 employees, Ben Curtis, Dennis Cole, Adsouth, and others with stock to help lend legitimacy to the company, these partners could care less where the company goes so long as they can make some money. GZFX can dump the shares at any price and make money so long as there is a buyer, hence the pump. More buyers and not enough shares and they will print more shares, when there is not enougn buyers and they have made enough money, GZFX will be gone. They truly have very little chance of making it even if they were legit which I don't believe they are. If you read all the filings and prospectus, it is a classic penny stock scam, there is no two ways about it!
    They have very little cash and very little resources to truly make a real run at making it.
    The fact that they don't even have an office is not a low overhead deal, it's a way to close up shop very quickly and disappear, no lease to deal with, nothing!
    The monthly price who some seem to be this big advantage means nothing if you can't deliver, more often than not, do you hear a satisfied GZFX customer, most have had the bad experience like myself, it makes you wonder if those that are saying that they received good service are not really a pumper?
    If the stock rises, it's purely because of manipulation. My bet is this will go under a penny and disappear, I wouldn't touch this stock and I am gambling man!

  43. Starla Says:

    Whiners? I think we are simply getting the word out about very bad service. And it isn't all about being shafted or not getting good enough service. My biggest issue was that their website claimed to have a west coast distribution center in Los Angeles, CA., yet I was receiving everything from a Tennessee address. Does this make sense, when I live in San Jose, CA? No. This is a false statement, plain and simple. So I wouldn't consider people "whiners" when they have a legitimate complaint and the company is outright lying. Now maybe they have finally opened up that west coast distribution center, and maybe their service has improved -- for all the paying customers out there, I hope so.

    For the record, I did receive another email - finally - from the company today, stating that "A request has been submitted for you to be refunded for the months of June and July." So, we'll see if they come through on that.

  44. floyd084 Says:

    A 3 employee company with a home address as the headquarters? The 3 employees probably don't even work, this company was setup to be an automatic scam. 1. A public holding company that buys a garage DVD online company named Veegeez for $38k and now it becomes this public company perfect to sell worthless shares of stock to the naive. 2. Sign up with Ingram Entertainment who owns and distributes all of the videos for Gameznflix, they do claim they have "ACCESS" to 33,000 videos, and most people think they own the inventory when the reality is that they own very little, probably what Veegeez had. 3.
    Pay everyone involved with stock and issue a billion shares for nothing so you can pump the stock up as much as you can and then sell as much as you can until there are no buyers left, the company then issues some BS statement about lack of funding or something like that and they go out of business. It's a pure penny stock scam, those who argue it's not, are either a paid (with stock) pumper, someone who invested in it and wants the stock to go up, or someone that has not done there DD. It takes money and resources to make money, not even getting an office so the 3 employees can strategize and have meetings to build the business,etc... should be a tipoff something is wrong with the picture. The ONLY way you will make money on this stock is if you are lucky enough to sell it when they manipulate it again (if they do) and sell it at a profit, it's pure timing and luck.

  45. Oking Says:

    GZFX has great service,6 dvd/games out at one time for 15.85,BB and NFLX compete with price or service,i get dvd's every couple of days....I dont know what all these people are complaining about,they must be paid bashers.....

  46. mngtplayer Says:

  47. g0nzo Says:

    Okay this has been a really vluable thead to me. At first i was gung-ho because i currently have gamefly and netflix and gameznflix can save me a butload of money. I understand the site and its service used to suck but it sounds like its getting better.

    I think if this business does take off it will make the other guys think about there plans. But other than dell guy is there anyone that is a current member and can tell the avg turnaround of movies and games.. i live in southern california and i get my games and movies FAST.

    Anyway keep posting becuase this is a very valuable thread )

  48. oking Says:

    I live in S.california and get my DVD's from The L.A. dist ctr...Turn around time is three days..GZFX Service is getting better,Time to pick up more shares at these rock bottom prices.You holding shares gonzo......

  49. oking Says:

    Everyone who is interested in either subscribing to GZFX or investing in GZFX should do their own research first, you will find it is a very high risk venture. Delivery of the Games/DVD's if at all has been terrible, those that say they have good service is either a very isolated case or they are lying. SCAM!

  50. Big Daddy Says:

    Obviously, Dell Dude Guy has a conflict of interest... probably a paid promoter... like the real (former) Dell Dude. Who would pay a basher? Netflix? Not hardly! I can't imagine the whole company will collectively worry even two seconds about LamezNCrap, let alone pay someone to write false claims about a non-competitor. All my claims, unfortunately, are true. It would be wonderful if I were paid to bash Gameznflix because I wouldn't even have to make false claims!

    To be honest, I did not confirm that my credit card was actually charged by Gameznflix... which brings me to my next question.... How to they expect to make money if they don't charge their customers???? You ever heard someone say "That movie was SO bad, that people attending a free showing demanded their money back"? IF Gameznflix didn't charge me, I STILL want my money back!

    My motivation for posting? I don't want to see others get the lousy service I did. I was (and am) so pissed about their (lack of) service that I want to tell everyone DO NOT JOIN GAMEZFLIX! If you are foolish enough to invest in this scam, that's fine by me. P.T. Barnum said there's one born every minute. Gameznflix seems like a tax on the stupid. Now, not EVERYONE buying the stock is stupid... some of them are scammers.

    I did a little checking on some of the above posts and Gameznflix does seem to be run out of a residence (in Podunk, KY). I'm not certain, but I don't think Netflix started out this way.

    I must admit it is tempting to re-enroll with Gameznflix just confirm that it still stinks, but I have to ask myself.... "Do I really feel comfortable giving them my credit card number again?" NEGATIVE!

  51. GZFX SCAM Says:

    The "Dell Dude Guy" must be a paid pumper!

    You have these GZFX pumpers all over the boards trying to get people to believe this HOME BASED business that went public via a holding company with no cash is going to compete, it's a joke! Just because there is the "Dell Dude" who is paid with stock, these vulnerable or paid pumpers are trying to get people to buy the stock.
    3 employees... most of the DVD's/Games are from their distributor. They have "ACCESS", they don't own most of the inventory like NFLX or BBI.
    The domain was registered by the president for only one year, nice long term confidence! It's probably a short term penny stock manipulation plan in the works lasting no more than a year. This discovery may not seem like a lot, but considering the president himself is registering it and had the option of 2 years which is the default for a measely $17.90 instead of $8.95 for one year, he took it upon himself to switch it to one year, does that sound like someone who has a long term view of his company? At least he did grab the .net domain as well, but also only for one year. Domain expires on 11-10-04 (see below), it could have significance if this is indeed a scam, which I believe it is.

    My motivation is the same as Big Daddy, terrible service. I am skeptical of the few posters that say they received good service, they are probably part of the paid pumper group? I am sure they are motivated with stock as is everyone working with GZFX is, or maybe it's just naive newbie investors that are doing the only thing they can to try to prop the stock up? It's probably both! Who's going to stop the paid pumpers from sucking in the unsuspecting pennystock investor, if no one is going to step up to the plate and sound off a big warning that this company has many issues that should not be overlooked.

    The HQ address is Flemings sub 200k house, other companies may have started in the home or garage but not as a PUBLIC company. The naive want to believe this is for low overhead purposes, but a serious business would have an office, a suite to conduct meetings, strategize, etc...It appears that none of the 3-4 employees really work together, they may have other full time jobs? Since they issued near a billion shares at near nothing, they can literally sell at anything with value to make money, so long as there are buyers, hence the pumping of the stock. Once they have run out of buyers, the stock manipulation games will end as will the scam, I suspect the 3-4 employees don't know how long it will last and can only hope that they can make millions before they issue the inevitable press release that Gameznflix will be ceasing operations because of bla bla bla BS. All legal scam loopholes being used to fly stealth with scam techniques becasue it is a penny stock and probably the primary reason why GZFX is.

    GameZnFlix, Inc.
    1535 Blackjack Road
    Franklin, KY 42134

    Domain Name: GAMEZNFLIX.NET

    Administrative Contact:
    John Fleming
    GameZnFlix, Inc.
    1535 Blackjack Road
    Franklin, KY 42134
    Phone: 888-542-6817
    Fax: 270-778-0025
    Technical Contact:
    Domain Masters.NET
    DomainMasters.NET High Speed Web Hosting and Internet Services
    1654 Tunkhannock Trails
    Long Pond, PA 18334-9714
    Phone: 570-643-2038
    Fax: 570-643-2081

    Record updated on 2004-06-23 10:12:41
    Record created on 2003-11-10
    Record expires on 2004-11-10
    Database last updated on 2004-08-15 13:55:13 EST

    Domain servers in listed order:


  52. oking Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know I recieved the DVD's I purchased at the GZFX site,took 3 days to get...Cheaper than Best Buy....ANOTHER revenue
    stream for the future leader of online DVD/game rentals....Buy Buy :-)

  53. Big Daddy Says:

    Oking, if it's such a great buy, I'd think you'd be spending every cent you had to purchase the stock... not wasting it on DVDs!

    Geez, if you're right, buying a few more shares will give you enough money to buy Netflix to use as your personal DVD library!

    Great work, GZFX SCAM! I checked's domain name registration... registered for 12 years! I think Mr. "Phlegming" didn't even think about the message a 1-year registration sends! He'll do better on his next scam!

  54. Keith Says:

    I get my dvds without any delays. Awesome deal. 6 movies or games out at a time, for $18.50 a month. No other service comes close to this deal. This company should grow fast. Movies and games are BIG business.

  55. oking Says:

    Keith is posting everywhere pumping the stock,
    GZFX is a SCAM! "Real" companies don't need paid pumpers all over the message boards! Keth probably has a few thousand shares at under a nickel and is looking for more suckers to buy so he can unload his shares and make a little jack. 900 million shares! Sell-Print-Sell-Print...Run out of buyers, end of scam!

  56. oking Says:


  57. stk2302 Says:

    Hi my name is stk2302 AKA FUELCELLWATCH,BBI WINS OVER NFLX and I'm a paid basher

  58. Starla Says:

    Well, I'm not a paid pumper or a paid basher. I don't care anything about the stock or who buys or who sells or how it does. I am not an invester. I am just a very dissatisfied customer. And I just want other consumers to know what they might be getting themselves into before they go with Gameznflix as a service. Which is why I've posted on here a few times telling what happened to me. Maybe they've improved. I doubt it.
    After all, it has now been over two weeks since I received the email from them regarding the "request submitted for you to be refunded for the months of June and July." I know that can take time to see a refund even if they do it, but they haven't even bothered to send a follow-up email to let me know if there will be a refund.

  59. harrywhite Says:

    Hope it works out. Even though I have been unemployed and hurt for quite a while, I plunked down $220 for a YEAR. Not much for some people but a lot when you don't have anything and your luck could not be much worse. Hey at least I was hoping to see some DVDs that other companies do not carry.

  60. Jim Miura Says:

    I subscribed to Gameznflix last month and the service was horrendous, I received no games, I have an open account with games in my queue? I tried to call customer service and the phone just rang and rang, I emailed them and got no response? It's just crazy, I am cancelling. This company needs some serious help! I couldn't with good conscience refer anyone to Gameznflix, it's a two-bit operation.

  61. John Q Public Says:

    After reading all the posts...I can assuredly say that the service level has not changed.

    Here are the facts:

    I tried the 2wk trial and right off the bat they screwed up my selection. I signed up last week Friday 08/27/04 with 2 dvd and 1 game selected and several pending selections...According to the selection que, it indicated that 3 randomly selected dvd's were shipped 08/31/2004...Its 09/02/04 and I'm still waiting for the DVD's to be delivered so I can send them back since it was not what was ordered.

    Netflix distribution is like "next day" service for me which makes it more cost effective than waiting 3-5 days or MORE for GNF to send me a movie/game. And not once has Netflix disappointed me in selection or service.

    I'm not sure about changes to the GNF website but the menu interface is not user friendly. What I can comment about the website is that "what you see is - NOT - what you get" in the que.

    Of course, I'm comparing GNF to my Netflix membership. Even though Netflix has a higher monthly rental fee than GNF, I'll most likely stay with Netflix.

  62. Kevin Says:

    I joined Gameznflix in June and only received one DVD during my trial, then I tried to cancel and could not do that, well I finally got a hold of someone and they cancelled, but then the next month they charged me 18.50, I have talked to them (John) about 10 times trying to get my refund, everytime it is another excuse as to why I have not recieved it. Now they are saying they have NO record or charging me, so I sent them my checking account statement and low and behold, John never got the fax, so I sent it again and have to wait another 7 to 14 business days for a refund. I have been told about 4 times that it will be 7 to 14 business days and I will have my refund. Then today John had the nerve to hang up on me. I have contacted the BBB and I am doing everything possible to get my money back. This company is a complete joke and I would not recommend it to anyone. Their cusotmer service people are RUDE and constantly LIE. I am sick of being told that my refund is being reviewed for the last 3 months!

  63. Joe Schmoe Says:

    An anonymous but serious post:

    Gameznflix is so seriously screwed up. Yes, it's a scam, and yes, I've had so many of the same problems described above including trouble getting my movies, games and unlitmately my refund. My refund solution? Badger someone there threatening cancellation until they send you some games. I guess they like to think they can squeeze some more monthly fees out of me before they skip town. Next, take advantage of their database being so screwed up. My account info has an incomplete credit card number in it; their screw up not mine, I signed up with a good card. Cancel. Keep your games and never hear from GNF again (going on 3 months now.) I imagine the scammers don't really care you're keeping games as they're ripping off the distribution arm of the operation as well during this scam. When they skip town they'll leave that whole distribution operation hanging and wondering just like us customers. That is until we see everybody reunited in federal court.

  64. Big Dad Says:

    Hey Joe Who?,

    Joe Schmoe never said he was still having a refund problem. Hopefully he has everything straightened out and STILL has three games... 3 Xbox games could be valued as much as $150.

    Inventive Compensation! Scam The Scammer!

  65. g0nzo Says:

    Well,, after reading everyones comments i have decided NOT to sign up with gameznflix, instead i have kept my gamelfy sub and started a sub with blockbusters new subscription service. I did the free trial so i could get a free pc and I decided to keep it because its cheaper than netflix.

    p.s. if you want a free pc or want to try blockbuster online for free check out my site -

  66. Stephen Says:

    I've read all your posts and dont know what the hell you guys are talking about. I signed up for the two week trial offer and put a mix of 20 movies and PS2 games in my queue. I figured I'd throw a bunch in instead of waiting on just a select few that everyone might be wanting. The first movie was shipped in two days and I got two games two days later. Watched the movie and mailed it back and movie number two was shipped out a few days later. Two week trial time is up and I've gotten a total of three movies and two games, not bad in my opinion. Of course if you have only the new releases in your queue then there would be a longer delay. Cant imagine four or five hundred people all wanting the same new release DVD or game and expecting a company to carry that many copies...but hey that's just me. Of the three DVDs I received in the trial time, one was a new release and the other two were a few months old. I love the service and plan on continuing to use. I'm also glad I picked up 150,000 shares while its still dirt cheap!!

  67. Big Dad Says:

    Interestingly enough, the only people who are SAYING they got good service are those pumping the stock. True customers are not satisfied.

    My queue was filled with all kinds of Xbox games, including games I knew were crap, just to benchmark the service... they couldn't even deliver those games that no reviewer liked and most mentioned something about it being one of the worst games ever on any platform.

    The stock may be dirt cheap, but dirt is a better investment... it'll be around a lot longer than this fly-by-night operation.

  68. Reader Says:

    Im sure that theres alot of people on this board who have invested in GZFX and other who have interests in other online rental stocks, like NFLX. This person Big Dad seems like a person who is just trying to give GZFX a bad name and probably never even signed up with the service. Think about it, what reasonable person would keep posting the same negative responses over and over again since May 29! If the service is bad, then cancel your membership and leave, thats what a reasonable person with no motive would do! What kind of life does this person have? I'm just letting people know that no one here is to be trusted and the best way to see if the service is good is to try it for yourself.

  69. Big Dad Says:

    I don't have to GIVE Gameznflix a bad name... they've EARNED it! My job is to make as many people aware as possible.

    What kind of person am I? Here's a hint! I am a VERY vindictive BASTARD! Hell hath no fury like ME when I'm scorned! You piss me off, you pay the price! I've book marked this page & I check it out a few times a week. I make sure the "opposing side" (i.e. the people who think Gameznflix' service stinks) gets equal time.

    I think reasonable people could figure out that anyone who has invested in Netflix (not being an investor, I'm guessing that's what NFLX stands for) would care about Gameznflix about as much as an elephant cares when an ant walks across its ass.

    I DID cancel my Gameznflix membership (you'd know if you'd bothered to read my posts). Just because YOU are a pushover and forgive crappy service (or a "paid pumper") doesn't mean I'LL forgive & forget.

    I still badmouth Chrysler for screwing me on a warranty issue back in 1992. I doubt I'll be badmouthing Gameznflix that long... even if its not a scam, it won't last 3 years.

  70. Reader Says:

    Well, Im sorry that you got bad service from a company that basically opened up a few weeks after you tried it, but someone who decides to hold a grudge since 1992 has some mental issues or has a motive or maybe both. Besides, this company has grown and customer service and turnaround has greatly improved since May.

    Big Dad, making predictions on how long a company would last is like making predictions on a person's future; so your prediction about Gameznflix lasting 3 years is as insightful as a fortune teller at a circus predicting that I am going to be a millionaire in 3 years, in other words, its just crap.

  71. Flingford Says:

    I was very hopeful that I could dump Netflix and Gamefly for GameZnflix. But then I searched Google for "GameZnflix" and "hate" and found this thread. (Thanks to all of your insights about penny stocks, I'm going to cancel my Gameznflix trial right now.)

    I also found the reviews on Epinions about Gamefly, which validates what Michael said above (Michael posted above on July 27, 2004 12:41 PM). I've been with Netflix for 2 years and the USPS has NEVER lost a DVD in the mail. My Gamefly trial is not off to a good start, having lost Ninja Gaiden already. (Though I initially received both disks very quickly -- I'm just wary of being charged for a game I mailed back.)

    This whole thing makes me want to try or DVDAvenue. For those interested in other options, there's a review on Presumably, the reviewer actually received some games in the mail!

    PC Mag article:,1759,1646357,00.asp

    Wish me luck as I cancel my trial!

  72. Krandor Says:

    Well, add me to the list. In a search for a good game rentral place, I signed up for a trial of gameznflix (in addition to others). This was my top choice going into the process since it had games and videos.

    I signed up last monday had several items in my Q (some old and some not yet released). Initially they were divided properly. On Tuesday all were in the main Q and nothing listed as not released yet. Stange, but I made sure that position 1 had a released title.

    Here it is one week and 7 days into my free trial later and not one game has shipped. Just cancelled my trial.

  73. Big Dad Says:

    Interesting that PC Mag didn't review Gameznflix. Maybe there was a reason for it? Maybe they are only reviewed legitimate organizations?

    If you buy stock in Gameznflix and hold on to it for 3 years, even Cleo could tell you "Ya ain't gonna be no millionaire, mon!".

    So holding a grudge for 12 years against a company that provides lousy products and lousy service makes one a mental case, huh? Thank you, Dr. Freud!

    You're also saying I was one of their first customers. They couldn't even keep a few customers happy? That doesn't bode well for a company.

  74. Krandor Says:

    What I find interesting is the thing on their main page about gettin in their superbowl ad. I remember back during the ".com Superbowl" and how many of those sites melted under the hits they got.

    If they do a super bowl ad, it will be the end of the company because they will sink so much cash into it and when they cannot even ship reliably with the customers they currently have, no way they can handle the influx of a superbowl ad.

  75. David Says:

    Joined 2 weeks free at Gamesnflix. After waiting for the games long enough, I decided to cancel before the two weeks were over, so that I would not have to pay the four months membership required, only to find out that they had already charged my bank account $75! When I called I was told that I had joined the four months with a free dvd player, but I had not! I I told the lady that I clearly clicked on the two weeks free trial, and she said she would credit my bank account. Now I'll have to wait and see if and when this will happen. I never received any games, only a debit in my bank account!!! I'm not giving anyone else my bank info!!! I will drive to blockbuster and pay the $20 per month for unlimited games! Gameznflix will be history soon, they don't know how to run a business!

  76. Jeannie Says:

    Hate gameznflix! But hate Dvdbarn more! Joined dvdbarn without a free trial, stupid on my part, and was charged $26.20 right off the bat. Went to pick out some games for my son's xbox, EACH AND EVERYONE SAID UNAVAILABLE!!! I'm not kidding, not one was available! So someone one clever and evil enough could start a game rental business over the net without any true games to send out, just a big sales pitch, and even if they only got one charge from each person, that's a big profit without investing! Not sure what is going on with DVDBarn, just know that they got my money, and had no games available for me to rent!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Alex Says:

    You should have an other look at GameZnFlix guys.

    The service is getting pretty good...

    You send out the money and you get an other one 3-4 days later.

    Netflix DOES have a better turn-around rate... but they cost more, you don't have games and I don't really need to get my movie the next day. I just have a full queue... so I always have 3 DVDs at home. I only watch 2 movies or so over the weekend, so since I only send 2 back, I always have one to watch... I send the movies back, and I get the others before the end of the week. Works pretty well for me.

    They have new rates... even cheaper than before!

    New website... looks pretty good.

  78. Daimoku Says:

    GamezNFlix just released a new website today! I have been a member for about two months now and I must say their turnaround time was slow at first but it has improved as of late! Now I get DVDs/games with a 2-3 day turnaround time after mailing them out. Cheapest around and great service. Can't go wrong!

  79. Wendy Says:

    I'm having a similar problem with (formerly Trigger Fingers) that GameznFlix customers are complaining about. I'm in search of something better, but doesn't sound like there's much. They have around a 6 day turnaround time from receipt of game to sending the next one + shipping time (I'm on the east coast) which means I end up getting one game every 3 weeks (1 wk ship/1week wait/1 wk ship). Yeah, may have to go back to using Blockbuster just for games. I have Netflix for movies, which I'm very satisfied with now (earlier snaffus were mostly damaged games, and somewhat
    slow turnaround) and I receive movie the day after they send email notifying me of shipment. I think any longer than day of receipt or day after to ship replacement is unacceptable. Crossing my fingers Netflix adds games in the future, because they do have so many distribution centers.....Creating this kind of business and only having distribution centers on one coast is very unrealistic.

  80. Daimoku Says:

    Wendy, perhaps you should try GamezNFlix now. Their service has improved tremendously for me in the past 2-3 months. From what their customer service said they have been getting lots of new customers.

  81. Stone Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am an old GameznFlix customer that quit the service for a while because the service was terrible, no doubt about it. But, I'm using them again as the service has improved 100 fold over what it was not to long ago. I am very happy with the prices, the selection, the quality of the discs I get and the turn around time. I think I will be staying with them now. Things can only get better from here I think. I usually get my games and movies in about 3 days. I really like the new web site as well. Very nice job!

    Anyway, I am a happy customer now.



  82. Goldleader71 Says:

    Wow, I guess everything is getting better now with the company.

    I'll tell you guys something, starting up a company is hard business, Give them a chance.

    An old saying, you can't succeed in something in the future, unless you fail miserably in the beginning and learn from your mistakes.

    GamezNflix will succeed after the Superbowl.

    All the constructive criticism from the Past posting just made them stronger and a better company.

    When people learn from there mistakes and accept the mistakes change is what happens, and change will happen in the stock price.

    It�s all up from here.

    More people are joining every day

    From this day on this company will prosper !!!

    Remember my words on NOV 17 2004.

    This company will and shall make history.

    Goldleaders wisdom

  83. Mike Says:

    Nov 17 is now gone, did the company make history?
    I think it went under 2 cents a share, is that history? I have subscribed on 4 separate occasions, and each time it was terrible and cancelled the service. When Netflix and Blockbuster offers games, Gameznflix and a few others will be lights out. I will not be giving them a 4th chance to prove themselves, some of the other posters are saying that customers should be patient with them since they are a new company, why? If they are having problems, it's not my problem, I will just go somewhere else, I don't need to be patient because they are a young and underperforming company.

  84. gameznflix Says:

    I have heard good things about gameznflix lately. Their service is improving as they grow. Doing a side by side comparision between them, Netflix, and Blockbuster they are all similar. Netflix and Blockbuster are faster but they don't offer games. I would recommend signing up for all three free trials to see which one is best for you.

  85. gznfx Says:

    Big news coming out in December.Buy your shares now before it's to late....

  86. asterix Says:

    big news in dec?When,which,what?New distributioncenters built,primilary numbers new subs?
    Details ?

  87. bob C Says:

    Suggestion to GZFX: AT today's stock price, and/or for the near future? Include a stock cert. for 100 or 1000 shares of stock for each annual prepaid subscription. Look what Amazon did, in a year or two maybe the stock will be worth something. But subscribers will be builders not bashers.

  88. Hazel Says:

    I had the worst experience ever with these people. I joined in Nov. 10th and did not receive a single dvd during my two week trail had an extension for that reason and still didn't receive anything. Talked with customer service Melody or Melanie many times and there was alway an excuse... restructuring the website, not enough movies in my queue... series sets would no longer be sent as a set so they would be removed and returned to the site later... each time I followed her instructions and still no movie. I called before joining and asked the pertient questions and was given (I'll be nice) misinformation. My sister joined at the same time and had an even worse experience. She bought a dvd from them. Her credit card was charged and now 4 weeks later they say they have no record of it. Even requested a copy of her bank statement! I finally emailed and expressed my concerns and then cancelled. I never recieved a reply either.

  89. Powersurge Says:

    I am adding my name to the growing list of dissatisfied gameznflix customers. I sighned up for the two week trial as a 5 disc customer. I put approx 15 titles in my que and waited. And waited. And waited. I guess you know where this is going. At the end of the two week trial, still no movies and most of my selections had disappeared from my que. I called for an explanation and was told that they wee "restructuring" the rental policies and sets would no longer count as one selection. In the meantime all sets were being removed form the library until further notice. O.K. fine, disappointed but I'll live. I was give an extension on my free trial for another two weeks and was told to put more titles in my que. I immediately added more titles and waited. And waited. And waited. ( See a pattern). I again called customer service and was told that all of the movies in my que were on a short wait list. Isn't that something we should know when we select the title? Well. my second trial period is up tomorrow and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I will not stay with them. By the way, I have 1 movie out of 25 that has shipped and I still haven't seen it. I supposedly shipped on 11/29. I also made the mistake of purchasing a move from them on 11/11 and I still haven't received it either. Customer service can't find the order but the money has been deducted from my bank account. I guess I am a fool twice for thinking that I could trust them. You can be sure that I won't be fooled a third time. I'll stick with Netflix where I get my movies in 2 days and the prices aren't bad when you figure I get 8 at a time and probably get 50 movies a month.

  90. gznfx Says:

    Powersurge does NFLX have a 8 out plan?50 movies a month,if so you have way to much time on your hands.Plus customers like you will bankrupt NFLX....LOL

  91. Kevin Says:

    I'm having to get the Better Business Bureau involved. I've been a member almost from the start (April I think). They had their awful first website and services. I waited, knowing they were a new company. Then their site got better, but the queue kept messing up. I waited, knowing they were still a new company. During all of this, DVDs were shipped sporadically. Sometimes I had to wait weeks to get movies. Other times I got several rather quickly. Video games, however, was another issue. I have never received any of the video games I requested. Some are new, some are older. It doesn't matter - I haven't received any. I've been able to call customer support, trying all kinds of suggestions for solving the problem, but you know it's bad when the customer service supervisor (Tammy) runs out of ideas as to why I can't get any of my games. The owners and upper management don't care about customer satisfaction. Tammy told me that I cannot contact any of their upper management people. This is something I've been battling for 6 months with no resolution/solution. My suggestion is get the BBB involved. Tammy assured me that Gameznflix is a member of the BBB (although I can't find them listed on any of the BBB sites). If they are a member, they'll have to negotiate some type of "settlement" with their customer(s) or face negative reviews/marks from BBB. Gameznflix has had long enough to get their act together.

  92. gznfx Says:

    Kevin why not cancel your membership if your not satisfied with the service?Pretty simple solution to the problem!

  93. Mike C. Says:

    It's looking pretty dismal for this company, so many complaints from real customers and so many "pumps" from investors.

    I am an investor since the days the company was called VeeGeez and the focus was on game rentals only, since that point I've seen nothing but hype and no focus on increasing inventory substantially. If this company would only spend capital on "supply" and help meet "demand" it might stay afloat. Unfortunately, hype and fake "pumpers" posts are all we have. I truly feel for those who have invested large sums, take this as a great learning experience.

    Perhaps there is still hope, and the few in charge at Gameznflix will reconsider there strategy, maybe they'll think a little about those that allowed them to sell off large sums of shares at hyped prices.

    Good Luck to all those that invested.

  94. Kevin Says:


    Ah, if it were only that simple. I paid for a full year's membership to save money. So, I can't just cancel, or I'm out quite a bit. If there's no solid solution by Gameznflix, then I'm pushing to have at least half of my money refunded and my membership cancelled.

    However, I do have an update. After filing the complaint with BBB, I was given (by Tammy - the support personnel supervisor) the direct number to their corporate headquarters. In fact, I spoke with the president of Gameznflix today - who is taking this case on himself. Don't know what will become of this yet; but, you can't get much higher than the president of the company. I'll keep you all posted as to what happens.

  95. nicole Says:

    I have not had a problem with netflix or gameznflix. Remember you are renting these for conveyance? So while you are at work or school you dont have to have your mom or dad go to the store and wait 20 or 30 of there time. I had $30 a month in late fee because I have a busy schdule, so they help me alot and if my kid complains about it he has to wait for HA HA

  96. Starla Says:

    I cancelled a long time ago, but nothing was ever resolved as far as my two months of non-service goes, and they never even tried to resolve it. I too contacted the Better Business Bureau but there was never any response to the complaint, so the BBB reported it as an unresolved and unresolved issue. Sometimes just cancelling isn't enough, and some of us just want to make sure people are well informed of others' experience with the company before becoming a customer.

  97. On the fence Says:

    I am considering investing in this company. There seems to be a lot of anger posted from users of the service, especially when the company first started. Has it improved like some say? Does anyone know someone in the company that can give reassurance?
    I do not have a lot of money, but I am willing to take a risk. The company i work for does not have any retirement benefits so I am trying to choose investments that will pay off. Again, i am willing to take risks, but i do not want to invest in something that is a "scam" as some have stated on this page. Do you all really believe this company is a scam or are you letting your anger get the best of you? Please be honest.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  98. gznfx Says:

    On the fence,

    Try the service for yourself,most if not all opinions on these message boards are bias or self serving(including mine) my first month of service with GZFX I got 8 movies,for me that is more than enough for one month,I wouldn't have time to watch any more than that.I guess it boils down to what your expectations is in regards to service....Base your decision on your own research when investing in GZFX,I bought shares because I believe it's worth the risk

  99. Big Daddy Says:

    On the fence,

    To be honest, I haven't tried Gameznflix since I cancelled several months ago. From posts here and other places, it's sounds like things are better, but not much. When you hit bottom, you can only go up!

    I agree with GZNFX that all posts here are bias and/or self-serving. I hold grudges. Gameznflix jerked me around, so I'm jerking back. I have this page and a number of other posting sites bookmarked. Once I get word of Gameznflix's ultimate demise, I will order a cake from the Wal-mart bakery and have a little party.

    Many people write off Gameznflix's problems as "growing pains". I believe that a small company that provides poor customer service will not likely improve service by growing larger. They couldn't take care of the few customers they had several months ago. Will an aggressive ad campaign that may bring in thousands of new customers help this situation? Do the math!

    I first read about Gameznflix on TechTV's website. I'm still a little sore at them for not thoroughly researching their articles.

    Why don't you buy 1,000 shares of Gameznflix and I'll bury a coffee can with 1,000 pennies in it in my backyard. Ten years (may be ten months) from now, I'll dig it up and we'll see whose is worth more... winner takes all!

    Your company surely has retirement benefits. My main retirement benefit will be I get to quit working! :)

  100. Kevin Says:

    Actually, not everyone posts here to serve themselves. I'm just posting to let people know how they can get resolution to their problems with Gameznflix. Since I've been more "pushy" in expecting Gameznflix to supply the service they promised, I've had some fairly good success in getting results (although it's taken over half a year).

    Once I threatened to contact the BBB, I was given the telephone number, and physical address, to their corporate office.

    I'm not sure if I should post their information here or not - what do you all think?.

    Anyway, I've now talked with both the President and the CEO of the company (I'm not going to post their names for privacy reasons). They've been accomodating. They told me they were not sure why I wasn't receiving any of the video games in my queue (somehow the program running in their system kept skipping over the video games), but they got their IT personnel working on it.

    Since then I've now received two of the video games in my queue. I believe I'll receive the rest with little trouble. I feel the problem is fixed, so I'll call the BBB and tell them that the complaint can be closed. If any of you need problems resolved with this company, do as I did. Be totally blunt with them. Let them know that you do have other avenues for action against them if they don't deliver the services they promised. Once they hear that, they tend to finally open their ears and listen.

    To be totally honest - I'm not sure I'll sign up with them again. Before I signed up with them I had two accounts. One online account for renting DVDs, the other online account for renting video games. While it was a hassle dealing with two separate accounts from two separate companies, it was better than what I had to deal with with Gameznflix. It took them over six (6) months to resolve my problem. That shows a lack of caring for customer support. I'll finish out my year's membership with them. Afterword I'll see how I feel - whether or not I'm willing to give them another chance.

  101. Steve Says:

    On The Fence,

    I have been a member since July and I am averaging 7 movies per month. This figure would be much higher if it were not for the inventory problems the Co. experienced in Sept-Oct. Those inventory issues are very much rectified and the ship seems to be sailing smoothly now in December with the nice new web sight. Try the service for yourself for two months and then YOU decide whether it is worth your hard-earned money!

    Everyone needs to remember TWO things:

    FIRST: People who are getting good service rarely look for outlets to vent their feelings service exhuberance--ONLY those with with less that stellar fellings vent! Who do you think is the majority? ;-)

    SECOND: This company only needs a few hundred thousand members to be profitable. They don't need to "win" the online rental race. They just need to gather up some market share. Let me see--over 40 million(this number will grow) possible customers and so far Netflix has just over two million. Lots of room to profit!


  102. Kevin Says:

    Steve (On The Fence),

    Your reasoning/logic is shaky at best. First, you pour out praise on their new website. This new website (system) kept doing what the old one did - it kept skipping over the video games in my queue. How effective can a new site/system be when it keeps making the same mistake?

    Second, your two points you want us to keep in mind are (sorry for the pun) pointless. I agree that people complain more than they praise. But your question of "Who do you think is the majority?" is confusing. No one can know who the majority is unless you (or the company) does a formal and scientific customer survey. If you're trying to imply that the majority are happy with the service, then where's your proof?

    Your second point you want us to remember is also laughable. Just because a company only needs a few hundred thousand to be profitable doesn't mean that anyone should be members and/or invest in a company. I'm sure the same "logic" you are trying to use has been used before in failed endeavors, and by broke investors. Gameznflix is competing in a tight online market and can be squeezed out if they can't maintain their membership. Amazon, for instance, shut down the online auction portion of their site/business because they could not compete with Ebay.

    Overall your justifications fall way short.

  103. No longer "On the Fence" Says:

    Thanks to all for the input. I bought shares today. After researching GZFX I feel that it is worth the obvious risk. Good luck to everyone in 2005.

  104. Mike Says:

    Got the free 2 week trial. First i signed up for the 6 dvd plan. in those 2 weeks i got 3 dvd's.
    The turn around in shipping is so BAD!!!!!!!!! 7-10's days.! One excuss was they said the shipping was 5-7 days. Im close to the Tenn shipping center. im in Dallas. SHOULD be alot faster then that. When i mail back the dvd it took the 10days to show up that i returned it. which in turn slows my next in que. I waited to long to cancel so i have to deal with them for a month. but i did do the good thing before trial period was change plans to the 3 plan for 17.95.
    Getting replys from them take to long.
    Also if the game is Delayed it does nto show up in your que, they also do not ship the next one in line if the other game is delayed.

    In short after this 2nd try using them, will not go back. Soory but 2 times is enoough and if they can not get things working after this amount of time then soryy you lost another customer to better service.

  105. Matthew Says:

    I joined this SHAM of a company DEC. 2004. Anyone on this site saying that all the problems have been worked out are obviously employed by GAMEZNFLIX!!! Every bad thing I read on this site plays out as if I was the writter of the email my self. The company has too many members and not enough stock. I contacted my bank about stopping payment. They informed me of a Regulation-E form that gets refunds when companies such as this one, doesn't return calls or emails or doesn't supply merchandise. So when they give you that line about not being able to keep up with the movement, just drop them an email. When they don't respond then you have grounds for a refund. Good luck to all. Please file complaints with Consumer Affairs!!!! The more against these frauds the better.

  106. gtcthird Says:

    If you invest in this company your a moron if you jin this company you were duped and if you stay your retarded. Here's how its gonna go. the compnay may well do good for the first year or two. but the scam of giving 8 rentals for about 16.00 a month (222 one time fee will cause them to hemorage later. think about it. you have say just 1000 people with this plan. compared to netflix which is a lot higher(and worth it recieved twice as many games from them on a 2 per basis as apposed to gmzflx with 5!) netflix would make almost $75. more per month on those same games. with the aformentioned 1000 subscribers thats $75,000. now because of there POOR service they are loosing monthly subscribers daily, but these yearly subscribers they are stucj with even if they want to change the price structure thay can't! and no ne money will come from these customers because they already paid. now gzf is already horrendous at getting new selections out, so how can they purchase more when all these customers are finished paying. BAD company, bad investment kiss your money goodby as a customer or investor.

  107. Steve Says:


    You are obviously a fraud because if you were not you would know that Netflix does not rent "games." How you received "games from Netflix is really beyond me.


  108. Mike Says:

    Just canceld my account. to much crap.
    took up to 10 days to get a game. Sent email asking WHY they said OH not are fault the mail takes that long. HEY!!!! i live IN Texas Your In Tenn. NOT THAT FAR!! anyways i had 42 in my que, took them 6 days to send me a gamer. WHY? hmm they said the one si had in my que were OUT or not in stock. THEN why NOt have them say it not in stock. ( i just checked now they have a thing saying LONG LONG wait for games. And another thing. take loing time to have game sent back and show up as ARRIVED BACK. i delted all my games from my que and ent in my last game waited a few days and canceld before i was charge another month. I di also call bank to make sure the would not PAY them if they tried to charge me.

    i trioed them in 2003 and left cause of the bad service. hmm 2 years and they still suck.

    im now at another service which has better service and # of games and FASTER service. ( 3-4 days) .

  109. Robbie Says:

    Mike ....

    You sound like a fraud.... you must be one of those people who don't commit and want everything for free(i.e. 2-week free trial then cancel). You probably were one of those who joined columbia house and got those 10 free music cd's if you just purchased 1 and then cancelled. then rejoined again.. Such a homo thing to do....

  110. JMizzle Says:

    Gamesnflix is crap, and if you dont believe so then you obviously dont have a membership with them. Is thier site even up right now? I havent been able to go there in over a week, how rediculous is that, does anyone know thier customer support number? It would be much appreciated.

  111. Meester Peeb Says:

    I have been a gameznflix member for some time now and have put up with some pretty bad customer service problems in the past. Notice I said the PAST. They seem to have opened up a new distribution center in the west somewhere and that seems to have alleviated some bottlenecks.

    I now have 7 DVD's and the shipping turnaround time has shot through the roof compared to before. It seems like they had some problems with TOO MANY customers before. I am sticking with gameznflix since I like the idea of renting a video game online if I want every once in a while.

  112. Mike P Says:

    I subscribed to Gamez N Flix in the middle on January 2005. This is my first time trying the online rental of any type. What was most appealing to me was the option of renting both Games & Movies. By far Gamez N Flix had the best membership package I was able to find on the net (8 Out at a Time Annual - $222.00 2 FREE Months) this figures to around $16 a month. I think this was the major reason for me choosing Gamez N Flix 8 rentals at a time for on $16 a month, sounded almost to good to be true.

    So far I haven�t been very pleased with the turnaround (shipping & returning) time and the �un�availability of any title you want to watch (especially any New releases). I have had the service for about a month now and have only been able to rent a total of 16 Movies/Games, and that�s with having 8 out at a time. I really feel sorry for anyone who can only take out 3 or 4 rentals at a time. I have not yet received any new titles that have been released within the last 2-3 months.

    The availability of titles is the worst thing about Gamez N Flix. I think they have a good mix of Games & Movies and good priced packages but they just are not able to keep up with the demand at this time. If Gamez N Flix was able to strike the right balance of distribution Centers and Movies/Games they keep on hand, I feel they would have a great service. Unfortunately they do not have this balance yet.

    I�m left with the choice:
     Do I cancel my membership with Gamez N Flix and go to an online rental service that already has a good balance?
     Do I stick it out with Gamez N Flix a little longer to see if they get their act together?

  113. gznfx Says:

    Mike P

    "I have had the service for about a month now and have only been able to rent a total of 16 Movies/Games."

    ONLY 16?How many do you expect to get in a month?Poor turn around time is due to snail mail.It takes 4 days for me to get dvds from the Rancho Dominquez,Ca DC and I live in San Diego,Ca....Next DVD/game you get check the post mark and see how many days it took.....You should be happy with 16 a month,thats a buck a piece a month,were else can you rent dvd/games for that cheap?

  114. dave Says:

    I also get about 16 a month on the $222 plan. I'm extremely happy with it. I would recommend this plan over the 3 for 17.25 plan since it's cheaper for more movies. You don't have to pay the $222 at one time, they charge you $55.50 every three months. Honestly, I can't see how they can make any money off this plan with shipping expenses.

  115. Mike P Says:


    You've got a good point, where else can I rent a movie/game for only a buck.

    Since my last post, I have noticed an increase in the turnaround time. It seems that GamezNFlix is starting to get their stuff together. They've been making some changes to their Queue and limiting the total # of movies you can have queued up at once. And they are also starting to ship out more of the recent movies as well. For the last month most of my problems have been with the mail itself. Receiving a damaged Disc and a couple of Discs that shipped out are stuck out in limbo somewhere (going on 10 days now and still haven't received them). But I blame the post office for these.

  116. Greg Creager Says:

    My verdict is still out with this one... I'd give a 5 out of 10 if I had stars. They said they sent 2 items on the 5th, one on the 7th and another on the 10th and I have still not got them... Yet others since them came in 4-5 days??? Dont get it. Hate that I cant get anyone on the phone...Trying email now.


  117. dave Says:

    I had the same problem on anything sent from the 5th through the 11th. I e-mailed them and they said they had a shipping issue on the fifth and they would try to locate my movies. I believe it is because they finally opened their own distribution centers around that time, rather than hiring out.

  118. dave Says:

    I forgot to mention that they extended my membership another 15 days because of the delay. So that was a plus for customer service.

  119. Greg Creager Says:

    That makes sense. I just got an email that explains why I have not heard from them for a bit. They extended mine again as well, so I have a free month.

    I am willing to live with the growing pains if the customer service is good...

    Here is a copy of the email they sent:
    Hello Mr. Creager,

    We are in process of moving our main office, I am so sorry I haven't been able to get back to you via telephone. I did add 2 free weeks into your time by extending the next date that you would have been billed. I will notify shipping about your issues immediately and they will reship ASAP. I am so sorry for this inconvenience. I am going to extend the billing date by another 2 weeks to give you a free month total. Again, my apologies. Please email my personal email address from now on when you have an issue and I will take care of it for you as soon as I possibly can.

    Thank you,
    Consumer Care

  120. Lou Says:

    Gameznflix has certainly improved. No complaints at all. Cheap and convenient. I read that they have over 5,000 subscribers and another Dist Ctr to open soon. With the service improving, I suspect they will grow pretty well, considering the deal they offer.

  121. joe Says:

    they charged my card when i canceled, so i let them keep the 21.99 , they hella stressed me out, trying to get a hold of them, i canceled my card and keeping what they sent me as punishment for the stress the caused me, haha

  122. binbin Says:

    Gameznflix sucks, 5 day no games, everyday tried to rent, but they have no discm always says" short wait " thas all they say i join de site 6 days ago and not even one dvd, or game.

  123. MARIA Says:

    I bought stock in this company because I thought it was a great idea. I am a loyal Netflix customer but liked the idea of renting games for my son. I had over twenty titles in my queue and could not get a game. they told me they were too popular. during the free trial, I only got one game. two weeks later another. We NEVER had three games at once during the three months we were signed up. Though customer service was friendly and sympathetic, they were also ineffective. My membership has been cancelled. I will hold this worthless stock and hope for a management turnaround.

  124. sandy4404 Says:

    today is my 7th day of my free trial, and so far i don't agree with alot of the comments on this website. when i send a email to them asking a question, i get a response in less than 24 hours. i signed up on a friday, and got my first discs (2 movies and 1 game) 3 days later, on monday. I am in the middle of seeing how their turnaround is, but for such a low price i am pretty impressed with them. the reason you see so many negative comments is normally because people only write when they are upset about something. Not many people will go out of their way to make a good comment, but many are quick to complain. i give this company a 4/5

  125. Logan Says:

    I think they have been hacked. 3 days ago i tried to sign up for a free trial and got an ASP error. I tried again only to receive a message that my credit card was already on file. I immediatly emailed them to get it resolved and still do not have a response. What i do have is $500 worh of


    i used creditcard. I tried calling their customer support at 1 888 564 2637 but apparently that is just an answering machine and the box is full.

  126. Xanadu Says:

    I am now thinking Gameznflix is a hoax, I have completely lost my patience and lots of cash, but it's a hard lesson learned I guess. I thought they were a small company bulding for a future, but they are nothing more than a scam selling shares, lick me, I am a sucker that's how I feel anyway. My advice from someone who thought this company was the real thing, go elsewhere, this is just another scam.

  127. Robert Combs Says:

    This last post did not come from xanadu of the iHub GZFX board. Someone has used my alias here. We have recently gotten a couple of total fools kicked off of the board who were also bashers which he/she is trying to do here. I am very long in GZFX stock, and although waiting for a pop, I am a happy camper getting very good service from GZFX. There are glitzes in any on-line system and GZFX has had their share. They are no longer taking telephone issues. Everything is being handled by e-mail but seemingly very compentently and courteous.

  128. Aeternus Says:

    Have you guys looked at GameznFlix recently?

    Circuit City partnership = Great time to buy this stock.

  129. Barry Says:



  130. bibtee Says:

    I just signed up and recently purchases some shares... so far the only complaint i've got is that the selection is slim... i hope they improve their selection of childrens movies... i love the way the stock has been acting lately... 400+ million volume on a regular basis... often up 20% in one day... i've been very happy with that and although i see a lot of negative feedback above, their seems to be less now than there was a year ago... i sure hopw this company pulls through because netflix needs some competition to help lower prices for all of us...

  131. bibtee Says:

    I just signed up and recently purchases some shares... so far the only complaint i've got is that the selection is slim... i hope they improve their selection of childrens movies... i love the way the stock has been acting lately... 400+ million volume on a regular basis... often up 20% in one day... i've been very happy with that and although i see a lot of negative feedback above, their seems to be less now than there was a year ago... i sure hopw this company pulls through because netflix needs some competition to help lower prices for all of us...

  132. bibtee Says:

    I just signed up and recently purchases some shares... so far the only complaint i've got is that the selection is slim... i hope they improve their selection of childrens movies... i love the way the stock has been acting lately... 400+ million volume on a regular basis... often up 20% in one day... i've been very happy with that and although i see a lot of negative feedback above, their seems to be less now than there was a year ago... i sure hopw this company pulls through because netflix needs some competition to help lower prices for all of us...

  133. bibtee Says:

    I just signed up and recently purchases some shares... so far the only complaint i've got is that the selection is slim... i hope they improve their selection of childrens movies... i love the way the stock has been acting lately... 400+ million volume on a regular basis... often up 20% in one day... i've been very happy with that and although i see a lot of negative feedback above, their seems to be less now than there was a year ago... i sure hopw this company pulls through because netflix needs some competition to help lower prices for all of us...

  134. bibtee Says:

    opps...sorry... got carried away on the post button... yikes...

  135. bullsr6 Says:

    I've recently bought shares of GameZnFlix and love the returns i'm up nearly 1500% since i purchased them i'm holding for the long term and I see this company out performing netflix and gamefly in the long run , its all about value and with the conveinece of having both dvd's and gamez online its a god send. since the new game platforms are coming out every three years games are sooooo expensive to keep buying new ones so its awesome to rent what you like and give back what you dont.

  136. Davet Says:

    Yes, this company is a scam. The service is minimal inorder to keep the appears of a legitamate company, but look at the volume. It's at 200,000,000+. It's a dump and pump. SEC needs come down on these guys.

  137. Jaimie Says:

    Gameznflix is really improving their service. They now have 4 to 5 distribution centers and plan to have around 10 by the end of 2006. I also heard they will be offering a guarantee on delivery time in the near future. Seems like the company has come a long way and may be a well needed competitor in this service.

  138. Conrad Says:

    That company has horrible customer service. I tried to sign up a month ago but their site apparently wouldn't work with my older browser. I gave them all my information but my login never worked even with the brand new computers at work. Then a month later I check my bank and they've CHARGED MY ACCOUNT! I sent a high priority email to them over a week ago demanding resolution and have never recieved anything in response. By the way I never recieved an email informing me of billing or a game in the mail.

  139. gamesandflix manager Says:

    How do you guys expect me to fill all these orders? Stop being so demanding, do you know how hard it is for me to get out of bed in the morning after days and days of binge drinking? I am sitting in my basement right now naked, trying to figure all this out! I'll get one or two movies out today, first I need to rent them from blockbuster and burn them. Plus the mail is slow down here in West Virginia.

  140. Tony Says:

    I have had a subcription for about a month and a half. I have had good turnaround times with 3 out at a time. I have man items in my queue and even low availability titles seem to reach me in the order i select them. The ony complaint i have is not 1 of the 17 items in my "on order" list has made to my queue list. And when you find a title you want it doesnt list whether they acually have it or not until you select rent. Otherwise an excellent sercice that i will keep for a long time unless any unforseen problems arise....

  141. Mushy Says:

    I don't get the big fuss about this company
    Thery are GReat very cheap On the site they shipped my 2 360 games on the 14th I received 1 on the 16th and hopefully the other one tomorrow very quick times I hope people try them out and don;'t listen to these other peopekl

  142. Carlos Says:

    Worst gaming/DVD company I've ever had... i barely signed up with them (2 months) and i ask for 3 at a time.. i've only gotten 1 at a time

  143. Jane Says:

    well i have been a member of gameznflix for a few months now.I have to say I am very disappointed. I pay to have 3 out at a time, very rarely do i get that. actually i just got off phone with Samantha in customer service and she says that the reason I'm not getting all my games is that there is too high a demand for the games i want. She also told me there was nothing they could or would do about this. She also told me that i was being very irrational about this and that these things happen. I waas so mad i hung up on her while she agian was telling me it wasn't their fault about the non availability.
    i'm cancelling and going to gamefly i guess. I'm still spitting nails!!!!!!!

  144. Cale Says:

    For people looking for info about GameZnFlix, I just wanted to pass along my terrible experience with this company as well. We tried to purchase a gift certificate when the website hung in the middle of the transaction. We received no certificate but our card was still charged. Multiple calls dealing with what seems to be their only CSR, Samantha, yielded no results. We were left no choice but to go through our credit card company to have the charges dropped. I've posted a short write-up on my site as well.

  145. lorien Says:

    I bought my little brother a year subscription to Gameznflix for Christmas 2007. He activated the account in March due to issues with them charging me twice etc. As of August 28, 2008 my little brother has received one game in April and that is all. They have not mailed him a single other game and refuse to refund my money. This is unacceptable. Not only does my little brother state that all the games on there are old titles but the company is telling me that since April none of the games that are in my brothers Queue are available because they are "high demand titles". I demand a refund for this. I will be willing to pay for one month, as he did receive one game, however, I refuse to pay for the whole year. Please help as I feel this company is scamming people. If they do not have the resources to accomodate a subscription service they should not be in business. I have filed a report on rip off report, filed a complaint with the better business bureau and written a million reviews. Thank you!

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