UP DATEThu Apr 24, 2008
hey all, so i broke my wrist right through (ouch!) playing organised sports which i have decided are not a good idea... anyway with my arm in plaster one of the positives is that i've been able to spend heaps of time driving pro-tools. karl came in and layed down some sweet guitar parts and even some synth on monday and last night al came and played some more keys... so what all this means is that the songs are really taking shape and we are edging closer and closer to beginning recording the album proper... sweet!

we also just got our hands on some more pics from kamp kagan so check them out!

love, nicholas and everyone.x.
hey there,

we just uploaded the first set of photos from Kamp Kagan... sure there will be more to follow soon!

check them out (click on the link to the right of the page!)

love, RACE
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KAMP KAGAN! we came, we saw, you conquered!Thu Mar 13, 2008
huge thanks to everyone who made our comeback gig at kamp kagan so enjoyable! we ohnestly forgot how much fun you can have playing rock'n'roll! we'll be posting up some photo's very soon!
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SWOON BABY STARRY NIGHT... kamp kaganMon Mar 3, 2008
hi there people, this weekend we head off to play Kamp Kagan up on the murry river (maybe not actually on the water part of the river but possibly to the side somewhere...) we are pretty excited about this one because we have not stomped a stage for ages! actually, considering that this is our first show in over 10 months and that our instruments aren't going to play themselves it makes for interesting times on saturday night.... i'm told that The Scientists of Modern Music and Young Lovers as well as loads of other great bands/djs will be there too! sweet! so anyway, check it out here and come along if you'd like... ok, take care, speak soon Love RACE THE FRAY
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NEW SOUNDS... OLD TRICKSTue Feb 19, 2008
i was thinking today on the way to work, what has changed musically about this band since our last release (T.A.W.P, 2005). it is obviously a different dynamic since karl came in on guitar but also i think the process of crafting songs has changed a great deal. so what to expect from the new record later this year... well in many ways it is still early days but at this stage i would say that the guitars are much more sparse (i am hardly playing anymore which gives karl more space and saves the songs from becoming drowned in a twin guitar onslaught). vocally, i think the melodies are more subtle and in many ways i am taking more of a relaxed approach to the delivery. out back cal and al are pumping away tight as ever as usual but the new songs are more restrained and lend themselves to pumping, driving rhythms. over all the songs are moody but with uplifting conclusions, softer but bigger and with heaps more space.

anyway, that is what i was thinking about on my way to work today.
MY MISTAKE...Fri Feb 15, 2008
on wednesday, we still sucked a bit, but by next practice we'll be sweet...
last night we had rehearsal... we sucked less than last week which was nice. Wednesday we have rehearsal again, we will hardly even suck by then.....newsongsarefuntoplay.......!

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Hey! Bang! Bang! So, the parade will march again...

On Friday we had a BBQ (and a beverage or two) at Cal's place as a predecessor to our first rehearsal in over 6 months... it was the first time in, well, 6 months that we'd all hung out and it was great to catch up and get things rolling again (long overdue).

The whole rocket up our asses has been provided by our friends at Kamp Kagan ( who have so thoughtfully booked us to play our first show in almost 10 months(!) at their wonderful event. We can't wait to get up and play again!

Fair to say rehearsal was a tad scratchy... but no doubt by the time we hit the stage in a month or so things will be running smooth again.

We're still working on new songs and in fact will be playing at least 3 or 4 newies at the next gig! Very much looking forward to recording the album this year!

Anyway, that's it for now, see you round

ps: Al shaved his head... see!
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BASHED... BUT BACKMon Jan 14, 2008
2008 rolls around like yesterday and i'm on the back foot already. the new years break has been a little tough for a few of us... Karl, myself and Big Nick lost a loved one. it's been the first time that i've really experienced this feeling first hand and i guess it just takes a while to fully overcome... time, there's always time.

Been in the studio when i haven't been at the beach and overall, summer has been great. lot's of good times spent with family and lots of good waves wasted on me. one by one, been building songs up from the ground and before you know it we will be close... mostly the hardest thing is dragging Karl out of the ocean long enough to get a few guitar takes down... once things settle a bit i'm sure it'll get heaps easier and more efficient.

Anyway, hope whoever reads this is well, i'll leave you of a photo i found of the band in full flight (looking forward to getting there again) pic: m. rogers

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HAPPY HOLIDAYSSun Dec 23, 2007
kiss kiss, happy and safe holidays... can't wait to belt you with some new tunes in the new year.

have fun + take care



feeling heaps better, kicking bum in the pre production studio... almost finished comping all drums and bass for the demos so far. really looking forward to giving the songs some melody!

changing tact slightly, the whole christmas thing has got me scared again, getting older all the time.

anyway, just checking in to say whats up... soon now ok.


yeah, no shit... i've come down with some kind of sore throat/fever thing but the worst part is that my left ear is completely blocked and it feels like there is 10,076,549 litres of water in there and i tell you what, it freaking kills like a bitch! it's funny, as soon as one of your ears stops working, simple tasks like walking in a straight line or balancing upright become rather challenging exercises.

so that means i'm in no condition to complete any work on the album, however i'm going to the doctor in a couple hours so i'll hopefully get some meds and be sweet very soon.

catch ya shortly...


'C' IS FOR 'COMPING'Sun Nov 4, 2007
today i comped the drums and bass for a couple of the new songs that we are working on... comping, for the uninitiated, is trawling through the various takes of each song and compiling the best bits of each section to make up the best possible version of the song. after the drums and bass are comped, we'll then go back and record all of the guitars, keys, vocals etc.

so far we have finished comping the rhythm sections of 4 songs (tentative working titles: embers, claude monet, birds + oh bother). karl and i are looking forward to finishing this rather tedious phase and sinking our teeth into the guitar and vocals. melody! yeah!

anyway, i'm off to bed... more updates soon,


i've done like 85 loads of washing today! but i'm enjoying the chance to just spend the day at home catching up a bit. this week i'll finish my last class of uni ever... i'm so very glad that i'll soon be seeng the back of rmit architecture (such a bitch of a place).

anyway, this weekend is a long one in melbourne for the horse racing which is cool because i plan to spend a heap of time in the studio working on the songs... i set up the studio in our rehearsal space out on my parents property in the country, looking forward to getting out there and getting to work. still really excited about the album, really proud of the songs and can't wait to bring them to life.

so i'll be in touch soon, hope you are keeping well...


welcome to our new, little, temporary, studio website (thanks BIG NICK)...we will be regularly posting updates and photo's as me move through the pocess of making our debut album.
RACE THE FRAY: not dead!Mon Oct 1, 2007

an update:

there's been more than a few people asking us lately "what's going on with the band?"

so, what is going on with the band? ...well, the truth is, we started 2007 fairly flat out with a heap of shows both local and interstate. it was all pretty light-speed considering Karl had just joined and we were still trying to figure out how the new line up would work playing live. anyway, once we'd finished up all the shows, in April 07, we decided to take a bit of time off from Race The Fray. it gave us a chance to sit and think about where we wanted to go next.

after about three months away doing our own thing, we caught up for a drink and kind of decided that we were going to get things rolling again but our main priority was to put all of our energy into writing and recording an album. we were all very happy with the way we were heading and felt that all four of us wanted similar things musically.

so where to from there? well, i had a bunch of songs i was writing from during the break and we had some songs that we'd already started playing from before then so we decided to go away for a week and start some pre-production on these new tunes. the goal was to demo as many songs as possible during pre-production with the ultimate aim of coming out with 10 tracks we were happy with for the album.

for the first round of demos, we set upon a house on the beach for a very enjoyable few days, playing songs for a couple hours a day while we filled the rest of them with cooking (eating and drinking), hanging out on the beach, surfing, sleeping and playing nintendo wii. it was a highly enjoyable time that surprisingly yielded live demo's of 9 promising new songs.

so now here we are back at home, working towards finishing off this first batch of demos before we do it again. i think there's some pretty cool ideas and all in all we are all very excited about the prospects for this album...

anyway, until the next update


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