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Genius. Image of Dave Gorman. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Recorded October / November. Broadcasting in 2009


This new show is currently in development. Details are not complete and may change. Recorded October / November. Broadcasting in 2009

Dave Gorman's radio series transfers to television for a six-part series

Panel Show
2009  (BBC Two)
7 (pilot + 1 series)
Dave Gorman
Ali Crockatt, David Scott
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

TV version of the panel show in which Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest take a range of ideas from the public, in the hope they will find something they can class as 'Genius'. See our guide to the radio series for more on the concept.

Our Review: This show works quite well on radio, but whether it can transfer to the more demanding TV medium is the big question.

The series has been recorded. Guests who will appear on the show include Catherine Tate, Jonathan Pryce, Stewart Lee, Frank Skinner, Johnny Vegas and Germaine Greer.