Tom John Choreography

by tom john

Personally, choreography is so much more than "The art of creating and arranging dances", choreography is something else.
I am uncertain that choreography could be covered by one article, but I shall undertake trying to define what choreography is to me anyway.

Choreography isn't only an art; it is the bearing of the soul, choreography is a process of creation, all in order to make the music come alive with movement. The best part about it is—it's your own.

Choreography is an innovative process; its invention.
It is the science of making music come to life. choreography is the reconstruction of the music.
It is the exploration of use of the body and variables of space, time, and energy.
Choreography is a compositional form emphasizing creative and innovative experiences.
Choreography is not only knowing the music, it's knowing yourself.

Choreography is a product of self-expression.
In order to choreograph one must have a critical understanding of dance, choreography and of themselves as artists, and as a choreographer you go through a process and devote yourself to understanding this.

Choreography goes much further than "composing a dance", choreography means being able to create a work that’s one hundred percent your own, your individual style, that expresses one's vision—and all of this is done through your choreography.
Choreography to me is transforming one's vision, talent, and style into a masterpiece, and delivering one's self as an artist through this masterpiece.