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  Wednesday, 11 June 2008
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See our highlights from September through to December of 2007, The All-Star awards, Lily the Lion and St Brides nativity play.; See our highlights from May through to August of 2007, the smoking ban was introduced, devolution was restored and The Simpsons came to Springfield Road.; See our highlights for January through to April of 2007, eco-friendly Seals, Tennis Legends and Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams sit down together.; The suicide awareness and support group say that the spending the festive period alone or coping with mounting debts can make it be a lonely or depressing time for many.; Residents of South Belfast have complied a book featuring over 200 pictures fro the last one hundred years, can you remember when Forestside was just one corner shop? ; Santa's been and gone but it's still the holidays and your little angles are starting to get bored with their toys. So here are a few suggestions that will put the twinkle back into your child's eyes.; See part two of the INTV animated nativity play using the voices of P1 from St Brides primary school in Belfast. Animation - Lee McQuade Voices - St Brides Primary School; Using the voices of primary one from St Brides school in Belfast enjoy part one of the IN.TV animated nativity play. Animation - Lee McQuade Voices - St Brides Primary School; INTV went along to the dress rehersals of St Brides primary school P1 nativity play to see how they are getting along and to get some ideas for our very own animatied nativity; One of the biggest decisions at this time of year is real or fake for your Christmas tree. INTV explores the options and finds out which you prefer.;

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Murder bid admitted by Real IRA

By Diana Rusk

THE Real IRA has claimed responsibility for the attempted murder of an off-duty policeman in Co Tyrone on Monday.

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