The 'User friendly' guide to meters. There are currently around 100 different types of meters available we have highlighted the most popular types below click on the picture to reveal more information. This is a guide only, please refer to the manufacturers instructions that are supplied with the meter.

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Abbott Optium Xceed

Abbott Optium Xceed Blood Glucose Meter
• Proposed for Health Care Professionals and specific T1 patients
• Small sample size - just 0.3µL, no other leading meter uses a smaller sample
• Fast - approx 3 second test time
• Blood Ketone testing for extra reassurance
• Foil wrapped strips reduce wastage and save cost
• Large display for easy reading

How to use the Abbott Optium Xceed meter

To Calibrate (required when opening a new packet of test strips)
• Insert Calibration strip into the strip port with the numbers facing up. A 5 digit number will appear on the top of the display. This is the lot number and it must agree with the lot number on the test strip box or on the foil wrapped test strip in use.
• Withdraw calibration strip and store in the meter wallet.

To perform a test
• After washing your hands, insert blood testing strip with the three black bars entering your meter.
• When the strip is fully inserted into the meter the apply blood sign will appear. Apply the blood to the strip, a small bleep will sounds when sufficient blood has been applied.
• The result should appear within approx 3 seconds.

The Optium Xceed meter also has the ability to test for blood ketones.

If you have a problem,
the help line contact number is:
0500 467 466 (UK)
1800 776633 (Ireland)
or visit the website at (UK) (Ireland)

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