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"I strongly believe that if every man, woman and child in America could read, write and comprehend, we would be much closer to solving many of our nation’s serious problems."
-Barbara Bush, former First Lady and Keynote Speaker at the first annual education summit

Excellence in Action: A National Summit on Education Reform

Details on Excellence in Action 2009 coming soon!

In June of 2008, the Foundation for Excellence in Education hosted our inaugural national summit on education reform, Excellence in Action. In partnership with The James Madison Institute, the Foundation convened the best and brightest minds in the country to address the challenges in providing a quality education to today’s students.

The goal of our annual Excellence in Action summit is to arm local, state and national policymakers with the tools to improve the quality of education in America. Looking forward, Excellence in Action will serve as a catalyst for energizing and accelerating the reform movement across the nation.

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