The University of Kentucky Amateur Radio Club

The Middle Years: A Pictorial History

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By 1927 radio in general, and at UK specifically, had changed a great deal.  The creation of the Broadcast radio service in 1923 had made radio more mainstream.

At UK, station 9CXQ had apparently been off the air for over two years, possibly because of Joseph Anderson's departure from UK to attend the Marconi Wireless Institute.  No record of the UK Radio Club can be found after 1924 so indications are it was also defunct.

F. Paul Anderson, Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, reportedly wanted to put 9CXQ back on the air, but its license had expired.  With the help of Lee R. Penn ([W]9LH), an engineering student who held the Federal Radio Commission license necessary to operate the amateur station, the station was relicensed as 9JL* in 1927.  In January, 1927, the Divisional Reports column in QST repoted "the U. of K. at Lexington is back on the air again.  This sounds like old times!"

*In 1928 the Federal Radio Commission prepended the letter "W" to all amateur call signs.  The call sign 9JL and W9JL both refer to the same license and station.

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