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Posted by: Editor on 2008-01-25 17:03:43
Updated by: Editor on 2008-11-30 16:13:43
Expires: 2013-01-01 00:00:00

Masha still being exploited. She is still online December 2008. The American authorities don't care what we think or say.

America's most famous child porn victim 'rescued' by the authorities is still being exploited by the FBI.

How is this for sheer nerve?

One result of our exposure of this Masha scandal is that the US law enforcement agency involved and its partners increased the number of sexually explicit images of under aged girls on the web site. This should tell you what US law enforcement thinks of anyone who tries to expose its corruption. Such is their power, they appear not to care.

The latest insult

The latest response of the American authorities to our attempts to expose their exploitation of Masha and other young girls has been to add more sexually explicit images of underaged girls on the web site they are using to entrap individuals. That they would continue to use images of girls they claim to have rescued from child pornographers, some now known to the world at large, and even add more is an indication of the extent of their arrogance and their dis-interest in the opinions of citizens who may dare to criticize them.

It has now become even more dangerous to access the web site mentioned below. If you were to report it to the police they could arrest you. This is truly organized crime!

Every image of a child being abused - - - .

The heading on our original story was that the police claimed that 'Every image of a child being abused abuses that child all over again'. We went on to say that the police should know as they are the main publishers of the images. An outstanding example was perhaps the most famous child victim, Masha, and they are now exploiting her over and over again by using her images as a honeytrap.

'Children saved from global sex ring', screams the latest CEOP press release which claims that eight British children have been rescued from sexual predators belonging to a global paedophile ring. "The youngsters, aged between six and 14, were identified from thousands of images seized in an international police operation."

They would not have had much trouble identifying the kids as they already had their images. The US and UK police now control virtually all of the child porn images that are being published as they use them for entrapment purposes.

Here is Paul Griffiths, who heads the victim identification team at CEOP in the UK, after saying that the children 'saved' had been subjected to horrendous abuse: "In every image there is a child. These images are crime scene photos where children are being subjected to sexual abuse. This is not 'child pornography'."

No, it is not. It is law enforcement agency corruption based in the activities of the FBI who aid the UK police in the entrapment schemes.

Griffiths went on,"It's important to remember, too, that these children were not missing. They were located in the place where they were supposed to be safe - their own home - where their abuse was recorded and made available over the internet to satisfy sickening sexual desires of a deviant group of individuals."

Such as the ones who are still exploiting Masha above.

Every image of a child being abused - - -

Brian Rothery

The case was sensational. A single American man, Matthew Mancuso, a millionaire divorcee from suburban Pittsburgh, adopted 5-year-old Masha Allen from a Russian orphanage in 1998 with the assistance of a US adoption agency. Over the next five years, he used her as both his sex slave and as a child porn model to be shared with a small private circle on the Internet. She would probably have never become a famous child porn star were it not for the way her rescuers promoted her for their own ends, especially the Canadian police who helped to identify her. After years of abuse, police located her by identifying some backgrounds in the images, such as in Disney World in Florida. While Allen was the surname finally given to her, her original name was in Russian. After her rescue, her adoptive father Mancuso was sentenced to many years in prison and Masha was finally given a real adoptive mother.

Masha bravely went before a Congressional Committee, spoke to national newspapers and other media and appeared on Oprah. The draconian Masha�s Law was passed, tripling sentences and worsening the plight of families of those accused of involvement in child pornography and that of homeless sex offenders.

Happy ending for Masha and the child protection agencies? Perhaps not. Images of Masha are now being used on one or more US entrapment web sites to catch so-called sex predators who are looking for images of underage girls, or simply to entrap the curious or even serious researchers. See a later image HERE. In this second image Congressman Phil Gingery is posing with Masha and her new mother.

The image on top of this page is taken from what is almost certainly an American entrapment web site. It has been cropped here, because the lower part of the one on the entrapment site is more revealing. Please DO NOT access this web site as you will almost certainly be stepping into a trap. In the most unlikely case of it not being a trap, it would still be considered to be a child porn site, so you would enter it at great risk. That it manages to be there at all in America means that it is a trap. The web site in question is at and it is hosted by the large Californian server DreamHost.

Let me first present some problems, which may be of considerable concern to every decent citizen and certainly the business of a worthwhile journalist or editor. Even though I an experienced author and journalist have been tipped off about what is above and about what is to follow below, all of which amount to a possible major travesty, I cannot access and inspect the contents of this web site. Even if I am fairly sure that organized crime, the state itself or merely the police are involved in corruption using child pornography images, I cannot investigate it. If key information concerning such involvement is sent to me, I cannot show it to, or discuss it with, any law enforcement agency. The laws forbid me to do so. Should I or any other journalist discover a child actually being sexually abused through child pornography activities by the police or state or organized crime connected with either, we cannot act upon it. Which may be the specific case here. We certainly cannot use our journalistic skills to investigate it. Even when information is sent to us, as in this case of Masha, we have great difficulty dealing with it. If we try to produce evidence that organizations such as CEOP are re-cycling material in their propaganda campaign of 'saving children' we will be arrested. Apart from the considerable risk from the law enforcement agencies themselves, there is risk from both servers shutting down our web sites at the request of such organizations as the British Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and from Google. Not only has Google already de-listed this Inquisition21 web site (likely at the request of the IWF) for almost a year because we were the Operation Ore class action campaign site revealing information that the police wanted to stay hidden, it has recently censored several sites that tried to discuss this Masha story. Even Wikipedia has removed its version of the Masha story on 27 May 2007.

(Note: Because of the latest developments on top this situation has actually now become worse. More about that below.)

Here now, however, I take this extraordinary story a few steps further. By now, many journalists and activists concerned with how the police deal with the child pornography laws are aware that the American police and some related agencies are the main, and likely the sole, dealers in and publishers of images of child pornography, using them for entrapment purposes. The main agencies other than the police similarly involved are those dealing in sex offender programs where images of child pornography are used together with the penile plethysmograph (PPG) discussed in the index page story �The Malleus Maleficarum and the new heretics�. Some of us, not many to be sure, condemn both practices, but run up against the arguments about �for the sake of children� and �if it catches or reforms predators� and so on. Outside the US, certain police forces such as those in Great Britain where it was not legal to use images of child pornography in the same way appear to have used the US law enforcement agencies to entrap individuals outside America, as in Great Britain where some of the Operation Ore class action activists received unsolicited illegal material which their own experts declared to be from the FBI.

It is important for what now follows to set this background, which is that, however reprehensible or unjust, the use of child pornography images in these ways is legal in America.

On January 24 2008, I was informed by American sources about the web site, which you have been advised not to visit, and that some of its leading images were those of Masha, the rescued girl. The image on top of this page was still on the index page together with the usual invitations to see more inside in December 2008. Apart from my own restricted abilities to compare the few legal images of Masha (mainly post-rescue when she had become a teenager) with the index page image of her on the entrapment site, unless others have information about her, we have only the word of my American informants that this is indeed Masha being exploited again. Even if it�s not her, it is still an underage girl being flagrantly exploited for �the sake of the children�. One cannot but recall the hackneyed cry, heard over and over from the police and child protectors � �Every image of child abuse is a child being abused.�

My American informants wrongly suspected that the Marsh Law Firm was involved with the server DreamHost as the organisers of the entrapment site. �(We made) numerous abuse reports and complaints to the hosting company which were ignored as well as numerous attempts to contact Mr. Marsh himself to no avail.�

Here is James Marsh writing to me on February 1 2008: �For the record, neither me nor anyone associated with my firm has seen Masha Allen for almost two years.

�When I discovered the existence of the site in December 2007, I immediately informed the government officials responsible for Masha's health and safety, Betzi White and her assistant Michelle Rager, that they should exert every effort to investigate Obviously they have failed to do anything to protect their ward.

�Also for the record, we haven't brought any lawsuits under Masha's Law and my position concerning her situation could not be clearer:

�Masha was never rescued, acquired or head-hunted (at least not by me); her adoptive mother retained me in late June 2005 to uncover the truth about her government-approved international adoption by Matthew Mancuso. I did not learn about the mycandidteens site until December 2007, I have never even heard of Dream Host until now, and yes it does appear that Masha continues to be exploited over and over again.

�Your questions and inquiries are most appropriately addressed to the government officials, judges, social workers and lawyers who are currently responsible for Masha's well-being. James R. Marsh, Esq.�

This is most interesting and revealing. James Marsh informed the government about the Masha images in December 2007. We can now be virtually certain that the images on were those of Masha, taken when she was being modelled for the child pornography sites and then seized by the FBI. This question must now be asked of Masha�s government protectors, Betzi White and her assistant Michelle Rager. Why is Masha still being exploited by images of her being offered thus? Has the most famous girl ever rescued from abusers and child pornographers become titillating bait to be used to entrap so-called predators? Are you complicit in this? Is there a connection between her now being vanished and her images suddenly re-appearing?

And as James Marsh suggests, I ask the government officials, judges, social workers and other lawyers who are currently responsible for Masha's well-being, �Has her well-being just been a sham to you? Where are any of you now? And which of you is still involved in her continuing exploitation?�

Perhaps we should have expected no better from the US government. Here is James Marsh on his blog ( "When Masha was rescued, she was placed with a young single foster parent with her own history of sexual abuse, given an unlicensed Christian therapist and a Medicaid card. When the FBI reportedly 'moved her to another part of the country' a few months after her adoption, Masha was taken from the only community she knew and her thin support system was shattered. She began an unstable lifestyle which continues to this day. No therapists, no medical team, no house or meaningful compensation. Just a prayer and a press release and a one way ticket to nowhere."

And, having now read so many pious outburts from all those who celebrated her rescue, and wondering why they seem to no longer care, perhaps it's understandable for me to conclude that they were far more interested in the opportunity to introduce the draconian Masha's Law than they were in either Masha herself or any other little girl.

US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan

US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan was the law enforcement official who rescued Masha from Matthew Mancuso, the man who adopted her from Russia. She was intimately involved with every step of the case. She is currently in the news again for prosecuting Karen Fletcher, a 56-year-old recluse living on disability payments who has been convicted for obscenity for writings on her web site called Red Rose, subscribed to by about two dozen individuals. Fletcher is one of only a handful of people prosecuted on obscenity charges by the Bush administration � that is, for writings only, including fiction, not images. She faces six felony counts for her writings which mainly feature the torture or degradation of young girls.

Mary Beth Buchanan is described as �the government�s most aggressive opponent of the spread of pornography in the nation�. One report is that �She is scornful of prosecutors who have avoided taking on obscenity cases. Unlike her counterparts, she said in a recent interview, �I�m not afraid of the challenges, legal or otherwise, here.�� It went on �Ms. Buchanan said she selected cases that she hoped would have deterrent effects on other pornographers.�

�We want producers to know that these things are not tolerated,� she said.

A few more quotes about and by Mary Beth Buchanan in the Pennsylvania Tribune-Review: "The Internet has given predators access to children they previously would not have had. Children are often too trusting of adults." Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan � Why is Masha still being sexually exploited by what must be a government agency?

(Despite the swelling ranks of online predators), "We are doing a better job of catching these people (including through her Pennsylvania Crimes Against Children Task Force). Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan � Why don�t you now catch the organization still exploiting Masha?

Quote from the Tribune-Review: �U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan attributes the increase to greater Internet use among offenders and more skill by law enforcement agencies in tracking them down�. "The volume is so much greater, but the severity is also a lot worse," said Buchanan, who prosecuted such cases as an assistant U.S. attorney and formed a regional Crimes Against Children Task Force. "I think that people are still surprised at the level of violence that many of these predators will engage in." Question for you, Mary Beth Buchanan � is some of the greater Internet use among offenders caused by activities such as that which still displays images of Masha online and if so why don�t you stop it?

News has now been received that the first woman Masha was placed with after her rescue lost an action against her pastor for sexual assault. She also claimed that her parents were in a satanic cult and forced her to participate in human sacrifices. Buchanan was aware of this woman's history. Now Masha is suing the state for an enormous amount because of her post-rescue treatment. It seems that when you are being abused the next worse thing to have happen you is to be rescued by the state.

Earlier quotes from Masha

"How can so many people enjoy the horrible things that happened to me?

"I know that these pictures will never end and that the abuse from them will go on forever. ...

"I want every single person who downloads my picture to go to jail and really be punished as much as possible. They are as bad as Matthew. ..

"Child pornography is not a victimless crime. I am a victim, and I still suffer everyday and every time someone sees me being abused."

So from her own mouth, all you government-paid protectors of Masha and other victims like her, listen -

"I still suffer everyday and every time someone sees me being abused."

"They are as bad as Matthew."

"I know that these pictures will never end and that the abuse from them will go on forever. ..."

How right she was.

Note on

From the index page. Welcome to Summer price is $19.95, 100 000 pictures,everyday update.

Candid upskirt, candid pantyhose, candid park, candid beach, candid school girls, contribution, amatuer models posing, contribution from gymnastic girls, candid street shots, private shots. (All of which is beside Masha's image above.)

More information

Received February 3 2008."(This web site) is the same one that has been spamming tens of thousands of images per day to legal newsgroups recently. - - - general teen porn designed to get people to then go and look at the site that may then entrap them.

"This is very similar to a site caled sweatsweet that did the same thing a few years ago and was also likely a FBI run site - - -."

"It is also worth remembering that the idiots in Canada brought this girl to public knowledge as they published her photo in an attempt to locate her and her abuser but unknown to them she had already been located by American police and was needlessly thrust into the public limelight to bolster the egos of the Canadian cops, this then meant she had no choice but to be used again by the Americans in their own publicity campaign."

By late June 2008, after trying to ask more questions from officials in America, it became obvious that the authorities did not have any interest in what this writer or the other objectors had to say about their continued exploitation of Masha as, blatantly, they still had her online.

Why now even more sexually explicit images of other young girls?

So why have they now blatantly added more sexually explicit images of other young girls to the front page? Forget the cheek of it. I, for example, am not surprised that they have a contempt for me or any other writer or journalist. That fact may, however, be of concern to every decent US citizen who becomes aware of it.

There is one possible reason. They are upping the ante and stopping any further investigation of this web site. Up to now few would have dared go beyond the index page. Now by placing extra explicit images of other young girls right on the index page, they are trying to ensure that anyone who attempts to expose them, or even criticize them for this exploitation, is instantly criminalized. As I said above, this is so brazen that it is truly organized crime. Hopefully, some more Americans will awake from their sleepwalk and begin to see what kind of state their legislators and police have created.

How the American police create crimes

(This was written before the Masha story above, but Masha's story gives it new significance.)

The manufacturing of crimes by the police is a very big industry in America, but it is part of the even bigger industry of the organized crime where the police, the legal profession and the judiciary act together to defraud and criminalize innocent citizens.

In a devastating indictment of the American justice system, the US writer, Paul Craig Roberts, has described some of the activities of the US police in an article titled �How the Police Create Crimes�. We were aware that the US police were legally using child pornography to entrap men over the Internet and also posing as underage girls and boys to ensnare men into meetings where they would be arrested and, even in some cases, filmed for television programmes. Stories have also been coming in to this web site about malicious women using help from male FBI agents and police to entrap their ex-husbands and boy friends and for years we have been hearing that the security services use women (all over the world incidentally) to entrap and ruin men who may be politically undesirable to American causes. Roberts now reports that the American police are planting attractive women half naked in parks, who entice passing males, engage them in conversation, pretend to begin to seduce them and ask to see their penises. When the foolish men comply, the police with their cameras still running pounce on them in triumph.

Other examples quoted by Roberts are the corrupt New York police ensnaring hundreds of innocents during 2007 via �Operation Lucky Bag� by planting IPods, cell phones, wallets, and shopping bags in subway stations as if they had been dropped or abandoned. Pick them up and you are nicked for �Subway grand larceny�.

He gives a further example of an organized crime that is practised with ever increasing frequency also by the judiciary. A senior policeman, sheriff or judge tries to force you to sell him your property at a fraction of its value: you refuse and you become a target of the law enforcement apparatus. You are now at the mercy of a Gestapo.

When Roberts sums up, however, he strikes a chord with all that we have learned about the American justice system and see now also in Great Britain and other English-speaking countries which are copying it. �In our time, the police create crimes. And that is why the US prison population is twice the size of China's, an authoritarian country with a population four to five times larger than America's.�

It is very important that this be grasped in its fullest implications. It is in the interest of the police and the legal profession that crime be maintained. There are two broad classes of crime � illegal crime, committed by the underdogs, mainly black males in America, and legal crime committed by the establishment, mainly the judiciary, the rest of the legal profession and the police. The legal criminals need the illegal crime to justify their own predatory roles. How often we see the �round up the usual suspects� routine where any underdog is arrested for a crime whether he did it or not. The police get a result and the crimes which keep them and the legal profession in business continue to flourish.

So where does this lead to? Roberts says, �Americans are more at risk from the police than they are from criminals.� We now know of both law-abiding non-Americans and ex-Americans who are afraid to visit or return to America. Hundreds are now also leaving Great Britain every day to live abroad. The numbers of law-abiding citizens contemplating civil disobedience or even outright rejection of the authority of the state is growing. Here is one current example. If the proposed further criminalization of prostitution goes ahead in the UK, men who have never considered using prostitutes before may now begin to do so. Look at Operation Ore in the UK. One result is that it has brought together a small group of highly intelligent and often articulate and literate individuals determined to expose and punish the establishment for its abandonment of the principles of ordinary justice in its pursuit of results in the witch hunt of Ore.

A final piece of good advice from Roberts: �Never make the mistake of calling the police.�

The full Paul Craig Roberts article can be read in Counterpunch.

Another American entrapment site has been identified

Before you begin to read what is below, read and reflect upon the following sentence carefully. Do not click on the URL that now follows, especially if you live in America. Do not click on it if you live in the UK or in any other country you suspect has partnerships with the FBI. It is an entrapment web site and if you do access it you are inviting the police to come and raid you.

It is and as with the Masha site it also is hosted by what seems certain now to be the FBI�s partner Dreamhost in California. We did not solicit the information that follows or suggest that the investigator research this or the Masha web site, but we are responding to the information received. Our main objective has nothing to do with the protection of those interested in CP, but in exposing serious law enforcement agency corruption and the hypocrisy of an American administration that is actually engaged in the abuse of underage girls under the excuse of protecting them by publishing nude and erotically explicit images of them. We also believe that the corrupt practice of entrapment extends to entrapping the innocent, to setting up individuals, and to the possibility of coercion and blackmail.

Since February 2008 we have been denouncing the FBI and Dreamworld for their continuing exploitation of Masha, whom they claimed to have �rescued� from her child pornographer adoptive father. They have taken images, which he apparently took of her, and are re-publishing them as part of an entrapment scheme. Their response to our story and complaints from her former lawyer has been one of breathtaking arrogance � not only have they ignored our story, since read by several thousand people, but they have increased the number of images of underage girls on that particular web site.

Returning now to the new jasonhomepage web site. This is simply an index of 12 files, including picture files, last modified in April and May 2008. Should you click on any of the picture files you would be presented with a further index of individual images. Our investigator informs us that many of these are adult and even innocuous images and we have seen samples of these, but the rest are underage nude Lolita type pictures, clearly illegal under today�s draconian child porn legislation.

If you search Google there are a few respectable Jason home pages and Facebook entries. Those Jasons will not now be pleased that another one using their name has been set up for nefarious purposes. Only if you Google jasonhomepagenet do you get the entrapment web site and it is unlikely that anyone searches for that. A search on Quantcast reveals that although �We have sparse data on jasonhomepagenet and these are rough estimates� for the month of May 2008 �This site reaches approximately 17,954 US monthly uniques�, which is a lot of unfortunates blundering into the trap.

As it does not appear to be a normal web site with a title and information on the index page, it seems likely that unwary or innocent individuals are being bumped into it from non-porn or adult web sites or by whatever means is being employed.

The American investigator adds: �Another thing that I just noticed... those don�t look like �legit� site logos ... it seems like they were exclusively made for these pictures... hmm. They don�t seem familiar to me and let me tell you - - -.� He goes on to say that they are unlike the well-known Loli site names that were to be found before being banned.

If these are new girls or new images of girls, it raises the interesting question of where the FBI got them. Although the main thought may be - so much for the oft heard police and administration refrain that "Every time an indecent image of a child is published that child is abused all over again."

Well, at least we now know for sure who is doing the abusing.

Here is the registration detail.
Registry Data
Created: 2008-04-25
Expires: 2009-04-25
Registrar Status: ok
Name Server: NS1.DREAMHOST.COM (has 705,676 domains)
Whois Server:
IP Address: [Whois] [Reverse-Ip] [Ping]
[DNS Lookup] [Traceroute]
IP Location United States - California - Brea - New Dream Network
Domain Name:

Registrant Contact: Private Registrant
A Happy DreamHost Customer
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821
Record created on 2008-04-25 11:23:37.
Record expires on 2009-04-25 11:23:37.

Entrapment, punishment and the sadistic state

Extracted from an Abstract of the above title by Andrew Carlon in the Virginia Law Review, Vol. 93, June 2007.

�The entrapment defense is a uniquely American institution, adopted in all American jurisdictions, and almost nowhere else. - - - (It) seems to violate some of the most basic principles of criminal law jurisprudence. Why should someone who commits a crime, with a criminal state of mind, be found not guilty because the one who tempted him to commit the crime, an otherwise irrelevant fact, was - entirely unbeknownst to him - a police agent?

�A punishment-centered view reveals entrapment to be a manifestation of a totalitarian sadistic state, which treats the infliction of punishment not as a means of giving the guilty their just deserts, but as an end in itself - - -.�

Editorial comment

Entrapment appears to go hand in hand with disingenuousness and hypocrisy. Perhaps they also create each other, each being intrinsically evil. Take the two entrapment websites discussed in the stories here. Both involve the continuing exploitation of innocent young women by the re-publishing of their images. The hypocrisy is obvious to anyone hearing the pulpit broadcasts about �children being re-abused every time their image is re-used� - from the very people doing it.

But there is an even more serious aspect to this kind of entrapment. A journalist or other writer cannot check it out without risking prosecution, no mater how he or she may feel about the issues involved, such as, for example, police corruption in the use of entrapment for blackmail, or the exposure as in the case of the two stories here of the continuing exploitation of young girls whom the state was supposed to have rescued. This serious limitation on the right to investigate and expose corruption stems not just from entrapment but from the insidious child pornography legislation that has swept through the English-speaking world.

Here is one outstanding example. Operation Ore in the UK, written about extensively on this web site, and co-ordinated here, ruined thousands of British families through one main device � using the child pornography legislation to refuse to show anyone other than the prosecution the main evidence, the actual transactions and images that were supposed to be involved. From the start of the Landslide travesty in 1999 right up to 2006 this state continued and no journalist or book author or researcher for the defence was allowed to see key evidence. In late 2006, some of the Operation Ore group action individuals obtained the evidence in America by subterfuge and brought it back to Europe. It is now the main evidence of the coming group action (class action). But the six years when legislation, which still stands, forbad anyone to look at what it contained was enough to ruin thousands and drive many to suicide.

The legislators and their supporting activists who created the legislative monster that has brought about this state are the main culprits. They have created a legislative and police environment that has spawned false allegations, huge miscarriages of justice, entrapment and as can be seen in related stories here the conditions and encouragement for young people to blackmail adult men. In all of these areas, because of the legislation journalists are barred from accessing key evidence. What is truly depressing about all this is how cowed and acquiescing the journalists themselves and their editorial masters have been.


On 22 June 2008 appeared to have been shut down, but mycandidteens was still in action.

The FBI's 'Innocent images' program. More Newspeak.

On April 23, 2008, FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House Judiciary Committee hearing that the FBI was losing the war against child pornography and child exploitation on the Internet.

Mueller said, "It is growing on the Internet, exponentially is probably too strong a term - - - ."

In his testimony, Mueller said that the FBI had 270 agents working on the Innocent Images program, a multi-agency international operation to fight the spread of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children online. He went on to say, �It's an issue that is deserving of more resources." What he did not say was that the FBI and related agencies and private partners were the main US publishers of images of child pornography for entrapment purposes and were cooperating in this regard with some overseas governments. See for example above how they are openly exploiting Masha and other young girls they claim to have rescued by re-publishing their images. Since that story was published, other entrapment sites have been identified.

There is little new in this, but what may be new is that on the ABS News web site where Mueller�s testimony is reported(;=1), there were 40 comments from readers by April 25 2008 two days after the story was first published. Of these no less than 20 were critical of Mueller�s testimony, many of them openly sceptical of his remarks and the FBI's child porn campaign. Is this a sea change?

One overseas reader's response to Mueller's statements was that while terrorists were the US government's enemy without, sex offenders were their enemy within.

The 50,000 predators prowling on the Internet

A mainstay of FBI and US and UK government agencies child-protection measures including draconian monitoring, arrests and convictions is that 50,000 predators use the Internet to pounce on innocent children. In a Sydney Morning Herald article on April 26, 2008, 'Don't believe the hype', journalist Dan Gardner rubbishes this claim and explores its source. As he puts it, "Despite being the safest and healthiest humans to have lived, we allow "experts" to scare us witless."

Amongst the purveyors of this information he names the FBI and the American Attorney General.

Read him HERE.

Peering at children is now a crime. Thought crime is a reality.

Those who peer at children in public could find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Maine soon. A bill that passed the House in March 2008 aims to strengthen the crime of �visual sexual aggression� against children, according to state Rep. Dawn Hill, D-York.

State Rep. Dawn Hill, entered the fray when Ogunquit policeman Lt. David Alexander was called to a local beach to deal with a man who appeared to be observing children entering the community bathrooms and found that he had no law to arrest him under. Now under the bill, if someone is arrested for viewing children in a public place, it would be a Class D felony if the child is between 12 to 14 years old and a Class C felony if the child is under 12. Dawn Hill said that she believes the move was necessary to correct what she called a �loophole� in the state's criminal law statutes. She said that the committee determined that there would not be any major side effects from expanding the statute to include public places. In other words the man outside the public toilet incident was now being used to expand the crime to all public places.

One local commentator, who does not want to be named, fears that it could now be dangerous for any unaccompanied man to be in a public place in Maine and foolhardy for him to pause or walk slowly past a school or to be in a street or public park where there are children playing, unless he is a parent or grandparent accompanied by his own child or children. Swimming pools and beaches are now simply off-limits for any unaccompanied male. Where it is not possible to avoid them, children should not be looked at directly.

Editorial comment

Shocking though this new legislation seems, it will change little in the English-speaking countries where the child protection moral panic prevails. This editor has a young unattached male relative who for some years now has been unable to visit any public place where there are children, which causes him great problems when on day trips or vacation. He has been accosted and asked why he is alone and does not have a partner (of either gender).

Shy Keenan, who supports the UK police in their child protection wars, warns the public against speed assaults on children in the street where the sleight of hand of the child molester is so rapid that no one, not even the child, may realize that an assault (an indecent touch) has taken place. She has campaigned vigorously against children being placed near or on the laps of male Santa Clauses at Christmas. Just as she sees dangers to children everywhere, now unaccompanied men have good reason to see children as potentially dangerous to them.

The source of this story was RSOL (April 2008 Email Digest #8) who are campaigning for the reform of the US sex offender laws. On the media front, RSOL rates ABC TV as the fairest in covering sex offenders nationally, not only 20/20, but Good Morning American commentaries and other news programs. As the worst and most hysterical they rate MSNBC (to Catch a Predator) and Fox (the O�Reilly Factor). Like Shy Keenan�s organization in the UK these TV stations are inciters of lynch mobs and worthy of their place in the emerging police state.

In its April 2008 Digest, RSOL describes how a Fox News producer from �The O'Reilly Factor� program showed up, apparently unannounced, at the front door of State Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (Massachusetts) who is trying to develop a more thoughtful approach to sex offender legislation and thus holding up some aspects if not all of Jessica's Law. The filmed confrontation was no less than a brutal assault on the Representative�s right to free thinking and included defamatory remarks about him and attempts to bully and intimidate him.

Here is part of the interview where O�Flaherty hits back at journalist Watters.

Watters: would you have anything to say to the victims of these child rapists that - you know?
O'Flaherty: that's a ridiculous question.
Watters: What's so ridiculous about it?
O�Flaherty: an absolutely absurd question for you to ask me.
Watters: what's so...
O�Flaherty: Ridiculous? What do you think I'm going to say to them? My heart goes out to them. What do you think I�m going to say to a victim, a family, seriously? Is that a real question?
Watters: Yes, it's a real question.
O�Flaherty: It's a ridiculous question. It's a stupid question. Go back to journalism school. Go ahead. What's next?
Watters: This isn't about me, sir. This is about you. This is about the state of Massachusetts protecting children.
O�Flaherty: It's about you pulling this little stunt on my street out in front of my house.

Back in the studio, O�Reilly calls in other commentators to assist in the hatchet job He asked them if they thought that O�Flaherty was �in the pocket of the trial lawyers or corrupt�.

It was so reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Destroy those who question the new fascist ideology. In America they are now bold enough to attack State representatives.

Six year old boy is criminalized for smacking girl�s bottom

By Mark Steyn, Syndicated columnist, courtesy RSOL

Is American public education a form of child abuse? The Washington Post�s Brigid Schulte reported this month on a student named Randy Castro, who attends school in Woodbridge, Va. Last November at recess he slapped a classmate on her bottom. The teacher took him to the principal. School officials wrote up an incident report and then called the police.

Randy Castro is in the first grade. But, at the ripe old age of 6, he's been declared a sex offender by Potomac View Elementary School. He's guilty of sexual harassment, and the incident report will remain on his record for the rest of his school days - and maybe beyond. Maybe it'll be one of those things that just keeps turning up on background checks forever and ever: Perhaps 34-year-old Randy Castro will apply for a job, and at his prospective employer's computer up will pop his sexual-harasser status yet again. Or maybe he'll be able to keep it hushed up until he's 57 and runs for governor of Virginia, and suddenly his political career self-detonates when the sordid details of his Spitzeresque sexual pathologies are revealed.

But that's what he is now: Randy Castro, sex offender. The title of the incident report spells out his crime: "Sexual Touching Against Student, Offensive." The curiously placed comma might also be offensive were it not that school officials are having to spend so much of their energies grappling with the first-grade sexual-harassment epidemic they can no longer afford to waste time acquiring peripheral skills such as punctuation.

Randy Castro was not apprehended until he was 6, so who knows how long his reign of sexual terror lasted? Sixteen months ago, a school official in Texas accused a 4-year-old of sexual harassment after the boy was observed pressing his face into the breasts of a teacher's aide when he hugged her before boarding the school bus. Fortunately, the
school took decisive action and suspended the sick freak.

By the way, is that the first recorded use in the history of the English language of the phrase "accused a 4-year-old of sexual harassment"? Well, it won't be the last: In the state of Maryland last year, 16 kindergartners were suspended for sexual harassment, as were three preschoolers.

School officials declined to comment to the Washington Post on Master Castro�s case on the grounds of student confidentiality. However, they did say that the decision to call the cops was "the result of a misunderstanding." And it's not like he was Tasered or anything. When school officials call 911 because of a "misunderstanding" with a 6-year-old, the fault is theirs: He's a kid; and they're school officials who are supposedly trained and handsomely remunerated to know how to deal with children. Incidentally, the phrase "school officials" isn't quite as rare as "37-year-old teacher's aide accuses 4-year-old of sexual harassment" but it would still ring foreign to your average old-school schoolmarm in a one-room schoolhouse. Back then, schools had schoolchildren and schoolteachers and that was pretty much it. But now grade schools are full of "officials," just like the Department of Homeland Security.

So who does get a little breast and butt action in American schools these days? Obviously not your 4-year-old gropers and 6-year-old predators: The system's doing an admirable job of cracking down on those perverts. No, if you want to get up close and personal with body parts you've got to be a "school official." The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently heard oral arguments in the case of Savana Redding. Back in 2003, Savana was an eighth grader at Safford Middle School in Safford, Ariz., when the vice principal, Kerry Wilson, "acting on a tip," discovered a fellow student to have a handful of ibuprofen tablets in her pocket. The other girl said she got them from Savana, who denied it. She had no tablets in her own pockets or in her backpack.

Vice Principal Wilson, whose mind works in interesting ways, then decided that Savana might be hiding the ibuprofen in her cleavage or her crotch. So, without contacting the girl's parents, he ordered a school official to strip-search Savana. She was obliged to expose her breasts and "her pelvic area." If Vice Principal Wilson were a 4-year-old preschooler who had been involved in a stunt like that, he'd now be a registered sex offender for life. But fortunately he's a "school official" so if he decides to apply search techniques associated with international narcotics traffic he pretty much has a free hand to do so. After all, ibuprofen is serious stuff. As Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum put it, "It's a good thing the school took swift action, before anyone got unauthorized relief from menstrual cramps."

The policies of these "school officials" are dignified by the name of �zero tolerance." "Zero sanity" would be a more accurate description. One day we'll look back at this period of government-instituted madness and wonder why those entrusted with the care of minors (or, to be more accurate, those who enjoy a de facto state monopoly over the
care of minors) were unable to do what teachers in civilized societies have been able to do throughout human history - exercise individual human judgment.

Michelle Obama called last week for Americans to pony up even more dough for their public school system. The United States already spends more per student than any other developed nation except Switzerland, and at least the Swiss have something to show for it. By any reasonable measure, at least a third of the cash dumped into American schools is entirely wasted. And, if we simply shipped every youngster to boarding school in the Alps instead, the kindergartners might have a sporting chance of making it to second grade before being designated as sexual abusers. But I don't expect Michelle Obama to see it like that. Last week, an Obama delegate was revealed to have told her next-door neighbor's kids to come down from the tree and quit playing "like monkeys". Unfortunately for her, they were African American, so she was "ticketed" for racist speech by the Carpentersville police, and, after issuing the usual solemn statements deploring such derisive remarks, Sen.Obama removed the delegate from his campaign, had her encased in a cement overcoat and lowered into the Chicago River. He, too, operates a "zero tolerance" policy.

Amid the debris of human lives caught up in these idiocies, you can also find the ruins of an indispensable element of civilized society: a sense of proportion.



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