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Language Teacher

The Language Teacher

The Japan Association for Language Teaching

Volume 20, Number 11

November 1996


This site contains excerpts fromThe Language Teacher, the monthly publication of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Zenkoku Gogaku Kyoiku Gakkai ). Articles are chosen to represent a broad spectrum of the publication. Look for a new issue on the 20th of each month.

Formed in 1976, JALT is a non-profit professional organization of language teachers dedicated to promoting excellence in language learning and teaching in Japan. JALT's publications and events serve as vehicles for the exchange of new ideas and techniques, and a means of keeping abreast of new developments in a rapidly changing field. JALT welcomes members of any nationality, regardless of the language taught.

All materials in this publication are copyright © 1996 by their respective authors.

The Language Teacher Online: Issue 20.11 - November 1996

Special Issue: Global Issues in Foreign Language Teaching


by David Peaty



special features

opinions and perspectives


  • TESOL 96: The Art of TESOL
    • by Dave Pite
  • It's More Than a Title
    • by Ray A. Welch

my share


  • Earth Watch
    • reviewed by Amy D. Yamashiro & John McLaughlin
  • Language and Peace
    • reviewed by Gregory Anderson
  • The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
    • reviewed by William Corr
  • Testing in Languge Program
    • reviewed by David Beglar
  • Portfolios in the Language Classroom: An Introduction
    • reviewed by Fukushima Mieko
  • Natural Speaking: A Coursebook for Univesity Conversation Classes
    • reviewed by Huw Tyler
  • American Portrait
    • reviewed by Hane Atsuko
  • Table Talk: Conversation Cards
    • reviewed by Craig Sower
  • One to One: A Teachers' Handbook
    • reviewed by Johanne Lˇveillˇ
  • Practical English Usage: New Edition
    • reviewed by Joseph Cronin
  • Recently Received
    • compiled by Julien Whitney


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