Ryan Star

Lie To Me

Check out the new Fox show “Lie To Me” right after American Idol tonight, January 28th at 9PM EST/8PM CT to hear my new song “Brand New Day.” The song is featured as the show’s main theme song.

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19 Responses to “Lie To Me”

  1. Karla Says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I have never heard of that show, but I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. nickey Says:

    A W E S O M E ! ! !

  3. Michelle Says:

    Congratulations Ryan! That’s amazing and I can’t wait to see it =)

  4. evynne Says:

    Fantastic news! I have seen many promos for the show and it looks really good. DVR is set. Will be very cool to watch the show and hear Brand New Day. I still can’t get enough that song!

  5. miel Says:

    wow, congrats, ryan!

  6. Patrick Says:

    Congratulation, Ryan! I watched the opening about thirty minutes ago, and I’m really looking forward to hearing the full track.

  7. Heather Says:

    Congrats Ryan. What a great ‘get’ for you! Am so excited and happy for you. keep at it, we all love your tunes.

  8. Velva Says:

    How Awesome for you!

  9. Anneliese Says:

    It was incredible cool to hear it last night Ryan! Sounded AWESOME!

  10. Kim F Says:

    That is really cool. I cannot wait to hear the whole song!!

  11. evynne Says:

    It was so exciting to hear the studio version of “Brand New Day” during the opening credits of Lie to Me !

  12. Sonja (tagel) Says:

    saw it - loved it - hope this going to be on every week because it just so rocks - perfect… Yeah!!!

  13. deb Says:


  14. shannon Says:

    That is one of my favorite songs from 11:59 (next to Breathe) from what I have heard so far, anyway. :)

    Lie to Me is re-airing tonight on Fox.

  15. kg Says:

    Wow, I watched the first ep and didn’t even notice. I just watched the opening credits of the second and I have to say, it sounds great. This will surely give you some good publicity! Congratulations!

  16. THA CHIEF Says:

    THIS IS MAJOR !!!!

  17. Jacyln Says:

    Great! I can’t wait to check this out! Sorry I missed the first airing, I was out of town.

  18. McK Says:

    It sure as hell got you publicity, well at least I think so, I just found your music from watching this show. Great music. Great song :)

  19. Jason Says:

    Like the show. Love the theme song. Someone at Fox was really smart to put your song in the opening. Glad to discover your music. How do I get the studio version of “Brand New Day”? Took some a little digging to find you as the other artists on the show search easier. I think if it could be a little easier you might find a lot of people are looking for this song.

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