Letters From 1995

  1. March

    • Dear PHISH:
      Every day, someone asks me what kind of music PHISH is, and I have no answer. Could you please tell me what kind of music you guys play?
      Sincerely, Ramie Pastore
      We play authentic Jamaican roots reggae.

      - Mike
    • Hello Mike Page, Trey, Fish:
      My name is Rich Luzzi. I work at the NASA Ames Research Center in Northern California. I work at the Aerospace Human Factors Research Division (ASHFRD), and specifically in the Advanced Displays and Facial Perception labs. Never mind all that government hogwash. I basically work in the Virtual Perception labs, creating 3-D computer generated "virtual environments." After Ivan Sutherland developed this first form of primitive "virtual reality" in 1969, NASA has done some of the most extensive testing and R and D in this field.
      Rich Luzzi
      Dear Rich::
      That sounds wonderful.

      - Mike
    • Dear Phish:
      I have written to Doniac Schvice 10 times before. I would be really grateful and appreciateive if I could just get my name in the newsletter. I want to win a bet with my friend who says that I will never get in the newsletter (We bet 25 bucks).

      P.S. I will split the cash with you if my name is printed. 50/50.
      Kristine Putty
      Dear Kristine Putty:
      Of course we are more than happy to print your name for you. I would like to incorporate it into a poem if you don't mind:
      Kristine Putty Kristine Putty
      Send the money Send the money
      Fifty/Fifty is what you said
      Kristine Putty send the money
      or you'll soon be dead

    • Dear Fishman:
      I just want to say that I love a man who does not wear anything under his dress. I hope to marry you someday.
      Stay Cool, Roxanne Cimo
      Staying cool is exactly why I don't wear anything under my dress. I hope to marry you someday too.

      Cool as a breeze through the treeses
    • Dear Phish:
      We find many of your chord progressions, basslines, etc. difficult to figure out because you use jazz chords and various progressions which are very difficult to learn by ear. Which brings me to my idea: Phish should release sheet music! I know it would make my life much easier. If you do, please also put out basslines for us few bassists out there.
      Signed, Chris Lehault
      We've started talking to various people who are helping us transcribe the music. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but we want to do it right. We should have sheet usic available in the future. Thanks for writing.

    • Dear Phish:
      I would like to know how you came up with the title "Riker's Mailbox" for a song, because that title has much meaning to me. You see, when I was in middle school 2 years ago. I had a woodshop teacher named Mr. Al Riker. He was old and clumsy. He cut many of his fingertips off. He caused a small fire in the woodshop once and got the nickname "Sparky" because of the fire. Also, he didn't believe in washing his clothes with detergent. He would go on about stories about wood. Anyway, I made some cool stuff in his class.
      Glen Braunsdorf
      Dear Sparky:
      I too once started a fire using detergent and wood. Perhaps sometime I would like to go on about the story.

    • Dear Phish:
      I just poured myself a nice cup of hot chocolate into my new Phish Mug. After I had drunk it all, the mug started to make some weird noises. Should I still drink from your most perfect mug?
      Confused, Fry
      Yes, please continue to drink from my most perfect mug.