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Rated by ESRB for Mature audiences
True Crime®: New York City

Sequel to the critically acclaimed True Crime┬«: L.A., True Crime®: New York City incorporates driving, shooting and fighting into a brand new action-packed adventure. Run the streets of New York City as rogue street cop Marcus Reed. Use and abuse your authority as you investigate the murder of your trusted mentor and take control of the city. Use your power to interrogate, chase, extort, use informants, take bribes, arrest, confiscate, and more in pursuit of your definition of "justice". Regulate New York City from Times Square to Harlem and virtually every building in the city as you take part in gun wars, brawls, and high-speed pursuits.


Street Justice: Bust criminals, take down gangs, search, seize, extort, take bribes, confiscate, interrogate, use informants and dispense justice your way - by whatever means you deem fit.

Run New York City: Regulate the city from Times Square to Harlem and Chinatown - all the authentic streets, neighborhoods, landmarks, subways and inside all the buildings in between.

Thriving City or Urban Decay: Bust crimes or watch the neighborhoods decay - stores close, crime rises, perps become more violent unless you take control.

Everything's a Weapon: Tables, stoves, ovens, chairs, machines, and anything else you see can be used to fight your enemies. Additionally, use police issued weapons like pistols, grenades, and rifles or black market firepower like flamethrowers, semi-automatics, Molotov cocktails and more.

Brawl Your Way: Seamlessly choose one of five unique fighting styles to bust up perps depending on your enemy or preference. Fighting styles also apply to melee weapons like staffs, swords, bats and more.

Navigate the 'Hoods: Use SUVs, motorcycles, sports cars, police vehicles, trucks, buses, and more are available to cruise around or gun down enemies. Or take cabs or the subway for more direct routes.

NYC Soundtrack: Experience the deepest NYC soundtrack ever in a game, with tracks from Jay-Z to the Ramones.

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11/16/05 - Activision Hits the Gritty Streets of Manhattan With the Debut of True Crime®: New York City

10/28/05 - PUMA® and Activision Partner... ...Hits Stores with Unique Sneaker Collector Twist

09/19/05 - An Arresting Line Up of Voiceover Talent Brings Activision's True Crime®: New York City to Life

05/18/05 - Activision Set to Debut New Lead Character... ...'Guess the City and Win Marcus' Ride' Sweepstakes...


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