Lifesize Kasumi Pillow to be Included in DOA Ultimate Xbox Bundle

For lonely souls who can't get enough Kasumi, Team Ninja offers a 160cm long "hugging pillow."

Following the recently announced limited edition Kasumi Blue Xbox bundle, Team Ninja and Microsoft have announced that a 160cm huggable Kasumi pillow will be included as well. Since people in the U.S. would need to risk great shame and embarrassment in having a huggable video game heroine pillow, it is safe to say that the bundle (or at least the pillow) won't see a statewide release. However, it is very likely that all 5000 units of the Kasumi bundle pack will be sold out in Japan.

In related news, all 1000 units of the "Xbox Pure White Limited" consoles have sold out in less than a week after its release. Although the deal was launched on January 31, 2004 and was scheduled to be sold through Febuary 6, the consoles sold out shortly after they went on retail.

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