LoCosto™ Solutions: TCS2310: LoCosto™ GPRS

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TCS2310: LoCosto™ GPRS - Availability Disclaimer

Integrating TI's groundbreaking DRP™ technology, "LoCosto" successfully incorporates functions that previously have not been combined in a single device. With the RF section included in the device, designs save space and components while requiring less interconnect for greater reliability. The digitization of what was formerly analog functionality improves testability, enables built-in calibration, reduces drift effects and allows for auto-compensation for process and temperature variances. All of these advantages add to the savings in cost from a smaller platform and the potential to create phones in new sleeker form factors.

The LoCosto platform combines an ARM7™ general-purpose RISC processor core with a TMS320C54x™ DSP core, both operating at 104 MHz, for high performance with low power consumption. An improved memory interface with DMA supports a variety of external memory types efficiently. Reference designs are available for the solutions and come with extensive software support for codecs, testing and other standards to help simplify design.

The GPRS-based LoCosto solution adds support for MP3/AAC ringers & players, camera with second display, MIDI 32 polyphonies ringtones, Bluetooth®, non-removable and removable mass storage media, additional external program and data memory, peripheral interfaces and complete set of functionality required for entry-level handsets.

TI offers integrated application suites to reduce development time and improve time to market.
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Key Benefits:

  • GPRS Class 10
  • Dual color LCDs
  • MP3/AAC player and ringers
  • MIDI 32 polyphonies player and ringer
  • Integrated VGA camera support
  • TI Bluetooth® protocol stack and profiles
  • Non-removable and removable mass storage interface

Availability Disclaimer

This product is intended for high-volume wireless OEMs and ODMs and is not available through distributors. If your company meets this description, please contact your TI sales office.

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