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What is Chochmat?
Chochmat HaLev is Wisdom of the Heart


At Chochmat HaLev, we want you to experience Judaism as relevant to you, in an atmosphere that is friendly, warm, authentic and meaningful. And we know that, for many, synagogue brings up some stodgy images, far removed from any notion of spirituality. Well, this is not your parents' synagogue. We offer meditation services, stomp-your-feet and dance-the-horah Shabbats, a myriad of classes and riveting speakers, Jewish education for adults & children, and much, much more.

At Chochmat HaLev, it is our mission to bring together a spiritual community of individuals and families who are focused on renewing Judaism as a joyful and relevant path. We provide a wide range of opportunities to deepen your spiritual practice and to connect to the Divine, as each person's path is unique. Whether your prefer to sit alone in contemplation, or to join hands and voices, the overarching theme is connection to others and community through meditation, prayer, study, service, and celebration.


Founded in 1995 by Rabbi Avram Davis and Nan Fink Geffen, Chochmat HaLev is a joyful Jewish community, an academy for in-depth relevant Jewish learning, and a center for Jewish meditation, teaching and practice. Chochmat HaLev literally means "wisdom of the heart."


At Chochmat, we'll make sure the first face you see when you come to Shabbat services has a smile on it. A greeter will be nearby to ask your name, hand you the Shabbat supplement, and welcome you to the community.

You’ll enjoy upbeat music and sparkling distillations of the Torah that help you deal with real life issues. We’ll teach you a bit of Hebrew and leave you humming the Shabbat tunes for the rest of the week. You will WANT to make Shabbat observance a regular part of your life.

We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. So, dress casually or festively & you’ll fit right in. Wear what makes you feel good. It’s Shabbat after all!


Chochmat HaLev is not just a place to come for Shabbats and holiday services. We offer Jewish meditation, edifying classes, and exciting events throughout the year. We were originally founded as a school, and we continue to offer thought-provoking, even life-changing, long-term and intensive courses. We even have a community supported agriculture program. We are sure that no other Jewish community offers the richness, depth, and breadth that we do—all in one place.


We know that you will love Chochmat and both its small and expanded communities. We hope you will join the Chochmat family officially and support Chochmat to thrive. You’ll get free High Holy Day tickets to boot when you join!

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