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Welcome to Appomattox History!

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This is the official website of the Appomattox County Historical Society, a non profit volunteer organization dedicated to preservation of our unique place in American History.

When Appomattox is mentioned, the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia by Gen. R. E. Lee to Gen. U. S. Grant springs to mind. This event of  history ensured that the name "Appomattox" would live forever in the minds of historians.

Many people, the world over, are familiar with the Military History of the Surrender at Appomattox.  Approximately 175,000 people visit the Appomattox Courthouse National Park each year to learn more about the place "Where Our Nation re-united." 

Clover Hill Village, Appomattox

Clover Hill Village

But there are other interesting stories to tell about the History of Appomattox. These are the stories of Indians, early settlers, farming and tobacco. At one time the County had the largest manufacturer of ceramic smoking pipes.

There is the story of Joel Sweeney who added a fifth string to the banjo and became famous worldwide for his minstrel music. His home and his final resting place is here.

The Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the civilian history as well as the military history of our people and our county.

The Society maintains and operates the Appomattox County Museum and  Clover Hill Village, both of which are convenient to the National Historic Park.

Browse our website and plan to spend some extra time in Appomattox. You'll be glad you did!

Appomattox County Museum

County Historical Museum

The Society is a private non-profit organization of members and volunteers dedicated to preserving the civilian history as well as relating it to the "Surrender at Appomattox."

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 When you visit the Appomattox Courthouse National Park you should include a visit to Clover Hill Village. See how the civilians coped with life in 1865.

Original inhabitants were Appomattox Indians.

Earlier settlers received land grants from the Colonial Governor.

Appomattox County formed in 1845.

First Courthouse was Clover Hill Village, renamed Appomattox Courthouse.

Battle of Appomattox Station took place at the village of Nebraska, Virginia, two and one half miles southwest of Appomattox Courthouse. The capture of supply trains left Gen. Lee no choice but to surrender.

Nebraska, Virginia was commisssioned as a U.S. Post Office in 1855 and was renamed West Appomattox in 1895.

Appomattox  Courthouse was moved to Nebraska, Virginia in 1895. Following this move Nebraska was renamed West Appomattox. The Courthouse and Jail were completed in 1897.

The U.S. Park Service acquired the lands surrounding Appomattox Courthouse in 1936 and began the establishment of the National Park in 1948.







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