Thank You

§ Posted by Karen  |  Saturday 18 September

On behalf of the organisers of YAPC::Europe 2004 I would like to say a big thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and attendees. Without you there would have been no conference. You were great!

Paying at the auction

§ Posted by Marty  |  Friday 17 September

If you can't pay in cash, use PayPal:


§ Posted by Marty  |  Thursday 16 September

The UK Free Software Network have sponsored YAPC::Europe by providing our 2Mbps Net connection.

UKFSN sell broadband internet connections so they can fund Free Software in the UK by donating their profits to the Association for Free Software.


§ Posted by Marty  |  Monday 13 September

The conference schedule is now available.

Powered by Movable Type, really!

§ Posted by Marty  |  Wednesday 1 September

Movable TypeMovable Type is a blog content management Perl application written by Six Apart. They have recently opened a new office in Paris to enable them to develop and extend Movable Type and TypePad for the European market.

To mark their expansion they wanted to sponsor YAPC::Europe this year. During the conference they will explain how they can help Perl developers make money. And they are looking for a good Perl engineer.

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