The healthy choice should be an easy choice. BCHLA advocates for and supports health-promoting policies, environments, programs and services so that British Columbians have opportunities to be healthy.

The BCHLA has two evidence-based papers that inform our advocacy work:

The focus of BCHLA’s advocacy is on efforts that address the common risk factors of chronic disease (physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, tobacco use, obesity) and underlying determinants that contribute significantly to cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes.

As an advocacy group, we are working with government and holding them accountable to promote wellness and prevent chronic disease.

The BC Government has made substantive progress in responding to the Alliance’s Winning Legacy Recommendations, initially presented to the Government in 2005. So we have much to be proud of. Nevertheless, there are challenges ahead if BC is to narrow the large gap between the healthiest British Columbians and those who suffer from ill health.

We look forward to continuing our work with government and other stakeholders on making British Columbia a healthier place for all.


Healthy Futures for BC Families: A Policy Discussion

On October 2nd, 2008 the BC Healthy Living Alliance hosted 150 opinion leaders from a range of sectors to discuss policy options for improving the social conditions for health.

The purpose of the policy discussion was to build cross-sectoral consensus on the policy responses necessary to address those social issues that can impede or enhance the health of a society, including access to:  affordable housing, early childhood development and care, income and food security, and supportive environments.

The BC Healthy Living Alliance presented the findings and policy options from their Policy Discussion Paper: Healthy Futures for BC Families.

Presentations made by the following Expert Panelists are linked below:

The Alliance will be reviewing the feedback from participants at the Policy Discussion and using it to enhance and sharpen the BCHLA platform on the Social Determinants of Health.

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