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Sexuality Policy Watch at the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Health

Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) was constituted as a global forum composed of researchers and activists from a wide range of countries and regions of the world. Inspired by local and international initiatives, the SPW 's mandate is twofold: to contribute to sexuality related global policy debates through strategic policy-oriented research and analysis projects, and to promote more effective linkages between local, regional and global initiatives.

Over the past few decades, sexuality has become the focal point for political controversy and a key domain for social change. Issues such as protecting sexual freedoms and enhancing access to resources that promote sexual health are among the SPW 's central concerns.

Working Papers:
Sexuality Policy Watch: Working Paper #1, June, 2004

Global Implications of U.S. Domestic and International Policies on Sexuality
by Françoise Girard

Abstract: This paper identifies and analyzes Bush Administration policies and actions regarding sexuality, both at home and abroad. While many of these measures have been put forward directly by the Administration, some have been promoted by allies (certain Republican Representatives in Congress play that role consistently) with White House support. It also seeks to highlight how some of the Administration's broader, cross-cutting policies, such as its faith-based initiative, are magnifying the impact of Bush Administration policies on sexuality. Throughout, this paper will seek to tease out the international implications of these policies for actors in other countries, whether at the national and local level or within the UN system.

Global Implications of U.S. Domestic and International Policies on Sexuality

Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Rights:

The Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Rights is an ongoing project of Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW). This version of the bibliography is not exhaustive, but is rather a work in progress, and will continue to be updated every six months. All annotations are written in English, and where available, original abstracts are included in addition to the SPW annotation.

The bibliography is available in text format as Microsoft Word and as a PDF file.

To make suggestions about materials to be added, or to contribute annotations for possible inclusion, please send an email to Miguel Muñoz-Laboy,

Sexuality Policy Watch Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Rights

SPW Contact Information:
Sexuality Policy Watch Secretariat

Center for Gender, Sexuality and Health
Department of Sociomedical Sciences
Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University
722 West 168th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10032

Tel: +1-212-342-0285
Email: Miguel Muñoz-Laboy,

Center for Gender, Sexuality and Health

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