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February 19, 2008

USAID and ANERA Launch a Project to Install Water Network in Sarra

Sarra, West Bank –The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) held a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday for the installation of an internal water network in the village of Sarra in the Nablus Governorate.

Currently, Sarra’s 3,000 residents rely on water trucked into the community and are often subject to frequent water shortages. The new internal network, which will ensure access to a reliable water supply, will be installed under the Emergency Water and Sanitation (EWAS) Program, funded by USAID and implemented by ANERA. The total cost of the project is $255,000 and is anticipated to generate 1,800 days of employment.

Through EWAS, USAID and ANERA have recently implemented several water projects in the Nablus area, thereby improving the quality of life for residents. EWAS projects have extended water networks in five villages, built 177 rainwater collection cisterns for underserved families, and installed water pumps in three Nablus communities. These projects, which have benefited 22,500 people, helped to create more than 10,000 days of employment.

ANERA – American Near East Refugee Aid
ANERA is a leading American, non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aid to Palestinians and other populations in need in the Middle East; we are an independent, apolitical, non-religious entity. For nearly 40 years, ANERA has partnered with local groups in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan to provide relief in the areas of health care, education and employment, . Our funding comes from private, public and corporate donors.