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The top 50

New kids on the block join tech stalwarts in Boulder, Broomfield counties

The largest private employers in Boulder-Broomfield counties remain an eclectic bunch.

Restaurant chains, a truck soft-top maker, an international manufacturer of window blinds, pharmaceutical giants and high-tech companies once again made the Daily Camera's annual ranking of the area's 50 largest job providers.

As fits the area's reputation, technology remains the dominant for-profit industry.

But the top of the rankings shuffled this year, with Broomfield's Ball Corp. - a packaging maker with a space industry subsidiary - moving into the second spot as a result of its growth and Sun Microsystems cutting its payroll by 400 positions.

As is perennially the case, IBM remains easily the area's largest employer. Big Blue's 4,500 employees marks a reduction of 200 positions compared to last year's list, but no other area private company is within 1,500 jobs of the high-tech and business services giant.

The rankings do not include government agencies or nonprofit groups, which means major employers such as the University of Colorado, federal labs and all of the local hospitals are absent.

About a quarter of the companies in the rankings reported smaller work forces than last year, but the average size of the companies, 753 employees, is larger by 14 positions than last year's average of 739.

DoubleClick, which has a site in Broomfield, moved farthest up the list this year, rising 10 positions to become the 25th largest employer. It reported 475 employees, 140 more than last year.

Wal-Mart moved up nine spots to the 12th position. It reported 874 employees — a 45 percent growth in local payroll as a result of opening a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Broomfield. The 274 jobs it added in 2004 was the most of any area company.

Participation in the list is voluntary, and as a result some large employers aren't reflected in the rankings.

Some well-known local companies, such as SpectraLogic and Lehman Communications — publisher of the Longmont Daily Times-Call newspaper — did not submit information this year and thus do not appear in the list, though they are probably big enough to have made the rankings.

Portions of the list changed since last year because of companies growing big enough to make the list or, in the case of Longmont's Concepts Direct catalogue merchandiser, as a result of a company leaving the area.

First-time Top 50 companies include TransFirst, processor of electronic financial transactions. It added 110 positions and opened a Louisville divisional headquarters, growing big enough to make the 38th spot in the rankings in the space of one year.

WhiteWave Foods, also appears on the list for the first time. White Wave tofu-maker and Horizon Organic Dairy have been mainstays among area businesses, but it wasn't until parent company Dean Foods combined all the operations into one company that it was big enough to crack the list.

Dropping off the end of the list was Highland Inc., of Longmont, a high-tech worker placement firm. It reported 55 fewer positions on its payroll this year compared to last and was replaced at No. 50 by Boulder's Carrier Access, a company that provides switches and services to telecommunications providers.

To compile the list, we contacted dozens of businesses and, during the course of several weeks, ran announcements in the business section seeking entries. We asked companies for the number of full-time employees based in Broomfield and Boulder counties. Some companies include part-time employees in their total count.

In cases where local employers are divisions of larger businesses, the parent company's financial information may appear instead of the local division. It is noted when those figures are shown.

The term "WND" is used in places where the company would not disclose the information and research did not provide an answer.

Along with the information submitted by the companies, Securities and Exchange Commission, financial wire service information and the Daily Camera archives were used to compile this list.


1) IBM Corp.

Address: 6300 Diagonal Highway, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 924-6300

Fax: (303) 924-6270

Web site: www.ibm.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ IBM

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 4,500

Worldwide employees: 319,000

Local executive: Larry Longseth

2004 revenue: $96.5 billion

2004 net income: $8.4 billion

Description: Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM offers computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics, and related services and business consulting.

Update: IBM Boulder employees contributed a record $921,000 to non-profit organizations through their annual Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign in 2004.


2) Ball Corp.

Address: 10 Longs Peak Drive, Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303) 469-3131

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.ball.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/BLL

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 2,975

Worldwide employees: 13,200

Local executive: R. David Hoover

2004 revenue: $5.4 billion

2004 net income: $295.6 million

Description: Ball Corp. is a supplier of metal and plastic packaging products, primarily for the beverage and food industries. The company also owns Boulder-based Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., which develops sensors, spacecraft, systems and components for government and commercial markets.

Update: Ball Corp. celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2005. Ball Aerospace will mark its 50th anniversary in 2006. Space probe Deep Impact launched in January. It contains two spacecraft built by Ball and will send one of those spacecraft into the comet Tempel 1 on July 4.


3) Sun Microsystems Inc.

Address: 500 Eldorado Blvd., Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303)

Web site: www.sun.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/SUNW

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 2,700

Worldwide employees: 35,000

Local executive: Terry Erdle

2004 revenue: $11.2 billion

2004 net loss: $388 million

Description: Since its inception in 1982, Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun Microsystems built a business on its vision that "the network is the computer." It is a provider of hardware, software and services for network computing.

Update: Late in 2004, Sun launched the Solaris10 operating system, which sets a new benchmark for operating system performance, vendor neutrality and security.


4) Level 3 Communications Inc.

Address: 1025 Eldorado Blvd., Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (720) 888-1000

Fax: (720) 888-5130

Web site: www.level3.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/LVLT

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 2,150

Worldwide employees: 4,600

Local executive: James Crowe

2004 revenue: $3.7 billion

2004 net loss: $458 million

Description: Level 3 owns and operates a 23,000-mile fiber-optic network spanning most of North America and Western Europe. The company sells wholesale telecommunications services to a wide variety of customers, including carriers, Internet service providers, local and long-distance phone companies, cable operators, Internet content providers and others. Level 3 also operates a Dallas-based subsidiary, Software Spectrum, which is a distributor of business software to large enterprises.

Update: The company raised $1.1 billion in December through a new bank loan and the issuance of new convertible debt. Subsequently, in February, it raised another $880 million in a private debt offering with seven institutional investors.


5) Storage Technology Corp.

Address: One StorageTek Drive, Louisville, 80028

Phone: (303) 673-5151

Fax: (303) 661-2541

Web site: www.storagetek.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/STK

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 2,000

Worldwide employees: 7,100

Local executive: Patrick J. Martin

2004 revenue: $2.2 billion

2004 net income: $191 million

Description: StorageTek offers a portfolio data storage devices including tape, disk, storage networking, storage management software, and backup and recovery management.

Update: StorageTek celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2004, a year in which it reported a 25 percent increase in revenue compared to the previous 12 months. It announced in March that it would create a subsidiary in India, a country where it has employed software writers contractually since 2001.


6) Safeway Inc.

Address: 6900 Yosemite St., Centennial, 80112

Phone: (877) 723-3929

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.safeway.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/SWY

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 1,245

Worldwide employees: 180,000

Local executive: Scott Grimmett

2004 revenue: $35.8 billion

2004 net income: $560 million

Description: Safeway operates 144 supermarkets in Colorado and neighboring states, including 11 Safeway Food and Drug stores in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Update: During the past year, Safeway has extensively remodeled three stores in Erie, Superior and Longmont into the grocer's new Lifestyle concept. Safeway, like its competitor Kroger Co., reached a new contract with its main employees' union following eight months of discussions and fears of a work stoppage.


7) Seagate Technology

Address: 389 Disc Drive, Longmont, 80503

Phone: (720) 684-1900

Fax: (720) 684-2728

Web site: www.seagate.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/STX

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 1,200

Worldwide employees: 41,000

Local executive: Andy Davis

2004 revenue: $6.2 billion

2004 net income: $529 million

Description: Seagate designs, manufactures and markets hard disc drives for computers and other consumer electronics.

Update: Seagate introduced several new products in June that target applications ranging from MP3 players to DVRs and other consumer electronics, notebook computers, PCs, servers and corporate data centers. The new disc drives include the world's first 1-inch, 5-gigabyte hard drive.


8) Valleylab, a division of Tyco International's Tyco Healthcare Group

Address: 5920 Longbow Drive, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 530-2300

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.valleylab.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/TYC

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 1,000

Worldwide employees: 1,200

Local executive: Scott Drake

2004 revenue: $40 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $2.9 billion (parent company)

Description: Valleylab, a unit of Mansfield, Mass.-based Tyco Healthcare, supplies energy-based surgical solutions.

Update: None provided.


9) Hunter Douglas Inc.,

Window Fashions Division

Address: One Duette Way, Broomfield, 80020

Phone: (303) 466-1848

Fax: (303) 876-3630

Web site: www.hunterdouglas.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 934

Worldwide employees: 15,913

Local executive: Richard M. Pellett

2004 revenue: $2.3 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $231 million (parent company)

Description: Hunter Douglas' Window Fashions Division manufactures and markets fashionable window coverings. It is a division of Netherlands-based Hunter Douglas Group NV.

Update: The company's new Trio(r) Convertible Shades won a Silver award in the 2004 Industrial Design Excellence Awards, co-sponsored by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America. It was the fourth time products from the local division brought home the award, and Hunter Douglas is the only window covering company to have ever been honored with one.


10) ConAgra Foods Inc.

Address: 150 Main St., Longmont, 80501

Phone: (303) 776-6611

Fax: (303) 678-4120

Web site: www.conagrafoods.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/CAG

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 920

Worldwide employees: 40,000

Local executive: Tom Christensen

2004 revenue: $14.5 billion

2004 net income: (Company is restating earnings, result not available)

Description: Omaha, Neb.-based ConAgra Foods is a packaged food company that serves consumer grocery retailers, restaurants and other food service establishments. The Longmont facility produces turkey products under the Longmont label and the Butterball and Healthy Choice brands.

Update: ConAgra Foods announced Sept. 28 that Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, Inc. exercised its option to acquire ConAgra Foods' minority interest in Swift Foods. Swift Foods was created when ConAgra Foods divested its fresh beef and pork operations just over two years ago.


11) Corporate Express Inc., a Buhrmann company

Address: 1 Environmental Way, Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303) 664-2000

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.corporateexpress.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/BUH

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 900

Worldwide employees: 17,600

Local executive: Mark Hoffman

2004 revenue: $4.5 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $220 million

Description: Broomfield-based Corporate Express Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buhrmann NV, an international business services and distribution group. Buhrmann is a global supplier of office products, paper and graphic systems for the business market. Corporate Express' North American operations include 183 facilities and 38 distribution centers.

Update: In 2004, Corporate Express added real-time tracking, Mobile Proof of Delivery, across its fleet of 1,400 delivery vehicles in all 28 U.S. Divisions. The technology allows the company to track deliveries from its warehouses to when they are received by a customer.


12) Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Address: 702 SW 8th St., Bentonville, Ark., 72716

Phone: (800) 925-6278

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.walmart.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ WMT

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 874

Worldwide employees: 1.6 million

Local executive: None provided.

2004 revenue: $285.2 billion

2004 net income: $10.3 billion

Description: Wal-Mart is the world's largest company, an international retailer that employs more people in the United States than any other private employer.

Update: In August, it opened its first area Wal-Mart Supercenter in Broomfield, a 200,000-square-foot store that sells groceries and general goods. The company has announced plans for two other area Supercenters, one in Longmont and one in Lafayette. Nationally, the company started a campaign in 2004 to debunk what it calls myths about its business practices that unfairly tarnish its image. The campaign has a Web site, www.walmartfacts.com.


13) Maxtor Corp.

Address: 2452 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, 80503

Phone: (800) 262-9867

Fax: (303) 678-2267

Web site: www.maxtor.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/MXO

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 850

Worldwide employees: 13,500

Local executive: Mike Wingert

2004 revenue: $3.8 billion

2004 net loss: $107 million

Description: Milpitas, Calif.-based Maxtor Corp. is a supplier of hard disk drives and consumer data storage. The company's line of storage products covers desktop computers, storage systems, high-performance Intel-based servers as well as consumer electronics.

Update: Maxtor launched several new storage products recently. They include the DiamondMax 10 family of ATA drives for desktop PCs; SCSI drives, the Atlas 15 K II and Atlas 10 K V; and the Maxtor OneToucha II drive. Maxtor QuickView drives also reached the 8 million mark for sales in the digital video recorder market.


14) Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis AG

Address: 2555 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 80020

Phone: (303) 466-2400

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.us.sandoz.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/NVS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 785

Worldwide employees: 13,400

Local executive: Vacant

2004 revenue: $28.2 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $5.8 billion (parent company)

Description: Sandoz, formerly Geneva Pharmaceuticals, is based in Princeton, N.J. It develops and produces generic drugs and has manufactured some in Broomfield since 1975. The company is a subsidiary of Basel, Switzerland-based Novartis AG.

Update: In 2004, Novartis announced the acquisition of Hexal and Eon Labs, companies that will be integrated into the Sandoz division.


15) Amgen Inc.

Address: 5550 Airport Blvd., Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 401-1000

Fax: (303) 401-7601

Web site: www.amgen.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/AMGN

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 750

Worldwide employees: 14,000

Local executive: Eric Bergeson

2004 revenue: $10.6 billion

2004 net income: $2.4 billion

Description: Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Amgen designs and produces human therapeutics, and has had a presence in Colorado since 1981, beginning with a small research lab in Boulder. Amgen's Boulder and Longmont facilities manufacture treatments for oral mucositis, rheumatoid arthritis, and anemia caused by chronic kidney disease or chemotherapy. The Colorado sites also play a role in manufacturing Amgen's investigational therapies for use in clinical trials.

Update: The FDA approved Amgen's Kepivance, for the treatment of oral mucositis, a painful and debilitating side effect of chemotherapy. Kepivance will be made in Boulder.


16) McKesson Corp.

Address: 335 Interlocken Parkway, Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303) 466-9500

Fax: (303) 466-5949

Web site: www.careenhance.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/MCK

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 733

Worldwide employees: 24,000

Local executive: None provided.

2004 revenue: $69.5 billion

2004 net income: $646.5 million

Description: San Francisco-based McKesson is a Fortune 16 health care services and information technology company that tries to reduce health care costs, streamline processes and improve the quality and safety of patient care. During its 170-year history, McKesson has grown to provide pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management for hospitals, physicians, home care and payors as well automation for hospitals and retail pharmacies. It also provides services for manufacturers and payors that are designed to improve outcomes for patients.

Update: The company won a an award from the Chronic Care Improvement Program, also known as the Medicare Health Support Program, from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


17) King Soopers, a division of Kroger Co.

Address: 65 Tejon. St., Denver, 80223

Phone: (303) 778-3100

Fax: (303) 778-3200

Web site: www.kingsoopers.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/KR

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 728

Worldwide employees: 16,157 (King Soopers/City Markets); 290,000 (parent company)

Local executive: Russ Dispense

2004 revenue: $56.4 billion (parent company)

2004 net loss: $128 million (parent company)

Description: King Soopers is a grocery store chain that covers the Colorado Front Range and, with its City Market stores, the mountain and West Slope part of the state. Its parent company, Cincinnati-based Kroger, is the largest traditional grocery in the country.

Update: In 2004, it opened two new area stores. The company also reached a contract agreement with its major employee union after eight months of talks and concern about a possible work stoppage.


18) Target Corp.

Address: 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55423

Phone: (612) 304-6073

Fax: None provided

Web site: www.target.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/TGT

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 712

Worldwide employees: 300,000

Local executive: Sanja Krajnovic

2004 revenue: $46.8 billion

2004 net income: $3.2 billion

Description: Minneapolis-based Target is a national discount retailer.

Update: It added non-perishable food and a pharmacy to its Boulder store off 28th and Pearl streets as part of a 17,126-square-foot expansion.


19) Intrado Inc.

Address: 1601 Dry Creek Dr., Longmont, 80503

Phone: (720) 494-5800

Fax: (720) 494-6600

Web site: www.intrado.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/TRDO

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 638

Worldwide employees: 753

Local executive: George Heinrichs

2004 revenue: $136.5 million

2004 net loss: $3.5 million

Description: Intrado provides the switching and data backbone for much of North America's 911 emergency infrastructure, managing its data, routing calls and providing subscription, wireless data and notification services.

Update: Intrado celebrated its 25th year of playing a key part in the nation's emergency communications network.


20) Wild Oats Markets Inc.

Address: 3375 Mitchell Lane, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (800) 494-9453

Fax: (303)786-7181

Web site: www.wildoats.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/OATS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 617

Worldwide employees: 9,024

Local executive: Perry Odak

2004 revenue: $1.05 billion

2004 net loss: $40 million

Description: Wild Oats, started in Boulder, is a leading retailer of natural and organic products nationwide. It has 110 stores in 24 states and Canada. The chain's stores operate under the names Wild Oats, Henry's Farmers Market, Caper's Community Markets and Sun Harvest.

Update: Wild Oats opened 12 new stores in 2004, including a new flagship model in Superior. It also committed to building its corporate headquarters and a 35,000-square-foot grocery store at the Twenty Ninth Street shopping center being built in Boulder.


21) Kable Fulfillment Services, a subsidiary of AMREP Corp.'s Kable News Company Inc.

Address: 335 Centennial Parkway, Louisville, 80304

Phone: (303) 666-7000

Fax: (303) 604-7596

Web site: www.kable.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/AXR

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 610

Worldwide employees: 1,450

Local executive: Rory Burke

2004 revenue: $131 million

2004 net income: $11.7 million

Description: Kable Fulfillment Services provides magazine, membership and list order fulfillment services to publishers and organizations.

Update: In 2004, Mt. Morris, Ill.-based Kable News Company, a subsidiary of New York-based AMREP, consolidated its subscription fulfillment and direct mail operations into its Louisville location.


22) Electronic Data Systems Corp.

Address: 833 S. Boulder Road, Louisville, 80027

Phone: (303) 665-6500

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.eds.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/EDS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 480

Worldwide employees: 120,000

Local executive: Mike O'Hair

2004 revenue: $20.6 billion

2004 net income: $158 million

Description: Plano, Texas-based EDS offers many business services and technologies to help companies improve their performance. EDS' core portfolio includes information-technology, applications and business process services.

Update: In early 2005, the EDS-led Atlas Consortium signed a $4 billion contract with the British Ministry of Defense for the Defense Information Infrastructure Program that will support Her Majesty's Armed Forces with a leading-edge information technology infrastructure.


23) McData Corp.

Address: 380 Interlocken Crescent, Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (720) 558-3790

Fax: None provided.

Web site: www.mcdata.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/MCDT and MCDTA

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 596

Worldwide employees: 1,028

Local executive: John Kelley

2004 revenue: $399.8 million

2004 net loss: $19.1 million

Description: McData produces hardware and software and provides services in support of data networks. Now 20 years old, the company says it connects more than two-thirds of all networked data through its centrally managed network.

Update: It acquired the Sanera and Nishan companies in 2004, expanding McData's product portfolio, technology expertise and customer base.


24) McLane Western, a part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s McLane Company Inc.

Address: 100 East Highway 119, Longmont, 80504

Phone: (303) 682-7500

Fax: (303) 682-7557

Web site: www.mclaneco.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/BRK A

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 530

Worldwide employees: 14,461 (McLane Company); 172,700 (parent company)

Local executive: Stuart Clark

2004 revenue: $64.3 billion (parent company)

2004 net income/loss: $8.2 billion

Description: McLane Western, a part of Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway, is a wholesaler for the convenience store, supercenter, club and discount retailers. McLane Western serves a five-state area — Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming.

Update: Temple, Texas-based McLane Company Inc. was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2003.


25) DoubleClick

Address: 11101 West 120th Ave., Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303) 410-5100

Fax: (303) 410-5300

Web site: www.doubleclick.net

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/DCLK

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 475

Worldwide employees: 1,500

Local executive: Brian Rainey

2004 revenue: (Not yet available; $270 million in 2003)

2004 net income: (Not yet available; $16 million in 2003)

Description: New York-based DoubleClick develops tools for advertisers, marketers and Web publishers for marketing management, online advertising and e-mail delivery.

Update: DoubleClick launched ClearEDGE, a database designed for mid-market catalog companies seeking to analyze customer data to identify new marketing opportunities.


26) Lockheed Martin

Integrated Systems & Solutions, a unit of Lockheed Martin Corp. (tied with No. 27)

Address: 6304 Spine Road, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 581-4200

Fax: (303) 581-4250

Web site: www.lockheedmartin.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/LMT

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 460

Worldwide employees: 130,000

Local executive: Mark Dow

2004 revenue: $35.5 billion (parent company)

2004 net income/loss: $1.2 billion (parent company)

Description: Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services. Teams in Boulder focus on the software development and engineering.

Update: None provided.


27) Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc. (tied with No. 26)

Address: 248 Centennial Parkway, Louisville, 80027

Phone: (303) 664-4364

Fax: (303) 664-4199

Web site: www.rockbottomrestaurantsinc.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 460

Worldwide employees: 6,184

Local executive: Ned Lidvall

2004 revenue: $264.8 million

2004 net loss: $300,000

Description: Privately held Rock Bottom Restaurants owns and operates 87 restaurants nationwide under the "Old Chicago," "Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery," "ChopHouse & Brewery," "Walnut Brewery" and "Sing Sing" names. The company projects 2005 sales of $273 million.

Update: The National Restaurant Association awarded Rock Bottom Restaurants with the fourth annual Restaurant Good Neighbor Award for Rock Bottom's philanthropy, which surpassed $1 million in 2001.


28) Micro Motion Inc., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. (tied with No. 29)

Address: 7070 Winchester Circle, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 530-8400

Fax: (303) 530-8459

Web site: www.micromotion.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/EMR

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 450

Worldwide employees: 111,500 (parent company)

Local executive: Gene Shanahan

2004 revenue: $15.6 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $1.7 billion (parent company)

Description: St. Louis-based Emerson Electric's Boulder-based Micro Motion supplies Coriolis flow meters, which precisely measure liquids and gases in numerous industries, including chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries and other refining.

Update: None provided.


29) Bestop Inc. (tied with No. 28)

Address: 2100 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 80020

Phone: (303) 465-1755

Fax: (303) 464-2702

Web site: www.bestop.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 450

Worldwide employees: 450

Local executive: Rick Sabourin

2004 revenue: WND

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: Privately held Bestop manufactures soft tops and accessories for small SUVs and light trucks. Products include replacement seats, soft and hard tops, running boards, consoles, and racks.

Update: In 2004, Bestop celebrated its 50th year in business.


30) Roche Colorado Corp., a division of Roche Group

Address: 2075 North 55th St., Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 442-1926

Fax: (303) 938-6305

Web site: www.rochecolorado.com

Stock exchange/symbol: American Depository Receipt / ROHHY

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 370

Worldwide employees: 64,594

Local executive: Georg Wiebecke

2004 revenue: $26.1 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $5.5 billion (parent company)

Description: Roche Colorado, a division of the Basel, Switzerland-based Roche Group, is a pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing facility.

Update: Roche Colorado produces pharmaceutical ingredients for such products as Fuzeon, the first in a new class of HIV therapies known as fusion inhibitors, and Tamiflu, an antiviral medication for the treatment of influenza.


31) Whole Foods Market Inc.

Address: 2905 Pearl St., Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 545-6611

Fax: (303) 545-6633

Web site: www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/WFMI

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 365

Worldwide employees: 35,000

Local executive: Louis Karp

2004 revenue: $3.9 billion

2004 net income: $137 million

Description: Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods is the country's largest natural and organic food retailer.

Update: Whole Foods Market in Boulder sponsored the Taste of Thanksgiving where the company raised $10,000 for the Community Food Share.


32) Albertsons Inc.

Address: 2750 N. Tower Road, Aurora, 80011

Phone: (303) 360-4300

Fax: (303) 360-4354

Web site: www.albertsons.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ABS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 359

Worldwide employees: 240,000

Local executive: Shane Dorcheus

2004 revenue: $40 billion

2004 net income: $474 million

Description: Albertsons is one of the world's largest food and drug retailers. The Boise, Idaho-based company operates more than 2,500 stores in 37 states across the U.S. and employs more than 240,000 people. Its store names include Albertsons, Acme, Shaw's, Jewel-Osco, Sav-on Drugs, Osco Drug, and Star Market. Super Saver and Bristol Farms are Albertsons-owned but operated independently.

Update: Albertsons started its "fresh rescue" program, providing local food banks with dairy and meat products. The effort will be launched in all of Albertsons operating areas.


33) Xilinx Inc.

Address: 3100 Logic Drive, Longmont, 80503

Phone: (720) 652-3600

Fax: (720) 652-3663

Web site: www.xilinx.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/XLNX

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 350

Worldwide employees: 2,770

Local executive: Kenn Perry

2004 revenue: $1.6 billion

2004 net income: $377 million

Description: San Jose, Calif.-based Xilinx develops, manufactures and markets integrated circuits, software design tools and intellectual property. Customers use the automated tools and intellectual property from Xilinx and its partners to program microchips to perform custom logic operations.

Update: Xilinx has been ranked in the top ten of Fortune Magazine's "Best Places To Work" list for three years straight, making it the highest ranking technology company to work for in the United States. The company has received numerous awards and praise for its corporate policies and management track record.


34) MWH Global Inc.

Address: 380 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 200, Broomfield, 80021

Phone: (303) 533-1900

Fax: (303) 533-1901

Web site: www.mwhglobal.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 349

Worldwide employees: 6,000

Local executive: Robert B. Uhler

2004 revenue: $946 million

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: MWH is a private, employee-owned consulting firm that provides engineering design and remediation, construction, procurement, program management, and technology solutions for the environmental, land, water, wastewater, energy and power markets of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Update: MWH further secured its position in water treatment engineering and infrastructure system modeling with the release and publication of four new textbooks.


35) WhiteWave Foods Co., a division of Dean Foods

Address: 1990 N. 57th Court, Boulder, 80301 or 6309 Monarch Park Place Longmont, 80503

Phone: (303) 530-2711; (303) 652-1371

Fax: (303) 443-3952

Web site: www.whitewave.com, www.horizonorganic.com, www.deanfoods.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/DF

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 325

Worldwide employees: 29,000

Local executive: Gregg Engles

2004 revenue: $10.8 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $285 million (parent company)

Description: WhiteWave Foods was established when Dean Foods consolidated much of its branded products business into one consumer packaged goods organization. Headquartered locally, WhiteWave Foods manufactures brands including Silk Soymilk and Horizon Organic dairy products, eggs and juices. WhiteWave Foods also produces International Delight coffee creamer, Land O' Lakes dairy products, Hershey's Milks and Milkshakes, Marie's dips and dressings and TofuTown Tofu Tenders.

Update: WhiteWave Foods will establish a 130,000-square-foot headquarters office in the Mountain View Corporate Center in Broomfield, during the third quarter of 2005. The new building, 12002 Airport Way, is meant to help attract top talent from the Denver metro area and will house almost 400 employees.


36) Lexmark International

Address: 6555 Monarch Road, Longmont, 80503

Phone: (303) 581-5000

Fax: (859) 232-7529

Web site: www.lexmark.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/LXK

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 300

Worldwide employees: 13,400

Local executive: John Byrne

2004 revenue: $5.3 billion

2004 net income: $568.7 million

Description: Lexington, Ky.-based Lexmark International Inc. helps businesses and consumers to move information between the digital and paper worlds. Formed in 1991, Lexmark develops, manufactures and supplies printing and imaging services for customers in more than 150 countries.

Update: None provided.


37) McGuckin Hardware

Address: 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 80302

Phone: (303) 443-1822

Fax: (303) 443-5126

Web site: www.mcguckin.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 286

Worldwide employees: 286

Local executive: Barry Hight

2004 revenue: WND

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: Privately held McGuckin Hardware offers the items found in a traditional hardware store plus much more. Some of the additional departments include housewares, sporting goods, pet supplies, school and office supplies, electronics, fireplace showroom, a complete floral and gift department plus a kitchen and bath design center just across the parking lot.

Update: The store marks its 50th year in business in 2005. It has been owned and operated by the same Boulder family since its creation. Spring and fall of each year, McGuckin Hardware holds its annual garage sales.


38) TransFirst

Address: 371 Centennial Parkway, Louisville, 80027

Phone: (303) 417-0000

Fax: (303) 417-1021

Web site: www.transfirst.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 280

Worldwide employees: 428

Local executive: Joni Floyd

2004 revenue: $480 million

2004 net income: WND

Description: Dallas-based TransFirst provides transaction processing services and payment technologies to financial institutions and other businesses. Founded in 1995, the company has grown to be the largest privately held processor in the United States not associated with a bank and is among the top 12 largest payment processors nationwide.

Update: As a result of doubling its business volume in 2004, TransFirst opened a divisional headquarters in Louisville. It added 110 employees, most through a Sept. 15 job fair the company hosted at its new site.


39) SpectraLink Corp.

Address: 5755 Central Ave., Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 440-5330

Fax: (303) 440-5331

Web site: www.spectralink.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/SLNK

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 275

Worldwide employees: 365

Local executive: John Elms

2004 revenue: $90 million

2004 net income: $11 million

Description: SpectraLink makes wireless telephony devices and provides mobile voice and messaging applications to businesses worldwide.

Update: John Elms completed his first full year as the company's president and chief executive officer. He recruited several executive management team members, including David Rosenthal, executive vice president and chief financial officer, Jill Kenney, executive vice president of sales and marketing, and John Kelley, executive vice president of operations.


40) Boulder Publishing LLC., a unit of E.W. Scripps Co.

Address: 1048 Pearl St., Boulder, 80302

Phone: (303) 442-1202

Fax: (303) 449-9358

Web site: www.dailycamera.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/SSP

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 254

Worldwide employees: 8,000

Local executive: Gregory Anderson

2004 revenue: $2.2 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $304 million (parent company)

Description: Cincinnati-based E.W. Scripps Co. owns Boulder Publishing, which produces the Daily Camera newspaper in Boulder, the Broomfield Enterprise, Dirt and all their associated Web sites. The Camera has a daily circulation of about 34,000 and 40,000 on Sunday. The Enterprise is a twice-weekly with a circulation of around 19,000 copies.

Update: The company launched the free tabloid Dirt in August, a weekday publication covering entertainment, culture, humor and news that is aimed at college-aged readers.


41) Quantum Corp. (tied with Nos. 42, 43, 44, 45)

Address: 4001 Discovery Dr.Suite 1100, Boulder, 80303

Phone: (720) 406-5700

Fax: (720) 460-5580

Web site: www.quantum.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ DSS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 250

Worldwide employees: 2,500

Local executive: Jim Wold

2004 revenue: $760 million

2004 net loss: $9 million

Description: Founded in 1980, San Jose, Calif.-based Quantum produces and supports backup, archive and recovery data storage devices. It is the world's largest volume supplier of tape drive and tape automation, and pioneered disk-based "virtual tape" systems for fast backup and recovery.

Update: Quantum reached an agreement in October to buy Certance, a privately held tape drive maker.


42) DigitalGlobe Inc. (tied with Nos. 41, 43, 44, 45)

Address: 1601 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, 80503

Phone: (303) 684-4000

Fax: (303) 684-4048

Web site: www.digitalglobe.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 250

Worldwide employees: 270

Local executive: Herb Satterlee

2004 revenue: WND

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: Privately held DigitalGlobe supplies commercial Earth imagery and geographic information to customers ranging from television news networks to individuals. The company's QuickBird satellite is the world's highest resolution commercial imaging satellite. The company's image library contains more than 100 million square kilometers of global imagery for use in mapping and planning.

Update: DigitalGlobe provides the satellite imagery for the on-line map function that search engine Google introduced April 4. DigitalGlobe also plans to launch its next-generation imaging satellite, WorldView, no later than 2006. WorldViewwill be capable of collecting images with 50-centimeter panchromatic resolution and 2.0-meter multi-spectral resolution.


43) Array BioPharma Inc. (tied with Nos. 41, 42, 44, 45)

Address: 3200 Walnut St., Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 381-6600

Fax: (303) 386-1390

Web site: www.arraybiopharma.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/ARRY

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 250

Worldwide employees: 250

Local executive: Robert E. Conway

2004 revenue: $35 million

2004 net loss: $25.5 million

Description: Array BioPharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of oral drugs that address significant unmet medical needs. Its drug development is primarily focused on the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease.

Update: In the past year, Array BioPharma initiated a Phase I clinical trial for the MEK inhibitor ARRY-142886 (AZD6244), a small molecule cancer drug.


44) Celestial Seasonings, a unit of The Hain Celestial Group (tied with Nos. 41, 42, 43, 45)

Address: 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 530-5300

Fax: (303) 581-1250

Web site: www.celestialseasonings.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/HAIN

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 250

Worldwide employees: 1,500

Local executive: Steve List

2004 revenue: $544 million (parent company)

2004 net income: $27 million (parent company)

Description: Melville, N.Y.-based Hain Celestial's Celestial Seasonings has been blending herbs, spices and other natural ingredients into teas for more than 30 years. It produces more than 80 flavors sold in more than 60 countries.

Update: Celestial Seasonings continued to expand into emerging tea and beverage market segments with new flavors of white, red and chai teas.


45) Key Equipment Finance, and affiliate of KeyCorp. (tied with Nos. 41, 42, 43, 44)

Address: 1000 S. McCaslin Blvd., Superior, 80027

Phone: (720) 304-1000

Fax: (720) 304-1250

Web site: www.kefonline.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ KEY

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 250

Worldwide employees: 1,100

Local executive: Paul A. Larkins

2004 revenue: $4.4 billion (parent company)

2004 net income/loss: $954 million (parent company)

Description: Key Equipment Finance, a division of Cleveland-based KeyCorp., is the nation's third largest bank-held equipment finance company, arranging leases and providing related advice for businesses, government bodies, manufacturers, distributors, resellers and finance companies. Key Equipment Finance manages a $12 billion equipment portfolio with annual originations of approximately $5 billion.

Update: In 2004, Key Equipment Finance acquired American Express Business Finance, the equipment leasing unit of American Express' small business division. The acquisition increased Key Equipment Finance's reach to more than 70 markets across the country.


46) Medtronic Navigation

Address: 826 Coal Creek Circle, Louisville, 80027

Phone: (720) 890-3200

Fax: (720) 890-3500

Web site: www.stealthstation.com

Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/MDT

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 240

Worldwide employees: 32,000

Local executive: Nadim Yared

2004 revenue: $9 billion (parent company)

2004 net income: $1.9 billion (parent company)

Description: Minneapolis-based Medtronic Inc.'s Medtronic Navigation produces computer-assisted surgery equipment and has installed nearly 2,000 StealthStation(r) Treatment Guidance Systems in hospitals for use in precision cranial, spine, ENT, and orthopedic surgeries. The company has developed and delivered hardware and software to assist with surgeries including total joint replacements, minimally invasive spinal surgery, cranial tumor resection, biopsies, functional neurosurgery and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

Update: In 2004, Medtronic Navigation completed the world's first electromagnetic-navigated total knee arthroplasty procedure. The procedure used electromagnetic feedback to guide the surgeon's instruments, reducing operation's invasiveness.


47) Leanin' Tree

Address: 6055 Longbow Drive, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 530-1442

Fax: (800) 677-8006

Web site: www.leanintree.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 225

Worldwide employees: 235

Local executive: Tom Trumble

2004 revenue: WND

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: Privately held Leanin' Tree manufactures alternative greeting cards and gifts. Its product line includes fine art cards in a variety of regional and contemporary themes. Leanin' Tree has been a family-owned and operated business since 1949. The Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art is located in the Boulder headquarters and open to the public for free.

Update: In June of 2004, Leanin' Tree greeting cards were rated as the top-selling alternative cards in the market in a national survey of retailers conducted by Giftbeat, a newsletter in the gift industry.


48) Raindance Communications

Address: 1157 Century Drive, Louisville, 80027

Phone: (303) 928-2400

Fax: (303) 928-2832

Web site: www.raindance.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/RNDC

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 205

Worldwide employees: 240

Local executive: Don Detampel

2004 revenue: $75.3 million

2004 net loss: $3.3 million

Description: Raindance provides services that enable remote communication — from an ad-hoc audio conference to online events with thousands of participants. It makes audio, Web and desktop video conferencing easy to use and reliable.

Update: In March of 2004, the company launched Raindance Meeting Edition, which provides meeting moderators with features through a familiar desktop interface.


49) Noodles & Company

Address: 2590 Pearl St., Boulder, 80302

Phone: (720) 214-1900

Fax: (720) 214-1934

Web site: www.noodles.com

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 190

Worldwide employees: 1,440

Local executive: Aaron Kennedy

2004 revenue: $90 million

2004 net income/loss: WND

Description: Noodles & Company sells noodle dishes inspired by a variety of culinary traditions and serves them in a casual environment. Ten years after opening its first restaurant, Noodles serves more than 40,000 meals daily and had 107 restaurants nationally as of this printing.

Update: The company began franchising its restaurants in 2004, signing six major franchisee deals and opening its first franchised location in Wisconsin. In 2005, Noodles also hired Kevin Perry, former head of operations for fast-growing Chipotle Mexican Grille, to be its president and chief operations officer.


50) Carrier Access

Address: 5395 Pearl Parkway, Boulder, 80301

Phone: (303) 442-5455

Fax: (303) 443-5908

Web site: www.carrieraccess.com

Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/CACS

Boulder/Broomfield county employees: 177

Worldwide employees: 268

Local executive: Roger Koenig

2004 revenue: $101 million

2004 net income: $899,632

Description: Carrier Access designs, manufactures and sells broadband access equipment for wireline and wireless communications. Its technologies primarily deliver converged Internet protocol voice and data services over broadband connections, while its wireless products increase network capacity at cell sites, providing the data connections needed for cell site equipment management and E-911 location identification.

Update: In 2004, Carrier Access launched the Adit(r) 3000 product series that allows service providers to deliver next-generation voice and high-speed data over IP access to their customers.

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