The Good Luck Trolls Are Back!

OK, admit it--somewhere, in the past, there has been a Troll in your life. Remember? Clutching it before your driving test, playing with its long soft colorful hair during your SAT's, giving it to your (now ex) to wish them good luck.

You've seen them hanging from rear view mirrors, decorating dorm rooms, placed in windows, sitting atop a co-workers desk -

AND, every time you get a glimpse of one of their so-ugly-they're-cute faces - you know you miss them.

Its ok, you're in good company. Trolls have been immensely popular dolls for decades. In fact, in the 60's they were the second biggest selling doll. So chances are, even if you didn't own a Troll your best friend did.

From Lady Bird Johnson in the 60's to Jimmy Fallon in the 90's, Trolls have always been a fan favorite.

In Fact, Trolls have had a long history...

The original Troll doll was created in 1959 by Danish fisherman (and woodcutter) Thomas Dam, who carved the figurine from wood as a gift for his daughter's birthday. The doll was inspired by the legendary trolls who were believed to live in the Nordic forests and would bring luck to any humans who could catch them. Dam's daughter took the doll, dressed it up and showed it to local villagers. The doll attracted the eye of a Danish toy store owner and soon Dam was selling versions of the doll all over the world, selling more than a million of them in the United States in 1964 alone. In the 1990s, the Troll doll hit it big again, this time selling over a billion dollars worth of Trolls just in the United States.

Think your Troll time has passed? Wrong!

Trolls are back and ready to spread around the luck all over again. Both new and old collectors will love the new line of dolls. With different sizes, tons of colorful outfits, bright hair, and those so-ugly-they're cute faces - Trolls have never been luckier!

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