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Foyle's War (Greenlit Productions/ITV)

Anthony created this hugely popular World War 2 detective series starring Michael Kitchen. There have been three series so far and there's a fourth on the way.

For more information on Foyles War check out this fan site

A small gallery of photos from Foyle's War

Midsomer Murders (Bentley Productions/ITV)

Anthony also created the long-running series based on Caroline Grahame's novels. He wrote the first episode and seven more…the body count ended up with around 25 victims strewn around the county of Midsomer. You can spot Orlando Bloom in an early episode (Judgement Day). He ends up with a pitchfork in his chest.

Murder in Mind (BBC)

Another original series created for the BBC. Murders seen from the murderer's point of view. Eighteen hours were made.

Agatha Christie's Poirot (Carnival/ITV)

Starring David Suchet. Anthony adapted three novels and nine short stories.

Murder Most Horrid (BBC)

Anthony wrote one episode of the series with Dawn French. It's called “The Body Politic”.

Crime Traveller (Carnival/BBC)

Anthony's first original series has Michael French as a detective who can travel back one day in time - to solve murders before they happen. It was liked and disliked in equal measure but you can decide for yourself as all eight episodes are available on DVD.

Anna Lee (Carnival/ITV)

Another detective series that starred Imogen Stubbs in a very short skirt. It wasn't a lot of fun.

The Last Englishman (Talkback/BBC)

Nominated for a BAFTA and starring Jim Broadbent as an eccentric officer in the First and Second World Wars.

Robin of Sherwood (Goldcrest/ITV)

The whole series is now on DVD. This was an enormously popular series when Anthony was asked to join the writing team - his first TV job. He wrote five episodes for Jason Connery who starred as Robin.

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