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This is BJ’s first interview since UFC 94. I didn’t post the questions just BJ’s remarks.

I wanted to show GSP I could fight him anywhere. The 2nd round was the beginning of the end. I took a pretty good beating in the 2nd round.

I wasn’t panicking. I knew I was falling behind and getting my but kicked.

After 2nd round I was borderline knocked out. I hadn’t watched the fight I don’t want to watch myself get beat up like that. I don’t remember the 3rd and 4th round.

Definitely got my butt kicked. I hate to say that.

I was fighting and I didn’t want the ref to stop the fight I just kept fighting and tried to get through. I may have looked like survuival but I was looking for stuff here and there but I didn’t have much to tell the truth

I don’t remember the ending of the fight. I don’t remember talking I say I got emotional but I was going to go take another beating. There was a lot of emotion going on. I was getting beat up.

If I wanted to stop the fight I could’ve stopped moving and let GSP hit me a few time and the ref would’ve stopped it. It’s not like I proved much anyway it didn’t go like I wanted it to go. But I didnt go back and say stop the fight

I’m not going to yell at my corner for anything I hired them and I am responsible for them.

Definitely that show didn’t portray me like I am if you want to see what I am like got to and see the blogs they said they were going to make it like DeLaHoya and Mayweater. I go to school and talk to kids. They aired me saying profanity and people say I’m an embarassment. I caught slack for saying I was going to kill him I was standing in the ring just talking I don’t want Georges to die. I said if Fitch was the Terminator then I’m God. I was joking I asked them to not air that my mom is religious. If I say 1000 good things but they won’t show it if I say one bad thing they put it on there

I’d do UFC primetime again if I had a big fight but I would know how to talk and hopefully come off better.

We got tipped off before the fight and I can’t say by who. We heard he was going to be greasing and he was on steroids whatever. My boxing was coached was pissed that he was going to bring a substance in the ring. It’s the worst thing you can do. I was training. The first thing in the locker room he tells the commission that GSP has been a greaser and to watch him after the fight they said they caught him greasing in the corner and we caught him It was after the fight.

I wish we warned them and we caught them why didn’t they walk across and tell us he was doing it We should have a competent decision . We should’ve got a heads up on what was going on.

When I was going for armlocks and different things if you miss one you think whats next I can say something and GSP punches me in the face I’m thinking what’s the next move. I think the ref said you can’t grab the back of his head that’s when I realized you can’t hold the back of GSP’s head and he can keep posturing up all day long.

People ask me how I would grease up I guess I’d put it on my elbows. People accuse Greg Jackson as the mastermind but I think he has a more scientific way behind ears and stuff I’m not a professional greaser I don’t know how to t do it I just think whats my next move. I can’t get GSP to stop punching me he had more leverage in my guard. Side control was hammer fists the big shots came through my legs He was getting through my guard.

In head I was trying to get out and fight we thing we can win I want to get to my guard and win that’s what I was thinking

You can ask any black jiu jitsu if grease makes a difference when they grapple and they will say yes.

I met Sherk one time after a fight we hung out with Dana a little I have to say after watch Hughes fight he’s a warrior he loses to me and beats Tyson Griffin

what he said was years ago Hughes blog he’s qualified to make a statement like that. People say we’re making excuses. we enter the ring and we spend money to train ad we’ll get hurt a concussion and my face hurts all we’re trying to do is make it fair. We deserve that much,

The thing about excuses this isn’t my fuirst loss I’ve lost five I’ve lose to Jens GSP I’ve never gone out and say thing about them. I never sai Jens cheated,. I said I broke my rib against Hughes. He kicked my butt. Hughes doesn’t grease he got caught against Hallman. I respect Hughes I respsect Georges but the commission will investigate and if he id I lose all respect for him after that.

Let the commission do there thing. Ive got to get on my feet get in the gym and win my next fight. I can say GSP was greasy all day but I got to get ready for my next fight.

Th whole thing leading up the fight I was the bad guy now he is accused of cheating in after the commission caught him and now he is bad guy he can say he’ll beat me wth a rash guard I’d love a rematch. I’m a guy who likes all the fighters Liddell, Hughes, Couture, If you became the best for beating me then I’m a fan. Whether I like Hughes or not he’s the greatest.

I’ll take an immediate rematch with Georges. It’s in Dana’s hands. He’s got a company to run and he’s not trying to lose money. Dana will stay out and let the commission do their investigation.

The UFC implemented the rules about vaseline and I’m glad I’m the guy who got sacrificed for it. If they clean up the issue then it’s not all in vain.

I think the commission is doing something in March.

I’ve been with the company for nine years and I’ve thought about retiring. It would’ve been good to win and ride off in the sunset even thought I wouldn’t I’ll be here for ten years.

I’m in the negotiatations to defend the Lightweight title that’s what I’ll do. We’re going to fight the #1 contender Kenny Florian. He’s been to Hilo to train with me. I’m suprised to hear him say he wants to kill me it’s business and we got to fight.

It’s suprising he’s going to train with GSP Kenny is the one who tipped me off GSP was greasing. He’s good with jiu jitsu and he can box, he’s a mixed martial artist and I’ve got my worked cut out for me.

I know I didn’t put on a good showing in January we’ll have to wait and see I’m confident I’m going to be in good shape and do my best.

I as in good shape for Georges i didn’t drink any alcohol after 6 months. People say I wasn’t in shape but I was kudos to GSP. If I wasn’t in shape I would’ve done after the 2nd. I wouldn’t be able to stand in the 3rd. It was what 1,00 punches?

I think my camp is good I’ve won two titles this way I need to bring in some southpaws and muay thai guys some guys built like Kenny. We get plenty of different people come in. We don’t know when the fight is going to be. I’m not going to get rid of anybody. We will keep the core guys.

I’d like to train at other places maybe in the off season go an learn all I can. I started at AKA. I know I got tons to learn. I’ll train with anybody.

I train hard strength and conditioning it’s all I’m doing we train pretty hard. Look at Brock he’s a freak. Fitch Thiago, GSP, and Koscheck they are all within 10 pounds of each other.

Size and strength does matter if a guy is throwing you around you’ve got to get out there.

My boxing coach stopped the fight.

I used the rubber guard a lot in this fight. I was in touch with Eddie Bravo before this fight. I believe in the rubber guard I use it everyday in training.

I order a double double from In N out fries and vanilla shake.

You guys in Iraq come home safe our hearts go out to you.

Kid Yamamto, anything can happen but he’ not top on my list. I know him pretty well and I don’t want to challenge. He came to visit and I’m not going to challenge him.

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