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  • if speculation is required, explain the rationale behind that speculation
  • desist from hyping a story - whether it is the journalist or the scientist doing the hyping
  • Anthrax and tea 17th March 2008

    English Breakfast tea has the potential to inhibit the activity of anthrax, as long as the tea doesn't contain milk, according to an article published in the March 2008 issue of Microbiologist magazine. Drinking tea has long been known to have a wide range of beneficial effects: antioxidant activity, lowering of plasma cholesterol, protection from the harmful effects of radiation, inhibition of the growth of cancerous cells and boosting the bodies immune responses. So it may come as no surprise that a new effect of tea has been found. Preliminary results in a joint study by scientists from the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, USA and the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff, UK, has shown that the humble cuppa can have a protective effect against the lethal toxin of Bacillus Anthracis, or anthrax as it's more commonly known. What's more, English Breakfast tea was shown to be more protective than American medium roast coffee. The concentration of the tea should be exactly the same as that of a typical cup of English Breakfast tea for the protection to be at it's most effective.



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