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Tropical Cyclone Tracy
20 - 26 Dec 1974

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Arafura Sea, Tiwi Islands, Darwin area.
Central pressure Lowest recorded 950 hPa at Darwin.
Winds Highest recorded gust 217 km/h at Darwin Airport before anemometer failed. Maximum gusts estimated to 240 km/h.
Rainfall In Darwin 250mm fell in 12 hours.
Seas & storm surge Rough to high seas in Beagle Gulf. Storm surge measured at 1.6m at Darwin wharf, but debris lines indicated a 4m surge at Casuarina beach.
Damage Darwin City devastated. Confirmed death toll 49 with a further 16 missing at sea. At least 90% of homes demolished or badly damaged. About 45 vessels damaged or wrecked in harbour. Vegetation around Darwin laid bare. Total damage around $800 million.


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