A bit of hardcore history

I've scanned a few things from my collection of old Punk rock and Hardcore stuff. Enjoy the meager selection.

Sid Vicious in San Francisco

Sid Vicious, Winterland, San Francisco.

Blue by day, white by night.

Blue by day white by night. The police is the klan is the mafia.

Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds/Verbal Assault/Doggy Style in Sacramento, California.

Born Without a Face

Born Without a Face/ADC/Crucifucks in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

U.K. Subs

U.K. Subs, TSOL, Pariah, House of Commons in San Francisco, California.

Dehumanizers side 1

Dehumanizers got themselves into trouble, side 1 of 2.

Dehumanizers side 2

Dehumanizers got themselves into trouble, side 2 of 2.

Dissonance and guests

Dissonance/Public Noise/Gore/Genocide/Urban Desaster in Flint, Michigan.

1984 New Year's Show

Dead Kennedys/TSOL/Feederz/Offenders/Butthole Surfers 12/31/83, California

Club Foot Show

Seven Seconds/Victims Family/Boneless Ones/Attitude Adjustment at the Club Foot


Mentors/St. Vitus/Sid Terror and the Undead/Zippy the Pinhead/Lethal Gospel at the Farm in San Francisco.

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