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Northwest Mayo Boglands

Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party.

Ireland (Europe and North America)
Date of Submission: 28/09/1992
Category: Natural
Submited by: National Monuments & Historic Properties Service
Coordinates: County Mayo
Ref.: 303


The blanket boglands of North West Mayo comprise three main areas of bog, I.e., those at Owenduff, Owenboy and Glenamoy. Owenduff bog is centred on the Owenduff River catchment, while Owenboy bog lies in a broad open valley on the eastern edge of the Mayo blanket peats. Glenamoy bog is situated in an exposed maritime site. All of these bogs contain well developed complexes of pools, lakes,streams and flushes. In addition, they house many rare plant species such as the moss Homalothecium nitens.