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Past Winners

Journalist of the Year

2008- Leonard Pitts, The Miami Herald

2007- Dean Baquet, Washington Bureau Chief, New York Times

2006- Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2005 Andy Alford, Austin American-Statesman

2004 Hannah Allam, Knight Ridder

2003 George Curry, NNPA

2002 Byron Pitts, CBS

2001 Gerald Boyd, The New York Times

2000 Kevin Merida, The Washington Post

1999 Ron Allen, NBC

1998 Clarence Williams III, Los Angeles Times

1997 Gary Fields, USA Today

1996 Ed Gordon, BET News, NBC

1995 Andrea Ford, Los Angeles Times [deceased]

1994 Isabel Wilkerson, New York Times

1993 Bryant Gumbel, NBC Today

1992 Carole Simpson, ABC


1990 Maureen Bunyan, WUSA-TV, Washington, DC

1989 Bernard Shaw, CNN

1988 Michel duCille, Washington Post

1987 Andrew W. Cooper, City Sun, Brooklyn, NY

1986 Charlayne Hunter-Gault, PBS

1985 Kenneth Walker, ABC, Dennis Bell, Newsday

1984 Morris Thompson, Newsday

1983 Joe Ogelsby, Miami Herald

1982 Gil Noble, WABC-TV, New York

1981 Robert C. Maynard, Oakland Tribune, Max Robinson, ABC


1979 Acel Moore, Philadelphia Inquirer, Les Payne, Newsday

Lifetime Achievement

2008- Harry Porterfield, WLS-TV, Chicago

2007- Bernard Shaw, former CNN correspondent and anchor

2006- Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprise Magazine

2005 Ed Bradley, CBS News

2004 Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune

2003 Greg Freeman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch [posthumous]

2002 Robert McGruder, Detroit Free Press [posthumous]

2001 Charles Jackson, Oakland Tribune [posthumous]

2000 Joseph A. Palmer Sr., Proud magazine [posthumous] and Dr. Ernest C. Withers Sr., The Withers Studio

1999 Belva Davis, KPIX-TV, San Francisco

1998 Sarah Ann Shaw, WBZ-TV, Boston, Nancy Hicks Maynard, MIJE

1997 Samuel L. Adams, University of Kansas

1996 William Brower, Toledo Blade

1995 Thomas Morgan III, New York Times

1994 William Raspberry, Washington Post

1993 Luix Overbea, Christian Science Monitor

1992 Chuck Stone, UNC

1991 Sam Lacy, Afro-American

1990 Vernon Jarrett, Chicago Sun-Times

1989 Peggy Peterman, St. Petersburg Times

1988 Armistead Pride, Lincoln University

1987 John H. Johnson, Johnson Publishing Co.

1986 Jimmy Hicks, Amsterdam News [posthumous]

1985 Lu Palmer, Chicago Sun-Times

1984 Albert Fitzpatrick, Knight-Ridder Inc.

1983 Gordon Parks, Carlton Goodlett, San Francisco Reporter

1982 Ethel Payne, Sengstacke Newspapers

1981 Lerone Bennett Jr., Ebony

1980 Carl Rowan, syndicated columnist

1979 Carl Murphy, Afro-American Newspapers

1978 Mal Goode, ABC News

Percy Qoboza

2008- Imprisoned Journalists of Eritrea

2007- National Union of Somali Journalists

2006- Deyda Hydara, & Members of the Gambian Press Union (Posthumous)

2005 Michele Montas, Haiti

2004 Pius Njawe, Cameroon
2003 Geoff Nyarota, The Daily News, Zimbabwe

2002 Milkias Mihreteab Yohannes, Eritrea

2000 Rafael Marques, Angola

1999 Fred Mmembe, The Post, Zambia


1997 Marie-Roger Biloa, Africa International magazine, Paris

1996 Babacar Fall, Pan-African News Agency, Senegal

1995 Kenneth Best, The Daily Observer, Liberia

1994 Zubeida Jaffer, Cape Town, South Africa





1989 Zwelake Sisulu, New Nation, South Africa [1st winner]

Community Service Award

2008- Margaret Bernstein, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

2007- Linda Waller Shockley, Dow Jones Newspaper Fund

2006- DeMarco Morgan, WISN-TV, Milwaukee

2005 Derek Nathaniel Ali, Dayton Daily News [posthumous]

2004 Mollie Finch Belt, The Dallas Examiner

2003 Yvonne Lewis-Harris, KTUL-TV, Channel 8

2002 DeWayne Wickham, USA Today, GNS

2001 Angela Curry, Kansas City Star

2000 Andrew Humphrey, WRC-TV, Washington, D.C.

1999 C. Ron Allen, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

1998 Gwen Tolbart, KTVT, Dallas, TX

1997 Joe Madison, WRC-Radio

Student Chapter of the Year

2008- Florida A&M University

2007- University of Georgia

2006- Temple Association of Black Journalists

Chapter of the Year

(Add following names below Chapter of the Year)

2008- Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

2007- Washington Association of Black Journalists

2006- Houston Association of Black Journalists

2005 Northwestern University

2004 NABJ Chapter at the University of Oregon

2003 University of North Texas

2002 Carolina Association of Black Journalists

2001 Carolina Association of Black Journalists

2000 Atlanta Association of Black Journalists Student Consortium

1999 Penn State Association of Journalists for Diversity

1998 Boston Association of Black Journalists Student Consortium

1997 University of Georgia

Chapter of the Year

2005 Hampton Roads
2004 Black Journalists Association of Southern California

2003 San Diego Association of Black Journalists

2002 Houston Association of Black Journalists

2001 Detroit Chapter of NABJ

2000 Wisconsin Black Media Association

1999 Atlanta Association of Black Journalists

1998 Richmond Association of Black Journalists

1997 Cleveland Chapter of NABJ

1996 Garden State (New Jersey) Association of Black Journalists

President's Award

2008 - Roland Martin, CNN

2007 - Rodney Brooks, USA TODAY

2006 - Ryan Williams, National Association of Black Journalists

2005- Monte Trammer, The Star-Gazette

2004 - Don Hudson, The Clarion-Ledger

2003 - Richard Prince, The Washington Post

2002 - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald

2001 - Paula Madison, NBC

2000 - Patsy Pressley, National Association of Black Journalists

1997 - Vernon Jarrett, Chicago Sun-Times

1996 - Bob Johnson, BET

1995 - John Dotson, Akron Beacon Journal

1994 - Nancy Hicks Maynard, Oakland Tribune

NABJ Percy Qoboza Foreign Journalists Award

2008 Imprisoned Journalists of Eritrea

  1. Yusuf Mohamed Ali, editor-in-chief, Tsigenay
  2. Mattewos Habteab, editor-in-chief, Meqaleh
  3. Dawit Habtemichael, journalist, Meqaleh
  4. Medhanie Haile, associate editor, Keste Debena
  5. Temesgen Gebreyesus, board member, Keste Debena
  6. Emanuel Asrat, editor-in-chief, Zemen
  7. Dawit Isaac, journalist, Setit
  8. Fessehaye Yohannes, journalist, Setit
  9. Said Abdulkader, journalist, Admas Magazine
  10. Seyoum Tsehaye, freelance photographer


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2006 Winners
2005 Winners

2004 Winners
Past Winners

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