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Ceide Fields

Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party.

Ireland (Europe and North America)
Date of Submission: 28/09/1992
Category: Cultural
Submited by: National Monuments & Historic Properties Service
Coordinates: County Mayo
Ref.: 309


Situated on the North Coastal region of County Mayo, Ceide Fields is a fossilized Neolithic landscape which has been preserved beneath an expanse of blanket bog. This landscape consists of extensive tracts of land enclosed by stone walls, a landscape which was formally laid out on a predetermined and organised basis. Assiociated with these field systems are a wealth of megalithic tombs and farmsteads. A series of radiocarbon and dendrochronological dates securely place this fossilized landscape within the Neolithic period. Coupled with this is the important natural phenomenon of the boglands and the rare geological formations in the area.