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Killarney National Park

Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party.

Ireland (Europe and North America)
Date of Submission: 28/09/1992
Category: Natural
Submited by: National Monuments & Historic Properties Service
Coordinates: County Kerry
Ref.: 302


This property covers an area of 10129 hectares. Three large lakes comprise 24% of the total area. It contains areas of woodland, moorland and freshwater ecosystems in an Atlantic environment. The park also includes part of the highest mountain range in Ireland, rising to a height of 840 metres. The park is centred around Muckross House, which dates from 1843 and is used as a museum and visitor centre. however, occupation of the area stretches back to the Bronze Age, with copper mines surviving from this period. Another important era is the Early Christian period when the island of Innisfallen became home to the monks of St Fionan, who were responsible for the "Annals of Innisfallen",a major source of information on the early history of Ireland.