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Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party.

Ireland (Europe and North America)
Date of Submission: 28/09/1992
Category: Cultural
Submited by: National Monuments & Historic Properties Service
Coordinates: County Tipperary
Ref.: 306


The Rock of Cashel, rising high above the surrounding plain, is a most dramatic setting for the location of a complex of important secular and religious buildings. The first historical references relate to the fourth century AD when the "Rock" was home to the kings of Munster. The history of the complex spans the time from this early date into seventeenth century. The buildings include a twelfth century Romanesque chapel, St.Cormac's Chapel, and cathedral, a round tower, choral hall and castle. Outside the cathedral stands a very fine carved cross. Cashel is an important microcosm of significant historical and religious events.