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Broken Joey Records is pleased and very proud to make the recordings of Allen & Leah Cuffey available for license. Once you hear their special sound you’ll know why. Their music is truly an inspiration…both Christian and secular. Please enjoy, and support, these major musical talents and their wonderful songs.

Allen Cuffey
He’s a writer, arranger, producer, performer, multi instrumentalist, and engineer with a B.A. Social Science, Secondary Ed. St. Joseph's College New York and an A.S. American institute of Audio Research New York
Allen is a rare musician and performer. Considered by many a "Musician's musician" He has been compared to the likes of Prince and Stevie Wonder in his abilities to perform as a multi instrumentalist in the Recording studio.
He is also a wellknown On air personality for WLIX Radio and also directs the Old Ship of Zion Church inspirational Choir and is an associate minister of the church under the direction of Dove Award nominee Pastor Alvin Darling.
Allen can drop quite few names as well. He’s worked with some famous names as a performer, studio engineer and live sound engineer
Including Sly and The Family Stone, Hal Jackson, Kool and the Gang, The Moments, The Manhattans, , The Delfonics, Manu Debango, Mandrill, Buddy Miles, Brook Benton, Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, Junior Walker and the All Stars, The Four Tops, The Trammps, Archie Bell And the Drells, Evelyn Champaign King, The Four Tops, The Blue Notes, Vickie Sue Robinson, Biily Joel and others.

Leah Cuffey
Leah has been singing since the day she was born. In her school chorus church choirs, Leah has always been a distinct voice that could be heard apart from any other. She has a unique God given ability, rare among vocalists to sing both alto and soprano effectively. She has very sharp ears which enable her to harmonize accurately. These exceptional vocal talents in conjunction with her years of
experience working in the recording studio with husband and mentor Allen Cuffey, have made her one of the premiere sought after vocalists in the recording and performing community.
Most individuals would be content to have one strong gift Leah has been blessed with an anointing to compose. As a writer her published catalog of songs is approaching the 100 mark and some of her strongest work to date is on the CD "The ONE". She is a performer in, and the secretary of, The Old Ship Of Zion Church Inspirational Choir, Project Coordinator for the television ministry "It's All About Jesus"and radio ministries, “Share a Word About Jesus and Divine intervention”.

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Allen Santoriello

His father, his uncles, his brothers and sisters were musical people all their lives. “My father played the guitar and mandolin as does my brother Tom..…my sisters sang and played…we were and are a musical family.” It's only natural that from this environment Allen Santoriello would follow a musical path through life.

Early on he sang in church and formed his first band in middle school.(a Stones cover) As a young man he discovered and became influenced by the great BLUES and SWING artists from an earlier time. “Little Walter…Louis Jordan…B.B. King…Ray Charles…Muddy Waters…I loved them all”, says Santoriello who over the past 25 years has been recognized as one Long Island's Foremost BLUES artists performing to packed clubs and touring with both CADILLAC MOON and THE LITTLE WILSON BAND. Santoriello explains the moniker, “Little Wilson”. “We had just started out and we were playing gigs all over the area. In those days it seemed like every band had a person's name attached to it. Our bass player decided we should do the same and well the rest is history”. That and Santoriello's uncanny vocal tributes to Wilson Pickett guaranteed the name would stick.

Though he is the first to acknowledge his blues flavored roots, when you listen to his distinctive sound, you can also pick out the sounds of COUNTRY, ROCK, FOLK and even 40's
STANDARDS, contributing to a rich vocal tapestry.

In 1995 Santoriello met Joe Refano when they saw each other performing at a street fair. They became friends and began working in the studio together on various projects. A few years ago they put together an eclectic live show called Joe & Al, and they've been going at it ever since.

Joe Refano says “We're fortunate to have such a large collection of what I think are some of Al's best vocal performances and some of the only recordings of his original songs. He's a wonderful talent and it's great that we're able share him with everyone”.

If you're digging the BLUES, dig into a big tasty helping of Allen Santoriello.

(left) Allen at the mic... (center) Live with Joe Refano...Allen cuts loose... (right)

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Ben Abruzzo

His name is Benjamin Phillip Abruzzo, but his friends know him as "Benny". He has been singing since the age of five, when he would stand in the corner and sing along with his sister's Doo Wop. Ben's range is reflected in the thousands of hours he spent listening to everyone from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to the Beatles, Stones, and all the many artists in between. In high school Ben sang in the chorus. This experience exposed him to opera and theatrical music in addition to the the popular styles. He both speaks and sings in Italian. An enthusiastic Refano tell us, “My father was from Sicily. Someday I’m going to write a song and have Benny translate and sing it in Italian. That would be amazing!”.

Ben has shared the stage with the likes of Jimmy Rosselli, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Gloria Gaynor, Rich Little, the Platters, the Ronnettes, Mike Cerrati, Liberty DeVitto, the Climax Blues Band, and others in clubs and cabarets in Manhattan.

Performing in dozens of regional theater shows on Long Island, has given him deeper insight into the importance of the lyrics to a song. In his own words, "there is always a great importance in the melodic notes, but I find a special connection to the lyrics… the story that I am telling every time I sing a song. If you didn't feel what I was trying to say, then I haven't done my job."

Ben was introduced to Brokaw-Refano by Shannon Rae. They perform together in the band ESSENCE. Says Refano, “Few artists have the versatility and diverse range that he has. It makes it that much more fun to write for him". Brokaw adds,"Check him out…I think you’ll find it’s an enjoyable and very surprising experience.”

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Ben Kopec

Ben Kopec is an international film and game music creator. He has been writing music for many years. The material is of an intelligent mix of edgy introspective piano instrumentals; hard industrial rock; energetic sports cues and cutting edge orchestral music. Also, the combination of real instruments with electronic samples produces something unlike anything else out there right now.

Ben Kopec has worked with Showtime, A&E (History Channel), Sony Pictures (The Greg Behrendt Show), Fox Sports Music (NASCAR), Digital Apocalypse Music, Soundtrax (Canada), Crackle TV (UK), and Hypoxic Films.

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Craig Dinnie

Craig Dinnie has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s in guidance, and works as a high school English teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts. His musical background began at an early age when he entertained friends while in third grade with imitations of Elvis. From there he sang in school choruses and by age 15 was playing regularly in the area with his local rock band. Over the next few years, the band’s sound got them an audition in New York with Bob Crew Productions and a demo record.

Craig continued for the next many years to play in bands while attending college, going into teaching, and raising a family. Most of his musical work today is once again in choirs at church and in the community, as well as individual song writing.

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Damaged Goods

It is rare that a musical partnership lasts over 20 years. Rarer still are those that remain creative and fresh that long. Damaged Goods is one of those musical collaborations. Combining elements of folk, blues and rock and roll, Damaged Goods has created a sound that is uniquely original. Damaged Goods is Fred Bredfry and Tom Darkside, both of whom play guitar , share vocals and write the duos’ songs. Long time friend Paul Brokaw often joins on keyboards and as co-producer.

Listening to Damaged Goods’ music and you immediately are drawn to the sound of their melodic acoustic guitar interplay, unique and distinctive vocals and the strong lyric imagery of their songs. Fred plays a conventional finger picking style that allows Tom to create lead and counter point lines that are at once original and stirring. At the center of Damaged Goods are the songs. Their songwriting paints pictures of contemporary America, of people and lives in transition and the human landscape that we all encounter.

Fred Bredfry and Tom Darkside first met as kids but it was mutual friend who reintroduced them some 20 years later. They have been playing together since. Over the course of the their musical partnership they have performed over 1,000 dates, produced two original albums and performed with artists such as Taj Mahal, Rick Danko, Jorma Kaukonen, Delbert McKlinton, Joe Ely and The Marshal Tucker Band.

(left) Fred bredfry at Belle's Cafe... (center) joined on keyboards by Paul Brokaw...Tom Darkside.... (right)

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Dan Powers

Dan Powers' musical journey has been a long strange trip but worth every wrong turn, unguided step and whimsical happenstance. Powers, an average kid with a floppy hair-do, started playing guitar at the age of 12. He went on to play all the average high school "Dance-A-Thon" and band contests that he could realizing that the stage was where he wanted to be for the rest of his life.
Powers majored in music theory, performance and fine arts in college studying with brilliant professors like Arturo O'Farril (Chico O'Faril's son) and Geoff Burlesson. His music has now been heard on Bravo, A&E, MTV, VH1, Independent Films and is pursuing the YES network to feature his music. He has worked with the likes of Neal Carlson (INXS ROCK STAR, MINK), John Campos (Alex Skolnik Trio) and Rich Pagano of Fab Faux.

Dan's music has a distinctive modern flavor. His flair for melody and arrangement are quite apparent to anyone hears his songs.
Dan Powers currently lives in Flushing with his wife Melissa and daughter Ava.

We're happy to have this talented singer-songwriter-producer with us at BROKEN JOEY RECORDS.

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ELYSE is an up-coming artist that can, and will sing powerful enough to shake the rafters...but also give soulful, relaxed renditions as well. A young, beautiful, sexy woman, ELYSE has the sound, an amazing range, extraordinary breath control and a unique feel for what she is doing.

ELYSE has been featured on Ya Heard’s as a past Artist of the Week and on online radio stations and pod casts.

She continues to grow and evolve into an outstanding artist and we’re excited to present some of her best work!

(left) publicity shot... (center and right) recording at Media Mechanix Studios in Centerport

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Glen Roethel

Glen Roethel is a singer-songwriter-guitarist with a penchant for positive and intentional songwriting. His songs and music have been heard on nationally syndicated commercial radio, college and international radio, as well as on TV. Glen has performed at faith- and peace-oriented events across the U.S., and folks here, in Europe, China and Japan have all enjoyed his engaging performances which are often commissioned for retreats, benefits, concerts and conferences.

Glen's credits include more than 100 copyrights, scores of co-writes and production on 20+ records (including 2 self-produced, indy, full-length CDs), and background music for TV. His workshops and live shows delight audiences with acoustic guitar wizardry, vocal proficiency and soothing melodic tones. Glen's debut CD, From Beginning to End, hit the streets independently in 2004 on Inspireline Records. He is currently in the studio with his new folk harmony trio, Gathering Time, and also finishing his new album, Smaller Things. The new CD will include "Pumpkin Street" and "One Word"-- two tracks which earned Glen a slot as one of eight finalists in the 2007 Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival (SMAF) Songwriter Contest -- as well as "People of the Earth," an inspired call-and-response song which was just published in a new songbook by the Association of Unity Churches International.

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He may be a young man but his rapping has a decidedly “old school” feel to it.
He’s was influenced by Nas, MOP, Gang Starr, Killah Priest and The Notorious B.I.G..
He’s been compared to Rakim. He says he admires Kanye West, Styles and Ludacris.

He is INZOMNIAK aka Joe Leo….rapping with a machine gun style all his own. “INZO” pushes rhythmic word plays out in every direction…often surprising the listener with unexpected turns and twists. His depictions of the world can be brutally visual and his images of violence are a commentary on the HIP HOP culture of recent years.

He began rapping in the 9th grade. He performed at Penn State where opened for Terror Squad. He has done several appearances in and around New York City including performances at the Nuyurican Café.

INZOMNIAK will be recording new tracks in the near future. Stay tuned for this evolving talent.


Kate Corrigan

“I was born into a very musical family--all four kids sang and played at least one instrument”. They started on piano but then Kate and her brothers taught themselves to play guitar. Family gatherings became folk song recitals. Kate’s siblings had a very strong influence on the music she listened to and played.

In high school, she sang in choirs and in the church. While in college in 1972, she was approached by Allan Varela to sing background vocals for a tape of songs he was producing. Says Kate, “His friend had heard me singing in the stairwell at Stony Brook and asked me if I might be interested in recording. After that, I began writing songs and singing and performing with VARELA in various clubs on Long Island. I also kept my solo gigs, because I enjoyed playing country and other styles.” It was during her time with VARELA that she met fellow band mate Paul Brokaw…a musical and personal relationship that has lasted many years.

Kate wrote, sang and contributed several memorable songs to the two VARELA albums and she performed with them until 1980. “At that point, I left the band to get a
"real job" in NY City. I continued singing on my own and also sang with Chris DeLoach and the Wildcat Band-a country band. Through the years I did many recordings of both songs and commercials with my buddies up in Centerport…Paul and Joe.”

In the late eighties her path took another turn. “I missed singing in clubs but I didn't miss the night life--so I began singing in my church. I now run a children's group and a teen rock group at church with my partner, Linda Arias. We have recorded one CD of Christian music with paul and Joe and we’re presently working a second collection which will be released privately this fall”.

Kate Corrigan’s musical journey continues and we are proud to present her beautiful songs and wonderful voice for all to enjoy.

(left) with VARELA circa 1980.... (center & right) recording at Media Mechanix' studios in Centerport

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Ken McGorry

Ken McGorry formed his first gigging rock band in 1967 but later, in
college, he hooked up with two singing, guitar-playing siblings, Richard and Greg Meade, and formed The Meade Bros. Band.

Ken has been writing songs since 1972. He started his solo career in the mid-70s and began recording his original material and performing in showcase venues such as Long Island’s My Father’s Place and New York’s Lone Star Café with the Meade Bros.under the name Ken McGorry and the Achievements.

In the 1980s Ken went on to record numerous synthesizer-based tunes with keyboard and programming whiz Paul Brokaw. These tracks also feature performances by the
Meade Bros.

Ken performed live with the Gabis Bros. Band for 13 years before moving into publishing -- has been writing and editing for Post Magazine since 1988.

Ken McGorry has written over 100 tunes that run the gamut from arena rock to country turd-kickers to introspective ballads, many of which are available from BROKEN JOEY RECODS. Nowadays he still loves writing, recording and performing -- as Ken likes to say, “Please stop me before I do it again.”

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Erin Dooley has been playing and singing in the Boston singer-songwriter scene for the past 10 years. In addition to playing shows, she’s been featured on college radio and has been commissioned to write songs for both individuals and large photography events.

Andrew has worked in the music industry for the past ten years as a performer, producer and engineer. He has worked on numerous projects which have resulted in major label contracts. Most recently he has been working to create music for television commercials.

Erin and Andrew paired up 5 years ago and continue to create music for commercials, events and photography studios around the country.

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Mike Green

He possesses one of the truly great rock voices in the New York area…a unique combination of technique and power that is reminiscent of an earlier time in popular music.

He is Singer-Songwriter-Producer and multi instrumentalist Mike Green. He began his musical journey in the late seventies as the bassist for TRIGGER a local band that was packing them in everywhere they went. In the 80’s he was a member of CITIZEN, which also featured Jimmy Cutrone from the Edgar Winter Group and Mercury Caronia from Industry. He has worked his way through various original projects and played with a roster of people including Ed Gagliardi and Al Greenwood from Foreigner. During the last 15 years he has been a fixture with MAGIQUE. During this period he has opened for Vanessa Williams at the Javitts Center and recorded an album of children’s music written by Bobby Susser with the legendary Ben E. King.

Mike names The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Edgar Winter as his main musical influences and it shows. His unique talent for melody and chord structure is apparent in his original work. Mike continues to write and produce while keeping a fairly active live schedule.

Mike was introduced to Joe Refano by Vance Brescia when Refano was searching for a unique voice for a jingle project he was producing. They became fast friends and over the years have shared the stage in area venues as BEATLE tribute band THE LIVERPOOL SHUFFLE, with Green playing McCartney to Refano’s Lennon.

Mike is in the process of recording several new songs for BROKEN JOEY RECORDS. Stay tuned music fans for some really thoughtful and entertaining tracks!

(left) in the studio... (center and right) performing with THE LIVERPOOL SHUFFLE

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Mike Ponella

Mike Ponella grew up in the New York area playing, singing and writing retro rock/pop with a decidedly 60’s feel. And why not? His music has been heavily influenced by those fellows who arrived from England over 40 years ago namely The Beatles, Eric Clapton and The Moody Blues. When he heard those sounds as a youngster he began a musical odyssey that continues to this day.

During the years Mike has performed in various venues as a front man for large club date bands and orchestras and as a solo artist with many smaller rock and pop combos.

His myriad experiences have included a stand in for the role of John Lennon in the 70’s Broadway production of Beatlemania,and regular Cable TV appearances on the Uncle Floyd Show with his band KARNIVAL.

Mike continues to perform with both cover and original bands in the New York Area at clubs and outdoor festivals. He recently joined THE LIVERPOOL SHUFFLE, a Beatles Tribute Band working out of Long Island.

His melodic brand of catchy pop songs are sure to find their way into both broadcast and non-broadcast projects. Check him out!

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Richie Gray

You know that there are those
That are in your life
That you can count on
You know that there are those
That are in your way
Don’t fear what they say

Cause you know we’re all the same
We’re all afraid to be alone
Can you hear me? Or are you still numb?
How does it feel? Do you feel dumb?

-Richie Gray

Can you relate? Richie Gray writes from the heart and from experience. He writes about life.

Born and raised in New York, Richie was influenced by legends such as James Taylor,
Cat Stevens and Neil Young. The inspiration to study music came when Richie was sixteen, after watching a friend jam out a few songs on a guitar. However, the defining moment for Rich to perform came when he was invited up on stage by a house band, in a local bar, and stole the show. Richie gained his experience by playing in cover bands and solo acoustic acts. He then decided to go out on his own and started playing his original music. It seems to be the consensus that Richie Gray’s music raises the bar for today’s alternative rock pop scene with his musical creativity and lyrical poetry. We are
extremely happy to present his music to you.

(left) at Kenny's Castaways in New York City... (right) photo for album cover

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Shannon Rae

“Music has always been a big part of my life. My parents were very much into music and so it was around me all the time”, so says vocalist Shannon Rae. “I was lucky…I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so I was exposed to some really great popular music and it influenced me greatly.”

In 1991 Shannon did an audition for a wedding band and says with a laugh, “To my surprise I got in!”. She’s been pursuing her musical career ever since.

She came to the attention of Messrs. Brokaw-Refano when she sent a demo to their production company. That was back in 1996. She had just concluded a project entitled “MaddenRae” which received wonderful reviews. They were so impressed with her talents that they immediately hired her to sing jingles for several clients. So began a long relationship that continues to grow.

Joe Refano talks about Shannon Rae. “She has a beautiful voice…wonderful pitch and a great technique not to mention she’s a very quick study. It was only natural that when we moved into the area of producing our own original songs that we asked her to take the journey with us. We are very happy she decided to take this ride”.

There’s an old advertising slogan…”Try it, you’ll like it”. Enjoy a taste of Shannon Rae…
Once you try it we’re pretty sure you’ll like it!

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Steve Randazzo

STEVE RANDAZZO is a tremendously talented and accomplished singer/songwriter. He's a third generation entertainer who has been performing professionally since age 12. You've heard Steve's voice over the years on many popular radio and television commercials for Chevrolet, Budweiser and Applebee's to name a few.

In the early 90’s a mutual friend introduced Steve to Joe Refano and he subsequently worked with SOUND MECHANIX on several jingle productions. It was a natural evolution that when Refano and partner Brokaw began to write and produce original songs for TV and Films that Steve was asked to come on board and lend his voice to their projects.

In addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Diana Ross, Tony Bennett and Alan Jackson, his resume includes performing back up vocals for Aaron Neville, Martha Wash, Southside Johnny and Jay Black.

Steve has a soulful warmth in his voice and a tremendous vocal range that enables him to 'shoot the vocal gamut' so to speak. From R&B to Rock to Standards and Jazz, it's not only the sound and texture of his voice but his impeccable phrasing that brings an unmistakable style to each performance. Steve is married with three children and lives on the east end of Long Island.

Broken Joey Records is very proud and excited about making the vocal talents of Steve Randazzo available to everyone.

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The Broken Joey Band

THE BROKEN JOEY BAND came into being out of necessity back in 1991.

Brokaw and Refano were asked to write a song for the new Emilio Estevez film and they needed a unit to function as a band on the recording. Brokaw-Refano wrote the song and performed all of the instrumental tracks. Paul "Broke" Brokaw plays the keys, and does all of the MIDI programming. Joe "Ref" Refano plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar as well as "foolin' around with the percussion". When they had completed the music, they asked Tom Darkside of DAMAGED GOODS to come and lend his vocal talents to the project. THE BROKEN JOEY BAND was born.

Since that early project, “the band” has featured many different lead singers depending on the type of music that was being produced. “Guest” vocalists have included Long Island Bluesman Al Santoriello of THE LITTLE WILSON BAND; Retro-rocker Vance Brescia of THE MOSQUITOS and HERMAN’S HERMITS; Don and Denice Given of THE DENICE GIVEN BAND; ELYSE; Steve Randazzo; Steve Mecca; Rapper INZOMNIAK; Mike Green of MAGIQUE; Shannon Rae Amoroso and Ben Abruzzo of ESSENCE and of course the voices of both Paul Brokaw and Joe Refano.

Paul Brokaw and Joe Refano have written and produced hundreds of songs that have appeared in TV shows and movies. Their work has appeared on The Sopranos; Saturday Night Live; The Young & The Restless; Northern Exposure; Ed; Third Rock From The Sun; Montel; Inside The NFL; Oprah; Chris Issak Show; Passions; America's Most Wanted; All My Children; Maury Povich; The Beach Boys:An American Family; Summerland, Any Day Now and a host of others.

“It gives us a great deal of freedom to do just about anything we want to do because we have so many great vocalists to work with” says Refano. Brokaw chimed in, “We work in lots of styles and the chances that we can find what we need amongst this gifted group of singers is that much greater”.

Check out the eclectic music of THE BROKEN JOEY BAND. "We're sort of like a musical grocery store". Refano says...we really enjoy working in lots of genres and as a result there’s a little bit of everything." And something for everyone.

(left) Refano-Brokaw at Spedale Studios in the 90's... (center) Refano onstage with Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone... (right) Brokaw with son Ben at the helm.

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Richie and Phyllis met in 1973 and performed together in several cover bands. In 1977 the building housing their rehearsal studio was destroyed by fire. After the loss of all their equipment, they decided that if they were going to create another band they would like to write their own material. The following year “Tuff Luck” was born. The songs were all original material, the majority written by Richie Naef with additional contributions from Phyllis Novin. With Richie on guitar and vocals and Phyllis providing vocals, keyboards, guitar and flute the new songs ranged from catchy pop to complex, elaborately orchestrated production numbers...with a unique sound all their own. In the early 80’s they incorporated a blend of Punk/New Wave into their sound. In the following months Tuff Luck tightened its act playing gigs all across the eastern seaboard. Anchoring itself in the maelstrom that was the early 80’s Manhattan music scene, they played venues such as CBGB’s, the Electric Circus, Max’s Kansas City and the Mudd Club. Their music was on WNEW, and regularly played on WNYU, in New York City as well as WLIR on Long Island. In 1984 “Tuff Luck” introduced a new rhythm section and became “The Clix”. During this time Richie studied Jazz Guitar, Piano and arranging. In 1988 “The Clix” disbanded and Richie began work on his own project recording studio, while Phyllis went to HB Studios in Manhattan where she studied music, acting, musical theatre, and improvisation. In the late 80’s Richie and Phyllis began a collaboration with actress/director Amber Chase. Their first project was an off off Broadway play presented at the Henry Street Playhouse in New York City. It was a musical called "The Adventures of Ultra Vinyl". Phyllis was the musical director as well as a featured performer. Richie wrote five new songs, rearranged the existing score and recorded the music for the entire show. Phyllis and Richie continued with several projects including writing music for several critically acclaimed smaller musicals and independent films. They are working on the music for a feature length film currently in production.

The CLIX are a FUNKY, PUNKY, COOL and ORIGINAL moment in time..
preserved for all to hear.

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Vance Brescia

VANCE BRESCIA has enjoyed a varied musical career as a performing artist and songwriter for over 20 years.

In 1984, he was guitarist, singer and songwriter with THE MOSQUITOS..a 60’s influenced retro-rockin’ band known for their hot hot hot live shows. Their original songs and unique interpretations of rock classics have made them an underground favorite with internet mentions popping up regularly. In 1985 they released a 5 song EP entitled, “That Was Then…This Is Now!” Vance wrote the title song which became the million selling comeback hit for THE MONKEES in 1986.

After touring the country for several years, Vance settled back on his native Long Island to write and record a collection of songs for producer Steve Adabo. He also began a 12 year run with one of the New York Area’s most popular club bands…THE DENICE GIVEN BAND. It was during this time he met guitarist Joe Refano and keyboardist Tony Tallarico.

These days Vance travels the world with HERMAN”S HERMITS starring Peter Noone as guitarist and Musical Director, frequently accompanied by Refano and Tallarico.

Broken Joey Records is proud to present Vance Brescia’s original studio recordings from the late 1980’s…a rare collection of songs known only to his most devoted fans. We hope you’ll enjoy this little piece of popular music history. Check it out all you retro-rockers…it’s the groovy thing! Yeah!

(left) onstage in Cleveland with Herman's Hermits starring Peter
Noone... (center) with Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz of the Monkees
with the gold record for "That Was Then...This Is Now"
(right) sharing a mic with Peter Noone

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